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Interest Rate

The purchase interest rate for the debt you carry on your credit card. To avoid paying interest, pay your balance in full every month.

Annual Fee

The annual fee you pay for your credit card. This does not include interest you may incur as a result of carrying debt.

Low Rate

This feature typically ensures you a low interest rate on the credit card debt you carry. Interest rates can vary widely across credit card providers and result in significant costs.


This feature typically rewards you for using your credit card with a wide range of perks, such as travel miles, cash back, etc.

Rental Car Protection

This feature typically covers rental car damages, theft or loss of use when you pay for the rental car with your credit card. This coverage typically does NOT cover damages you inflict on someone's property or health (3rd party liability) or your bodily injuries.

Roadside Advisory

This feature typically offers access to a 24/7 road advisory service that provides information or can arrange for roadside assistance.

Roadside Assistance

This feature typically covers expenses for a number of roadside services, such as towing of a disabled car or delivery of gas.

Trip Interruption

This feature typically covers a certain, limited amount of expenses, such as additional flight tickets resulting from unforeseen events during your trip, e.g. death of a close relative causing you to interrupt your trip.

Trip Cancellation

This feature typically covers a certain, limited amount of incurred expenses when you have already booked a trip but have to cancel it due to unforeseen events, such as unexpected injury.

Flight Delay

This feature covers a certain, limited amount of expenses like meals, accommodation, and necessary items in case of a significant flight delay.

Baggage Delay / Loss

This feature typically covers a certain, limited amount of expenses for necessary items if your baggage is significantly delayed or lost.

Hotel Burglary

This feature typically covers a certain, limited amount of losses incurred following a burglary from your hotel room or ship cabin.

Common Carrier Accident

This feature typically protects you in case of an accident resulting in loss of life or disability while travelling with a certified common carrier (e.g. plane, boat, train, bus) and you paid for the trip with your credit card.

Travel Medical Protection

This feature typically pays emergency medical expenses and other costs that you may incur while travelling abroad. This protection varies across cards by length of coverage, issues covered, age, and maximal amount.

Information / Identity Security

This feature normally offers additional protection of your identity and associated information, such as your credit score, from abuse by others.

Business Liability

This feature typically covers unauthorized expenses by your employees, e.g. after they have stopped working for you.

Extended Warranty

This feature typically extends the existing warranty for your new purchase if you pay with your credit card.

Purchase Security

This feature typically protects new purchases made with your credit card during the first months, e.g. against accidental physical damage, theft, and loss.

Balance Protection

This feature typically covers the minimum payments of the balance you owe if you cannot make the payments due to an unforeseen event such as disability, critical illness, loss of employment. In case of loss of life, it usually pays the entire balance owing.

Zero Liability

This feature typically protects you against any unauthorized transactions involving your credit card. It is included in all major cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express.
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