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(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by Sedon Feb 20, 2019
...1) I was given an Adjuster name and they were to contact me within 48hrs. I was not contacted and so, therefore, I had to contact them. 2) I have a rental through insurance. Estimated time for my vehicle to be fixed was on Feb.15/19 and I had to return rental then. Miscommunication error between Allstate and dealership and my vehicle will not be ready on Feb.15/19. I informed Allstate Feb.13/19 about this and that I will not return my rental. I was not advised about any out of pocket charges to me if I don't return the rental. Why should I be charged? Why should I return my rental when my vehicle has not been fixed yet?...
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Worst insurance company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Johnny Jan 12, 2019
...They have no experience and customer service was very rude. I had my car accident and was towed to a facility and they were taking so long to fix it and took my rental away and had me stranded without a car and then told me it was a total loss. Took weeks to get my money to buy another car. Note ..careful with the towing and storage because I was lucky enough to take my car to my favourite shop. They didn’t want to pay the repair shop for towing and storage when they decided to pick up the car. They sent them to court and trying to use a bailiff to pick up the car without paying the repair shop. After speaking to few of my friends and friends of friends, it seems like a routine for them because they leave the cars at storage yards and forget about it and then they have guy in charge of towing and storage, he has a deal with a law company and they send notices and force the individuals to release the cars without paying. The place I go to fix my car tells me he is trying to avoid contact with Allstate insurance period. But when it comes to regular customers insured through Allstate, he has no choice and has to go through all the stress. By the way, I was not charged for towing or storage paid the bill after reducing the bill to half, I was really sorry for the tow driver and the company...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by beetle Feb 23, 2018
...I was rear-ended by an Allstate customer who tore the bumper off my car. The police came to the scene. It took over 2 weeks for them to accept liability for the damages and I had to go to get the police report in order to get them to act at all. The agent was evasive and rude. I was driving a car that should not have been on the street. They would not give me a rental car until day 15 after the accident. Then the car went into the shop and they gave me a rental for 3 days before taking it away. I had to fight to get them to continue the rental. They had not even been to the shop to see my car and approve the estimate...which was $5000 more than what they wrote out!!! (used second-hand parts and only the bumper - nothing like the lights that were gone, the wheel that was damaged, the rear side panel where the gas cap would no longer close) So now the parts are ordered and again they stop the rental. They did not tell me about this. I find out when I get my credit card bill. I called argued...they resist and are still resisting as I picked up my car and left the rental at the shop for the shop to return. ALLSTATE is a horrible company to deal with. They lie and cheat. This might come to a legal battle that I turn over to an attorney for the rental. No way to do business...
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