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You will never get through.

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Bozak Jun 07, 2019
...Used to be a good company with fair rates, been with them for over a decade but the last two years have been horrid and service levels have literally dropped off a cliff. No, I have not had any claims, tickets or any billing issues EXCEPT it is damn near impossible to reach a representative. Minimum wait times are in hours, not minutes. I have been on hold on and off the last two days for almost two hours. They claim to be open 8 am to 8 pm, and I have been on hold from 6:30 pm to 8 pm (note that they will let you stay on hold indefinitely after they close up shop with no notification) and now from 8 am to 8:40 am and still going. (This isn't the first time this has happened and is much more pervasive than you might think. I was lead to believe by a rep after about 90 minutes on hold that it was an isolated incident last year as well) No discount is worth this, imagine if you had a legitimately urgent issue and you get stuck like this? Myself? I'm just calling to try to add a car onto the policy and pay them MORE money and can't, but seems soon they won't be getting my business for much longer. It's not "higher than expected call volume" if that is always the case, and no longer a valid excuse. Don't waste your time or money on this sham, you deserve better...
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TD tells lies

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Peter May 24, 2019
...I’ve been with TD Meloche Monnex for almost twenty years and I’ve never made a claim or had a claim against me. Recently, my parked car was hit by a drunken driver; thankfully, two local people dragged him out of the truck and held him until the police arrived. I had a letter from TD saying that I had zero deductible and so they’d be happy to pay for the repairs. They were super friendly in the beginning but then I was told my 1998 car wasn’t worth fixing and they’d give me $1000. I reminded them of the letter and I was told “that was then, this is now” and that it was a matter of wording. I’m still in the process of talking to other people but I’m told they will say the same thing - even before I’ve had a chance to talk to them. Earlier, I left for the winter and on my return, I replaced my insurance. “Do you want the windshield coverage to continue?” I’ve never had this coverage. I was told the agent must have hit the wrong key; there was no mention of a refund. Like others, I’ve also been told I can get much cheaper coverage elsewhere, even though I’m supposed to have a cheaper rate because of being in a group. My advice is to go elsewhere...
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An experience from hell

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Bkhidhir Mar 29, 2019
...Nothing was harder in life than getting a hold of my adjuster. Resolving my fairly simple claim took 3 months. Not only did she never pick up, reply to her voicemails and read her emails, but she would also take weeks at a time to follow up. And, when she would be completely oblivious to how much I've been struggling to try to get her attention and taking Ubers every day from work. When she went on vacation and there was no replacement for her to take care of my claim. Her manager never ever picks up or replies to his voicemails either. Before she left for vacation she didn't tell me that I had the option of not writing off my car which is not fair and pressured me to sign a write off form in 3 hours as she's on vacation the next day for a month. I could have lost a brand new car because of an unfair estimate and she acted completely non-challenge about that. Whenever I'd call other adjusters, while she's away, they give me completely different answers to the same questions. When I called Service they forgot to tell me I'd lose collision coverage even though I asked and asked. This resulted in my having to pay off my loan after I've also had to pay out of pocket to fix the car as a result of them not explaining to me that I wouldn't be getting the cheque and instead the cheque goes directly to my lienholder. Took me maybe 5 phone calls to change my address on file. After, they finally started giving me answers they had the audacity to ask for a letter from my bank, that the bank said was highly unusual. This is also after they already confirmed, they were mailing out the cheque ... This experience was so horribly inexplicably bad that it could drive someone to insanity and alcoholism. Stay away from these people...
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Avoids paying claims

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Alisha Feb 27, 2019
...First of all...stay far away from this company! We had a small accident a few weeks ago that caused minor surface damage to the rear of our vehicle. We got our own repair estimate for $2500. We took it to their guys so that we could file our claim. We waited over THREE WEEKS for them to get back to us after numerous follow-ups, only to find out work hadn't even started on our vehicle. The repair shop blamed the insurance company for not sending paperwork, and TD Meloche blamed the repair shop for being backed-up with work. We, finally, escalated it to a manager. Got a call back the next day to tell us that the vehicle was considered a write-off. We're still waiting to find out our settlement offer, apparently, there is no one we can speak to on it, and we just have to keep waiting for some indefinite time. We bought our vehicle just three years ago for $11K. And they're writing it off for approx. $3k of damage? Why even have insurance if they can just choose to write it off for whatever they want and not repair it when you file a claim. This has been a complete nightmare I wouldn't wish to anyone. Oh...and we had no rental vehicle coverage on our policy, so all this time have been down a vehicle which I understand was our choice not to take it. But you also don't expect an insurance company to take three weeks just to START processing your claim. I tried to ask for a rental vehicle at this point but of course, the answer was no...
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