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Very bad experience

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Madan N Mar 11, 2019
...I am really upset with this Company. It cheated me by raising the insurance without any notice and the reason it gave is that I added a new vehicle. When I asked for adding a new vehicle, they did not explain anything to me, but when they deducted money from my credit card, I came to know that they took more money which I had never imagined. I cancelled the policy in time, but they did not cancel it. After two weeks, they cancelled my policy. Even I did not claim the refund as I had already paid money for two more weeks from the termination date. They now send a letter asking for money. I would never refer this Company to anyone in the future...
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Worst insurance company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Johnny Jan 12, 2019
...They have no experience and customer service was very rude. I had my car accident and was towed to a facility and they were taking so long to fix it and took my rental away and had me stranded without a car and then told me it was a total loss. Took weeks to get my money to buy another car. Note ..careful with the towing and storage because I was lucky enough to take my car to my favourite shop. They didn’t want to pay the repair shop for towing and storage when they decided to pick up the car. They sent them to court and trying to use a bailiff to pick up the car without paying the repair shop. After speaking to few of my friends and friends of friends, it seems like a routine for them because they leave the cars at storage yards and forget about it and then they have guy in charge of towing and storage, he has a deal with a law company and they send notices and force the individuals to release the cars without paying. The place I go to fix my car tells me he is trying to avoid contact with Allstate insurance period. But when it comes to regular customers insured through Allstate, he has no choice and has to go through all the stress. By the way, I was not charged for towing or storage paid the bill after reducing the bill to half, I was really sorry for the tow driver and the company...
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Allstate, untrustfull.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by fpuello Dec 04, 2018
...Recently I changed from another insurance provider to Allstate, where they were supposed to offer me a better premium for my auto and home insurance. After discussing with the agent the best options to match and improve what I had with my previous insurance company, we came up to an agreement and I signed a contract for one year. The monthly premium for the auto was $232 and for the home $51. At the time of contract signature, I had to pay first and last month, both for home and auto. After the first month, the automatic debit came up with $253 and $53. When I contacted the customer service rep to find out why the difference, he just told me that the underwriter changed the policy and that there is nothing he can do about it. I also asked about the difference in the home premium and just mentioned that there is a 4% fee for setting up the policy. It is not the difference of $2 in the monthly premium what makes me upset, but the lack of transparency not disclosing hidden fees. I don't like surprises. Now with these increases, I am paying more than I was paying with the previous insurance company. I am very disappointed with this company as they do not honour the agreed contract, but also do not disclose hidden fees. I would not recommend Allstate to anyone and will move away from them forever as soon as I can, without having to pay a penalty. If they trick and lie to you at the time of signing you as a new customer, I don't want to imagine what it will take to make a claim. If you can, look at other options in the market before signing up with Allstate...
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Stay away

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Grenouille Oct 21, 2018
...Allstate driver hit me. He was at fault, they are trying to pay only 20%. I had my insurance repair my car, it’s been over 2 months and it will go to attribution, could take another 4 months to settle. They are a terrible company to deal with, stay away...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Tima Apr 03, 2018
...My father, whom I’m a guarantor for, has been driving for 35 years. He has never had a car accident before. This year was his first not at fault accident. Tom C., a person who works at the collision department, offered my father an unreasonable Offer for his vehicle that was involved in the collision. My father refused the offer, but Tom C. still mailed the check. I have been calling him and leaving him messages several times, but Tom C. never returns my phone calls. I left a message to his supervisor and I also didn’t get any response back. Very professional. If anyone has Insurance or is thinking to get insurance with Allstate, I advise you not to. Allstate is there to take your money, when it’s time to pay up, they’re not very good at that...
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Unhappy Victim

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Rwadamsjr Mar 31, 2018
...My mother, of whom I am the caregiver, was a passenger in a vehicle during a collision. The driver at fault has Allstate Insurance. Allstate refused to pay her medical bills or injuries due to the driver not having business insurance. What is my 72-year-old Mom supposed to do? The driver was transporting her to a center for the disabled when he collided with an 18 wheeler. The Adjuster for Allstate suggested that we use my insurance with Geico to pay the expenses. Really?? My mom is not on my policy, she can’t drive...
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