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Don't be fooled by Allstate

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by CalWestCustomer Mar 19, 2019
...You'll get what you paid for. Try to make a claim, your adjuster will never respond to you within a reasonable time frame. Try to talk to a manager to complain - good luck, they put you on hold and disconnect you after 20 or 30 minutes waiting on the phone. It's a horrible experience dealing with Allstate...
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Worst insurance company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Johnny Jan 12, 2019
...They have no experience and customer service was very rude. I had my car accident and was towed to a facility and they were taking so long to fix it and took my rental away and had me stranded without a car and then told me it was a total loss. Took weeks to get my money to buy another car. Note ..careful with the towing and storage because I was lucky enough to take my car to my favourite shop. They didn’t want to pay the repair shop for towing and storage when they decided to pick up the car. They sent them to court and trying to use a bailiff to pick up the car without paying the repair shop. After speaking to few of my friends and friends of friends, it seems like a routine for them because they leave the cars at storage yards and forget about it and then they have guy in charge of towing and storage, he has a deal with a law company and they send notices and force the individuals to release the cars without paying. The place I go to fix my car tells me he is trying to avoid contact with Allstate insurance period. But when it comes to regular customers insured through Allstate, he has no choice and has to go through all the stress. By the way, I was not charged for towing or storage paid the bill after reducing the bill to half, I was really sorry for the tow driver and the company...
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zero stars from me

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Terrible company Dec 06, 2018
...Terrible customer service, completely unprofessional. We have been with Allstate for 7 years, we have 2 vehicles and our home insurance with them. This past April we had our first claim which wasn’t even our fault ( husband got rear-ended) and the other person involved had some road rage trying to rip our car door open to pull my husband out. There was a witness who saw the whole thing. It is now December and we are just now getting our vehicle fixed, there was a HUGE lack of communication. I had called numerous times leaving numerous messages and nothing returned. Every time you call them it says they aren’t at their desk and to leave a message but they won’t return it. The one and only time she answered, she told me emailing is better and she will get back to emails faster. So when we needed to find something out 'cause no one was ever calling us to update us, we would email. Never got any responses. I’d have to call and speak to a receptionist, who couldn’t always answer my questions. I have an email dating back to early Oct. that has yet to be answered. Anyways, our cause has been in the shop now for a week and a half and we were just informed by the shop that they found more damage for the 2nd time now (they originally told us 4 days), now it won’t be ready till Dec 13 at least. So we called Allstate because we weren’t provided with a rental call from the other person's insurance company even though they claimed full responsibility for the accident.. and of course, they couldn’t get ahold of anyone we needed to speak too. So we happened to be driving by an Allstate location on our way home ( and by the way we are missing out on work as we don’t work close to each other or the same shifts, so one of us is always working less hours a day than we normally would, so we are losing money every day, we don’t have a second vehicle). Anyways, we stopped at the Allstate, after waiting 20 mins to see someone, who turned out to be the manager, we asked a few questions and voiced our concerns on our claims advisor never returning calls or emails, where she pretty much laughed in our faces and told us they don’t need our business. They told us that the other insurance company denied us for a rental care because it was a road rage incident. What doesn’t make sense is that it was their client that had the road rage and like I said earlier, there was a witness. Allstate won’t fight for us for a car. After finding out we pay all this money for our insurance company to do nothing for us and treat us like we did something wrong right from the beginning in April we were frustrated and told them that this is embarrassing and their company is embarrassing. We were asked to leave, which with no hesitation we did. When I got just about out the door, I turned around and asked for the lady's name, she told me her first name then proceed to push me hard, I asked a second time and stated I wanted her last name so I could report her, she never said anything but then pushed me again very hard. We then left. Do not use Allstate as your insurance company, they are very unprofessional and do not treat their clients well nor do they fight for us...
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Absolute Joke of a Company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by PissedoffInsured Nov 27, 2018
...I wish I had read the numerous negative reviews here before choosing Allstate/Pembridge. We had one claim in our 10-year history with the company and they treated us like absolute garbage. No reply from the adjuster after 3 weeks! No reply from his manager, no reply from anyone. They give us a completely unfair settlement offer as our car was written off and then tell us they can’t do anything and that I have to hire an independent appraiser. Did that, and the appraiser gave a more reasonable value for the car. Then they begin to dispute our appraiser's report and say the report is not relevant. I really wish I could give 0 stars for this company because that is truly what they deserve...
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Bad experience

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Ildi Nov 06, 2018
...We had an accident on the 3rd of October, today is the 5th of November. Our car is still in front of the house. Nothing happened with it yet. We can’t get hold of the adjuster. The worst experience ever. Our monthly payment went up already at $100 but with our car nothing has happened. If you can back to me, that would be great, thank you...
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Not in good hands

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by lflhdy Mar 16, 2018
...You are not in good hands with Allstate. I have had two experiences with them, one being a client and the other being hit by their client. In my opinion, they would rather pay lawyers than take care of their clients. First, when I was a client I had homeowners and full coverage on two vehicles. My wife was rear-ended and when I called, without even hearing the facts, first sentence was "we are not paying for that". After all the hassle, they finally agreed to pay. When going through the repairs, the car needed a new rear bumper. The difference between a new and refurbished bumper was 2 dollars and they would not pay for the new one. Luckily, I only had the car for 6 months and the dealer stepped up and paid the difference. Second time, my wife was t-boned and suffered injuries. They refused to pay anything, fortunately, I had Geico and they stepped in to pay her first 10,000 in medical. After 31/2 years of fighting with them, their lawyers which are top of the line made sure they had to pay nothing. 50,000 in medical, loss of vehicle, and lots of aggravation. Allstate is good at collecting premiums but will not pay claims...
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Terrible customer servie

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Lisa1 Feb 24, 2018
...I was in a car accident resulting in the other person at fault. The insurance they had was Allstate. What we thought to be an easy-going situation resulted in a terrible experience. The adjuster we were given was horrible. She had no clue what was going on, she never contacted us for days at a time, she was rude when we made conversation, and she told us personally that we were complaining. What kind of adjuster says this to a client? Aren't you supposed to be helping your client rather than hurting them? As a result of this, I have been left without a vehicle and was forced to be stuck with the damaged car for days after the incident. I hope everyone takes this as a wake up call. Allstate is not the insurance you'd want to back you up. You are not in good hands...
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