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Avoid Allstate

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by princess Jun 29, 2020
...Learn from my mistake - AVOID Allstate! In September 2019, I decided to research for an auto insurance provider offering a better rate. After speaking with 6 different providers, I settled with Allstate. However, DO NOT be fooled by their marketing. I got hit by a Dodge Caravan, on June 12th, 2020 after performing a left turn. The driver was driving way past a 30km limit, in a construction zone. Had he respected his speed limit, AND kept his right lane, this accident could have been avoided (I am convinced he passed a red light). My rear driver door was completely smashed in, but all he got was minor bumper damage on his right side. Yet, Allstate, declared me 100% responsible. In my 20+ years of driving, with only no-fault accidents, and having worked as a driving instructor, I am appalled. The driver who hit me was not only responsible but he was rude and he omitted important information on the Joint Accident Report. It's ridiculous that an insurance company won't consider the action of this reckless driver, especially considering a lack of character by not fully completing a document. To make matters worse, my long-term garage was not part of their Authorized Dealers. I found this extremely odd as every other insurance company ALWAYS referred me to them. Due to this, I received a cheque in the mail (minus my deductible) prior to even getting my car back!!! Who mails out a cheque when the work has not been completed? A savings of $5/mth has resulted in unnecessary stress and time working on contesting an accident that was clearly not my fault. Now I am out-of-pocket of a $500 deductible and a premium increase. All the while, Mr. White Dodge, continues to drive recklessly since he omitted his insurance company name and driver's licence on the report. Note to self: if your instinct tells you something is wrong, call the cops! FYI: I will be contesting this Allstate decision...
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(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by fnielsen Feb 21, 2020
...I have been a client of Allstate Insurance since 2007, holding both an auto and a renter’s policy. I have not had to deal with a claim until Sunday, December 15, 2019, when our car was rear-ended on a Sunday morning. My wife and I were both shaken up but basically not injured. The rear end of the car was damaged, but it could be driven, the seat belts, however, did not function because of the severity of the impact. We got the car to our dealership and I informed Allstate through a message to my agent and I emailed him copies of my police statement, as well as the official police report of the incident. Monday morning at 7:00 I was at the dealership, where they had already been in touch with Allstate, which gave immediate authorization for car rental to an amount of $900.00. A rental was quickly arranged by the body shop staff, and I received a ride to the rental agency. I was mobile by 8:00 am. An adjuster called later that day to make sure we were OK, and to let me know that the other driver’s insurance company was on-side and would assume costs. By mid-week the adjuster had seen the car and approved the repair estimate, which was around $8,500.00. Parts were ordered, but this was Christmas time, and some parts had to be shipped in. The anticipated completion date was December 31st. In the meantime a representative from the claims office in Toronto, I believe – was in touch with us, explaining the process and wanting to make sure things were proceeding, and that we were both OK. We had both seen our doctor to be checked out. I had no ill effects, but my wife was experiencing some pain and discomfort across her shoulders and upper chest, which set in motion calls and questions from an Accident Benefits Advisor, which in turn resulted in authorization a series of chiropractic treatments. The car was finished, and I picked it up on December 30th, and here ends my story, except to say that I could not be more satisfied with the efficiency, thoroughness and follow-up from Allstate and my G.M. dealership...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Sarah Aug 22, 2019
...Allstate is a company I would warn everyone about…. While accidents happen you would like to think that your insurance company will be there to help you through the process. Allstate is not that company. After being in a vehicle accident I did what everyone is supposed to do, call in. I spent a half-hour on hold and then another 45 minutes completing my claim with the agent on the phone. I was told I would get a call within 2-3 days. After a week and still no call, I call in AGAIN. Again on hold for 30minutes only to have the agent pick up and drop my call. So AGAIN I call in and am on hold. Once patched through I speak with the agent to ask why no one has called me? Guess what! The agent couldn’t find my claim ANYWHERE!!! So there we go again, spending another 45 minutes completing my claim, AGAIN! The agent said I would get a call within 2-3 days. Guess what?! Yup, no call after a week and a half. So, looks like I have to do all the work. I reach back out with the person that was supposed to contact me (because I made sure this time to have the claim agent give it to me). The claims person apologized and said that there was a different agent involved who is handling it and would have them reach out to me. More waiting! That person took another 3 days to FINALLY reach out to me and would take another 3 days to be able to schedule our sit down where they take my statement. After I gave them my statement they said they would update me