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Avoid Allstate

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by princess Jun 29, 2020
...Learn from my mistake - AVOID Allstate! In September 2019, I decided to research for an auto insurance provider offering a better rate. After speaking with 6 different providers, I settled with Allstate. However, DO NOT be fooled by their marketing. I got hit by a Dodge Caravan, on June 12th, 2020 after performing a left turn. The driver was driving way past a 30km limit, in a construction zone. Had he respected his speed limit, AND kept his right lane, this accident could have been avoided (I am convinced he passed a red light). My rear driver door was completely smashed in, but all he got was minor bumper damage on his right side. Yet, Allstate, declared me 100% responsible. In my 20+ years of driving, with only no-fault accidents, and having worked as a driving instructor, I am appalled. The driver who hit me was not only responsible but he was rude and he omitted important information on the Joint Accident Report. It's ridiculous that an insurance company won't consider the action of this reckless driver, especially considering a lack of character by not fully completing a document. To make matters worse, my long-term garage was not part of their Authorized Dealers. I found this extremely odd as every other insurance company ALWAYS referred me to them. Due to this, I received a cheque in the mail (minus my deductible) prior to even getting my car back!!! Who mails out a cheque when the work has not been completed? A savings of $5/mth has resulted in unnecessary stress and time working on contesting an accident that was clearly not my fault. Now I am out-of-pocket of a $500 deductible and a premium increase. All the while, Mr. White Dodge, continues to drive recklessly since he omitted his insurance company name and driver's licence on the report. Note to self: if your instinct tells you something is wrong, call the cops! FYI: I will be contesting this Allstate decision...
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very bad experience

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by anonymous Jan 31, 2020
...I had a very bad experience with my recent auto insurance claim. It took almost a month to get it closed and in the end, it was not covered. It is just so disappointing...I don't want to be with them anymore...avoid at all costs...
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Cheaper for a reason...

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Kenn Aug 17, 2019
...Allstate was fine, and much cheaper than alternatives, up until somebody backed into me while I was stopped in a parking lot. I'd have been better off with no insurance. Key points: - Very unresponsive. Do not call when they say they will. Do not respond to emails. Do not respond to voicemails. - Disconnected on half of phone calls while on hold. - They suggest I will not be found at fault, but then settle otherwise at 50/50. Between half the deductible and the absurd premium increase I'm now facing upon renewal, it's exceeded the actual repair cost. - Resist paying rental car fees, even though well under my coverage limit. Timeline: Sun. June 30 3pm: Collision occurs. Sun. June 30 4pm: Reported to Allstate, indicate they don't think I'd be at fault, say an adjuster will follow up by July 2 end of day. Does not happen. Fri. July 5: Call Allstate to find out why I have not been contacted. Told I will be contacted by an adjuster by Mon. July 8 end of day. Does not happen. Tues. July 9: Call Allstate to find out why again I have still not been contacted. They can't find my claim and hang up on me when transferring me to a different department. Tues. July 9: Call Allstate again. Get through and have to repeat everything previously stated June 30. Person I talk to takes over the file and provides me their contact info and a claim number. Again indicates they don't believe I'd be found at fault based on my description. Thur. July 18: Receive call from Allstate adjuster stating 50/50 fault finding. I question it. Get authorization for repair work. Sat. July 20: I send diagram and request clarification regarding fault finding via email. Tues, July 30: Drop off vehicle for repairs. Thur Aug 1: I follow up with request for a response/acknowledgement of my email. Fri. Aug 2: Receive email response indicating I was found partially at fault because I said I was stopped rather than moving forward. Fri. Aug 2: Told repairs complete, but find not everything repaired when I go to pick it up. They keep it to fix those items. Tues. Aug 6: Vehicle is now fully repaired and ready to pick up. Rental vehicle is returned. Fri. Aug 9: Enterprise informs me Allstate refusing charges after Aug 2. Fri. Aug 9 - Thur. Aug 15: Email, leave voicemails, and try calling Allstate adjuster 5+ times. Receive no responses from Rhea Perez. Thur. Aug 15: Call general line. Disconnected while on hold after 20 minutes the first time. Get through to somebody a second time after 10 minutes, who then disconnects me when placed on hold to make a call to the body shop. She calls back and gets the rental car coverage extended to the 6th...
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