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Not in good hands

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by lflhdy Mar 16, 2018
...You are not in good hands with Allstate. I have had two experiences with them, one being a client and the other being hit by their client. In my opinion, they would rather pay lawyers than take care of their clients. First, when I was a client I had homeowners and full coverage on two vehicles. My wife was rear-ended and when I called, without even hearing the facts, first sentence was "we are not paying for that". After all the hassle, they finally agreed to pay. When going through the repairs, the car needed a new rear bumper. The difference between a new and refurbished bumper was 2 dollars and they would not pay for the new one. Luckily, I only had the car for 6 months and the dealer stepped up and paid the difference. Second time, my wife was t-boned and suffered injuries. They refused to pay anything, fortunately, I had Geico and they stepped in to pay her first 10,000 in medical. After 31/2 years of fighting with them, their lawyers which are top of the line made sure they had to pay nothing. 50,000 in medical, loss of vehicle, and lots of aggravation. Allstate is good at collecting premiums but will not pay claims...
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