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Won't work with you at all

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Mandy Jan 02, 2020
...Customers for 3 years just at this address. Called when the bank was having issues to hold payment until it was fixed, told nothing they could do and we'd have to stop it on our end to avoid fees with the bank. Put on a 10 day stop payment until the bank issue was fixed. Called back to see if they could take out double payment next time, nope have to pay it. Called when the bank was fixed, told because of stop payment we had to pay the full balance for the year. Explained situation and that we had called before it happened and tried to take care of it, still told to pay for the full year or be cancelled. Not willing to work with their customers at all, give advice that they screw you over with, plus they want to charge us a $50 fee for each time they tried to take the payment out of the bank after we told them not to. Avoid at all costs! Nothing but a headache and poor customer service. If I could give 0 stars, I would...
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Do not go with them!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Trisha Dec 17, 2019
...I have been with Allstate Insurance for almost 2 years. I moved addresses, with a difference of about 45 minutes. Allstate then informed me that my premium would be over $800 dollars over the next 2 months. It was previously $199 a month. I then advised them that I would be cancelling my insurance. They told me I would have to come into their office to terminate my insurance. Their business hours were the same hours that I worked. I then took time off of work and drove 30 minutes to the closest Allstate office. I got there and it was closed. I called the office and they informed me that they were by appointment only. The agent that I spoke to then told me that I could terminate my insurance simply by emailing them a termination letter with my signature. At this point, I had already spoken with half a dozen agents, none of which had told me I could terminate via email. I then asked if there would be a termination fee. The agent I spoke to informed me that I would actually be reimbursed $249. I terminated with Allstate and signed with another company. It had been about 6 weeks and I will have not received my reimbursement cheque. I had been corresponding with an agent via email about my reimbursement over these 6 weeks and she ensured me that it would arrive shortly. Finally, I had enough and I called Allstate. The next agent then told me I owed Allstate $173 and that I would not be receiving my reimbursement cheque. I have had nothing but problems with this company. The majority of the agents that I spoke to were rude and did not seem to want to help. I was offered little to no explanation as to why the refund was cancelled and that I now owed them money. Do not go with Allstate Insurance! They do not take care of their customers and personally, they left me much worse off than I would have been had I gone with another company...
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Poo client care

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Never Allstate Dec 11, 2019
...I was in an accident last year in which I was injured and still to this day am. It's been a constant fight to get income replacement benefits or proper funding for services needed for recovery which is now getting worse due to nobody properly doing their jobs. The adjusters drag everything and everyone to the breaking point. Really only there to take your money and when you need the help because of someone else negligence it's a long hard fight. After 16 1/2 years, I won't be returning. Allstate is by far the worst...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by tammy Nov 30, 2019
...10-year customers. Constant increases over the years. Explanations that they don't set rates, the industry does. We were lazy for years in looking elsewhere but this year our car and home rates were insane. Able to save $1200/year elsewhere! I called our local office to cancel. I went to that office the same day, signed forms. Put a stop payment through our bank on the day our premiums go out...just in case... (because it's an insurance company, right?)... they decided to wait a day and took out our premiums. So brutal. We called the bank just now. They said that the will reverse it, as we put a stop payment. Bank agent says sometimes, the insurance companies will change payee information when they're blocked in order to circumvent stop payment orders! Beware, folks. Wow...
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Cheaper for a reason...