on the status in the next 3-4 days. Did they? Nope. It was 2 and a half weeks before they would call me. When they called me on a Wed and left a voicemail I called back and had to leave them a voicemail. I had to recall them again the next day, still no answer. They didn’t call me back until the following Tuesday!! Really? Almost a week! While this was happening there were continual disappointments with the partners they work with. They suggested there preferred collision repair center. Why? Because they put their customers in a faster queue getting the work done more quickly then if I was to take it in and that all the work is insured. I said great, getting this all taken care of is ideal. Well again ...more issues!!! After I called the agent the second time letting them know that the repair center had not contacted me they told me to call them. So I did. They were able to see me in 2 days. The process was quick and was told that they would submit the report for Allstate to approve and would order the parts and confirm within 7 days when to bring my car in. Well, I emailed the repair shop and left a voicemail (since I couldn’t speak with an agent) after a week and a half after not hearing anything? I didn’t get a call back nor a response to my email. I called back in after a couple more days to speak with someone who said they lost my report and would have to call me back. They didn’t call me back. I waited a day and a half before calling them again. They said they just ordered the parts!!! And they were supposed to be the fastest service???? I doubt it. I was able to bring in my car in 2 days and was told anytime after 9 am. I wasn’t told how long my car would be under repair until I was bringing it in. In short, if you like: continually wasting your time on the phone, calling people that should be calling... That SAID THEY WOULD CALL YOU! And talking to people that can’t give you information, explain the process and what you should expect along the way then I say have at it. Waste your time, money, and most importantly your sanity. Want to know how long this who process took from starting the initial claim till my vehicle being completed and all being taken care of? 58 days. YES!!! TWO MONTHS!!!! That is insane. They told me my car would be fixed within 2 weeks of starting my claim? The people employed from the claim agent to the appraisers and adjusters are poorly trained, lack customer service capabilities and do not know how to make right their errors. Sorry doesn’t cut it. You wasted my time and that is money. I wanted to share this with anyone in hopes that I can save them from the unbelievably poor experience and mental stress from having to deal with them!!! After reading everyone else's experiences it sounds like this is typical for response, dropped calls, not returning calls, incorrect information being given. They need to hire and train people properly...
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Cheaper for a reason...

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Kenn Aug 17, 2019
...Allstate was fine, and much cheaper than alternatives, up until somebody backed into me while I was stopped in a parking lot. I'd have been better off with no insurance. Key points: - Very unresponsive. Do not call when they say they will. Do not respond to emails. Do not respond to voicemails. - Disconnected on half of phone calls while on hold. - They suggest I will not be found at fault, but then settle otherwise at 50/50. Between half the deductible and the absurd premium increase I'm now facing upon renewal, it's exceeded the actual repair cost. - Resist paying rental car fees, even though well under my coverage limit. Timeline: Sun. June 30 3pm: Collision occurs. Sun. June 30 4pm: Reported to Allstate, indicate they don't think I'd be at fault, say an adjuster will follow up by July 2 end of day. Does not happen. Fri. July 5: Call Allstate to find out why I have not been contacted. Told I will be contacted by an adjuster by Mon. July 8 end of day. Does not happen. Tues. July 9: Call Allstate to find out why again I have still not been contacted. They can't find my claim and hang up on me when transferring me to a different department. Tues. July 9: Call Allstate again. Get through and have to repeat everything previously stated June 30. Person I talk to takes over the file and provides me their contact info and a claim number. Again indicates they don't believe I'd be found at fault based on my description. Thur. July 18: Receive call from Allstate adjuster stating 50/50 fault finding. I question it. Get authorization for repair work. Sat. July 20: I send diagram and request clarification regarding fault finding via email. Tues, July 30: Drop off vehicle for repairs. Thur Aug 1: I follow up with request for a response/acknowledgement of my email. Fri. Aug 2: Receive email response indicating I was found partially at fault because I said I was stopped rather than moving forward. Fri. Aug 2: Told repairs complete, but find not everything repaired when I go to pick it up. They keep it to fix those items. Tues. Aug 6: Vehicle is now fully repaired and ready to pick up. Rental vehicle is returned. Fri. Aug 9: Enterprise informs me Allstate refusing charges after Aug 2. Fri. Aug 9 - Thur. Aug 15: Email, leave voicemails, and try calling Allstate adjuster 5+ times. Receive no responses from Rhea Perez. Thur. Aug 15: Call general line. Disconnected while on hold after 20 minutes the first time. Get through to somebody a second time after 10 minutes, who then disconnects me when placed on hold to make a call to the body shop. She calls back and gets the rental car coverage extended to the 6th...
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