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by Alisha Feb 27, 2019
...First of all...stay far away from this company! We had a small accident a few weeks ago that caused minor surface damage to the rear of our vehicle. We got our own repair estimate for $2500. We took it to their guys so that we could file our claim. We waited over THREE WEEKS for them to get back to us after numerous follow-ups, only to find out work hadn't even started on our vehicle. The repair shop blamed the insurance company for not sending paperwork, and TD Meloche blamed the repair shop for being backed-up with work. We, finally, escalated it to a manager. Got a call back the next day to tell us that the vehicle was considered a write-off. We're still waiting to find out our settlement offer, apparently, there is no one we can speak to on it, and we just have to keep waiting for some indefinite time. We bought our vehicle just three years ago for $11K. And they're writing it off for approx. $3k of damage? Why even have insurance if they can just choose to write it off for whatever they want and not repair it when you file a claim. This has been a complete nightmare I wouldn't wish to anyone. Oh...and we had no rental vehicle coverage on our policy, so all this time have been down a vehicle which I understand was our choice not to take it. But you also don't expect an insurance company to take three weeks just to START processing your claim. I tried to ask for a rental vehicle at this point but of course, the answer was no...
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Worst. Customer. Service. Ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by TDsucks101 Jan 23, 2019
...Never use them. I called in regards to my upcoming renewal and was told it was not processed yet. I was also told my payment date would be pushed back to reflect their late release of my paperwork. 2 and a half weeks later I received my paperwork, informing me the payment date was the same. I called in to see about pushing it back and was informed it was locked in THE DAY I CALLED to inquire about my payment. I was unable to secure the payment on the scheduled date but cancelled my policy due to their poor customer service anyway. They admitted their fault and offered reimbursement for the NSF fees. I was promised it would be deposited the following Monday. Monday came, no deposit. I called back and was informed that they had actually mailed cheques out. Nearly 2 weeks later, I'm still waiting. I call today to be told it would be a 2 to 3 week process to cancel the cheques and deposit the money directly. They also owe me $180 from my policy cancellation, but I'm not holding my breath on that...
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