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by fnielsen Feb 21, 2020
...I have been a client of Allstate Insurance since 2007, holding both an auto and a renter’s policy. I have not had to deal with a claim until Sunday, December 15, 2019, when our car was rear-ended on a Sunday morning. My wife and I were both shaken up but basically not injured. The rear end of the car was damaged, but it could be driven, the seat belts, however, did not function because of the severity of the impact. We got the car to our dealership and I informed Allstate through a message to my agent and I emailed him copies of my police statement, as well as the official police report of the incident. Monday morning at 7:00 I was at the dealership, where they had already been in touch with Allstate, which gave immediate authorization for car rental to an amount of $900.00. A rental was quickly arranged by the body shop staff, and I received a ride to the rental agency. I was mobile by 8:00 am. An adjuster called later that day to make sure we were OK, and to let me know that the other driver’s insurance company was on-side and would assume costs. By mid-week the adjuster had seen the car and approved the repair estimate, which was around $8,500.00. Parts were ordered, but this was Christmas time, and some parts had to be shipped in. The anticipated completion date was December 31st. In the meantime a representative from the claims office in Toronto, I believe – was in touch with us, explaining the process and wanting to make sure things were proceeding, and that we were both OK. We had both seen our doctor to be checked out. I had no ill effects, but my wife was experiencing some pain and discomfort across her shoulders and upper chest, which set in motion calls and questions from an Accident Benefits Advisor, which in turn resulted in authorization a series of chiropractic treatments. The car was finished, and I picked it up on December 30th, and here ends my story, except to say that I could not be more satisfied with the efficiency, thoroughness and follow-up from Allstate and my G.M. dealership...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by tammy Nov 30, 2019
...10-year customers. Constant increases over the years. Explanations that they don't set rates, the industry does. We were lazy for years in looking elsewhere but this year our car and home rates were insane. Able to save $1200/year elsewhere! I called our local office to cancel. I went to that office the same day, signed forms. Put a stop payment through our bank on the day our premiums go out...just in case... (because it's an insurance company, right?)... they decided to wait a day and took out our premiums. So brutal. We called the bank just now. They said that the will reverse it, as we put a stop payment. Bank agent says sometimes, the insurance companies will change payee information when they're blocked in order to circumvent stop payment orders! Beware, folks. Wow...
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