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Great experience

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by L.Lee Jun 19, 2020
...I just want to share my experience with TD Meloche Monnex. May 2016 my bumper was damaged by someone trying to back into space beside mine. Luckily it was caught on dashcam and was able to read the licence plate and report to police. File claim online and got an appointment at the TD repair center. As the repair center was not familiar with my car (Tesla), I was sent to a special repair shop. I was offered a loaner vehicle but did not use it as I had another vehicle to use. The repair was done within a week and payment directly with TD. Everything went smoothly and no hassle...
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Insurance advisor amazing

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Evylania Mar 07, 2020
...Hello, I had to call TD today as my payment for my premium did not go through so I was at risk to have my policy terminated unless I paid what was left to pay (over 2.5K). I could not afford that and had missed the payment as I did not get paid and just paid for my permanent residency so I was left dry... The insurance advisor, did everything he could to get me back on track and now everything has been settled. I can't thank him enough for how good he was and how amazing of a customer service experience he delivered. Thank you again...
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(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by td Feb 09, 2020
...Their customer service is terrible, it's so hard to get anyone on the phone. Updating your insurance takes 30+ days on their app/website. They've multi-charged us a few times and the only way to fix it, IF you catch it, is they'll charge slightly less per month for the rest of the year to make up the difference. Horrible. The one claim I've had in 30 years, they dropped the ball massively, didn't pay the damages for like 6 months. It took forever and so many calls to finally resolve. The last straw for me was that they'd stopped mailing updated insurance papers every year, so I was walking around with a 3-year-old insurance paper in my wallet and no way to get updated ones (unless I want to sit on hold for hours). I couldn't rent a van because their app was also down and I had no proof of insurance. Thank god I wasn't pulled over by the cops. I struggle to imagine any way they could be more negligent...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by jessy Jan 28, 2020
...I was told that using my truck in any way makes my insurance null and void as that means that I need commercial insurance. So, when I had an accident and I was NOT AT work or doing any work at all then I was told that they found out I use my truck to move furniture for my business back and forth from my storage. When the accident happened they DID NOT PAY OUT ANYTHING and told the other person to SUE ME! Most terrible company ever! After they cancelled me they told me to get insurance elsewhere and then still continued to take money out of my account!!! What kind of scam is this... I paid collision insurance for years and they don't want to pay... Then they told me if I want to stop the 150 dollars coming out of my account then I have to send an email with my new insurance pink slips and then when I did they told me I had to cancel it by sending the pink slips as this disorganized group don't know how to open an email. Do not insure a truck with this company...
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truly disgusting experience

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Franz Oct 09, 2019
...I had a claim that I called and cancelled as I found a more cost-effective alternative elsewhere. It was with utter shock I received an mail nearly 2 years later stating I owed over $700 in unpaid insurance. All my attempts to reason with TD fell on deaf ears. I provided documents showing I had active insurance elsewhere and even went as far as contacting my phone provider to get records of prior conversations I had. I wrote TD multiple times with no success. This has left me with rising deductibles with my current insurance. It truly is pathetic that companies will do anything to reap people of hard-earned income. I will do everything in my power to dissuade anyone thinking of doing business with TD to think twice, the experience is just not worth your hassle...
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