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Kenn Aug 17, 2019
...Allstate was fine, and much cheaper than alternatives, up until somebody backed into me while I was stopped in a parking lot. I'd have been better off with no insurance. Key points: - Very unresponsive. Do not call when they say they will. Do not respond to emails. Do not respond to voicemails. - Disconnected on half of phone calls while on hold. - They suggest I will not be found at fault, but then settle otherwise at 50/50. Between half the deductible and the absurd premium increase I'm now facing upon renewal, it's exceeded the actual repair cost. - Resist paying rental car fees, even though well under my coverage limit. Timeline: Sun. June 30 3pm: Collision occurs. Sun. June 30 4pm: Reported to Allstate, indicate they don't think I'd be at fault, say an adjuster will follow up by July 2 end of day. Does not happen. Fri. July 5: Call Allstate to find out why I have not been contacted. Told I will be contacted by an adjuster by Mon. July 8 end of day. Does not happen. Tues. July 9: Call Allstate to find out why again I have still not been contacted. They can't find my claim and hang up on me when transferring me to a different department. Tues. July 9: Call Allstate again. Get through and have to repeat everything previously stated June 30. Person I talk to takes over the file and provides me their contact info and a claim number. Again indicates they don't believe I'd be found at fault based on my description. Thur. July 18: Receive call from Allstate adjuster stating 50/50 fault finding. I question it. Get authorization for repair work. Sat. July 20: I send diagram and request clarification regarding fault finding via email. Tues, July 30: Drop off vehicle for repairs. Thur Aug 1: I follow up with request for a response/acknowledgement of my email. Fri. Aug 2: Receive email response indicating I was found partially at fault because I said I was stopped rather than moving forward. Fri. Aug 2: Told repairs complete, but find not everything repaired when I go to pick it up. They keep it to fix those items. Tues. Aug 6: Vehicle is now fully repaired and ready to pick up. Rental vehicle is returned. Fri. Aug 9: Enterprise informs me Allstate refusing charges after Aug 2. Fri. Aug 9 - Thur. Aug 15: Email, leave voicemails, and try calling Allstate adjuster 5+ times. Receive no responses from Rhea Perez. Thur. Aug 15: Call general line. Disconnected while on hold after 20 minutes the first time. Get through to somebody a second time after 10 minutes, who then disconnects me when placed on hold to make a call to the body shop. She calls back and gets the rental car coverage extended to the 6th...
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Rude Response

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by Asad S Aug 12, 2019
...I call today to make some changes to my Car Insurance. First, the representative said that they cannot find my policy, then once they find it. I ask to make the changes, the representative said the system does not allow to make the changes I requested. She put me on hold after she comes back she said she made the changes as requested. Since my mileage went down if was expecting a little break, I ask her for my monthly payments but she did not give me the straight answer after asking her many times she gave me the monthly breakdown. After I hang up the phone I realize that the payment remains the same. So, I call back and spoke to another lady, she told me that we need a written letter to make the changes when I ask her why the previous representative lies to me and did not ask me for a written request she had no answer. Never had this kind of experience with Allstate...
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Getting hit by Allstate

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by PeterD Aug 07, 2019
...Was t-boned on a rainy day by a nice enough lady, but the kicker is it was 7 weeks ago... yes 7 weeks. Oh and today is the first time I was called by the company claims advisor. I was waiting to hear from the adjuster but I guess this advisor will do. Damage to my car 3700 and change. They told me they will pay me 2500 cash settlement or we can go the insurance route to fix the car. Why did it take 7 weeks? Why then pay for half the labour on the car (well because you have the choice to fix it or not). I’m sorry did you cause 3700 in damage.... then pay the 3700 regardless if I choose to fix it or not. Don’t know if that’s an industry standard but I think it’s garbage. So I’m going to make them pay more now out of spite. And I hope I leave this review to hurt their business and to draw clients away. 7 weeks and you wanna pay me less, add insult to fiscal injury... umm NOPE...
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Very bad experience

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Madan N Mar 11, 2019
...I am really upset with this Company. It cheated me by raising the insurance without any notice and the reason it gave is that I added a new vehicle. When I asked for adding a new vehicle, they did not explain anything to me, but when they deducted money from my credit card, I came to know that they took more money which I had never imagined. I cancelled the policy in time, but they did not cancel it. After two weeks, they cancelled my policy. Even I did not claim the refund as I had already paid money for two more weeks from the termination date. They now send a letter asking for money. I would never refer this Company to anyone in the future...
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