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by TJ Apr 05, 2019
...We have had nothing but added stress just because we made such a foolish mistake of switching to Allstate - no one answers a phone, calls anyone back, they lie, they don't want to do things by the book either. Even when you try to go up the chain and speak to the Ombudsman Team - that department won't even call you back. Their staff will question you as to why you didn't stop an accident from happening when you had zero fault- they sure did a great job of basically causing me to have a mental break down. Thanks for that Their own manager in Calgary told me how horrid of an experience it was for him to file a claim with Allstate. How horrible his adjuster was and go figure it was the same guy who was assigned to our file...
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Don't be fooled by Allstate

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by CalWestCustomer Mar 19, 2019
...You'll get what you paid for. Try to make a claim, your adjuster will never respond to you within a reasonable time frame. Try to talk to a manager to complain - good luck, they put you on hold and disconnect you after 20 or 30 minutes waiting on the phone. It's a horrible experience dealing with Allstate...
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