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Terrible customer service.

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by Amish D Oct 10, 2019
...Claim 1. Auto repair - authorized (and recommended repair shop) made multiple errors in repair. I had to go back 3 times, no support from TDMM. Claim 2. Auto repair - adjuster delayed, and then disappeared. 4 calls to customer service (45-75min hold time per call), over a 4week period, to find out adjuster left the company and no one else was assigned. By now, 1 year had expired and they would no longer fulfill the claim. Claim 3. Home Insurance. Concerns that TDMM may have changed my policy without approval. Called 4 times (with lengthy wait times) over 2 months to get more info - was told a manager would call me back with details. No call received. Finally, I called back a 5th time and got a supervisor on the phone. Claim still in process, Regardless of the outcome, will be leaving TDMM this fall. They exemplify the stereotypical insurance company with processes designed to decrease their financial obligations...
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