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Ripped off for many years

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by Mike Jan 24, 2018
...I have been with Allstate Insurance since 1986. I have always had good service from them. For the last 20 or so years, I have had 6 cars, a utility trailer, 2 motorcycles, and 2 homes insured with Allstate. Of course, they always made sure we were aware of all the perks and discounts that we were receiving by having so many vehicles and our homeowners combined. There was never a reason to look outside of Allstate for insurance. I just figured with multiple policies, discounts, etc., that Allstate was the company for me. Boy was I wrong. I just looked into switching to Travelers insurance and I saved almost $3000/year just for the vehicles. That is unbelievable. I figured that I could save a few hundred dollars but $3000? No wonder Allstate provided us with such good service - THEY WERE RIPPING US OFF FOR OVER 20 YEARS. It really does not pay to be a loyal consumer these days. I would not recommend Allstate to anybody. Shame on you Allstate. Let the consumer beware...
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