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Poor service

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by QuickHit Feb 13, 2019
...I was with Meloche Monnex for 35 years without incident! I had a bad year after my father's death and wound up with 4 tickets. Meloche sent me a letter cancelling my insurance and only giving me a few days to make alternate arrangements. When I asked for an extension, they declined. After treating me so badly they had the audacity to ask me to return to them when my tickets cleared. I would not ever recommend this company to anybody and would never again use them myself. I had 2 vehicles insured plus my home insurance. I pulled all my insurance and went elsewhere. It turns out Meloche is not very honest. They claim to be cheap and I found much better deals elsewhere even with tickets...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Roberts Dec 06, 2018
...I had a quote with TD Meloche Monnex a few days ago. The quote took 40 minutes because system issues. After this time I was told that since I did not graduate from a university or college, I cannot insure with them. Then they transferred me. An hour later a manager calls me from a private number, says if I email him $500, I can use McMaster rates. I emailed him 3 days ago but no callback. I called back and asked to speak to him and the guy said the manager is not in the office. I lost my money please help...
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Be Careful what they quote u!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by CPA Dec 05, 2018
...1. When I replied to the email that I got the Insurance confirmation from asking to change something, I never got any reply! The confirmation was only a table including the basic information only in their own terminology and did not have any clarification of anything in detail on top of that it had wrong information about the lessee! 2. When I later called and asked to send me a copy of the terms and conditions or the contract that I am signing in order to commit financially, I was told that the system doesn’t do that and that I have to accept everything we talked about verbally and I should not see what is excluded in the contract and on top of that if I cancel, mid-term or even when the mail comes to see the contract, I will be paying one month cancellation fee and the agents didn’t care about anything and he said he’ll be happy helping me cancel right now before the policy starts. I have asked for a manager and the manager just simply repeated what he said and then told me this is the rule here, it’s only a verbal quotation, this is how things work in this company! This is neither ethical nor professional. I am very disappointed with a big company like this behaving in such a bad scammy way!!...
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TD-The biggest liar in Toronto

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by sara210 Nov 09, 2018
...TD insurance is the biggest liar in Toronto. Stay away from them if possible. They can constantly increase your quote and charge extra when activating/setting up your account. I have to stuck with them for a year, and won't stay with them afterward. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BILL , ESPECIALLY FOR NEW CUSTOMERS USING TD ADVANTAGE APP. THEY WILL CHARGE EXTRA AND STEAL YOUR MONEY. We just relocated to Toronto a month ago, and shopped around for auto insurance. It seemed that TD insurance can provide us the reasonable rate so far since we had been staying with TD insurance for a few years outside Ontario and have a clean driving record. So we asked them to send a hard copy of the quote. When the mail arrived, the quote was around $150 higher than the one we quoted on the phone. So I called back, one of the agents told me that her co-worker made a mistake on our previous quote (lower rate). Excuse me! I said I thought your guys are professionals and asked to talk with her supervisor. The agent asked me to hold on, it turned out that she hanged out my phone. She was so rude that I tried to complain about what happened to me with their supervisor's phone line on their website. Nobody answered my phone and asked to leave a voice message. I did, there was no response from them since it has been almost a month. I kept shopping around because of TD insurance unreliability, their quote (the higher one) was still the reasonable one we can get, because we can get some group discount. For the sake of money, I went back and called them to activate our account early in the morning. Since unpleasant experience on quote, I double checked our premium, coverage (including download TD advantage App for 5% discount) before activating. So I preferred the payment by credit card, which is the only option for full payment. And I asked the agent repeated how much he will charge on credit card. The amount of payment was the exact number as the higher rate. So I gave him my husband's credit card information. It's done. And I asked him to send a temporary insurance file to us. Due to the post office being on strike, we need to get our car registration and switch licence plate in a week. I still didn't trust them, when my husband got off from work and called them in the evening to check how much they charge from credit card. Okay, it's the same amount as the quote. To our surprise, I got the official document of Auto insurance this afternoon, they charged us more than $100. So I was so confused that I called them to ask what is going on. It took a while for an agent to figure out the problem. They didn't give us a 5% discount when we downloaded TD advantage App. Jesus Christ! We agreed with using this App. They even sent us an email and asked us to download App with PIN. What's wrong with these people? If you don't provide us the discount, why did you ask us to download the App? They thought we didn't know the amount they charged extra. Unfortunately, I kept every record from them, it can be traceable. I read so many bad reviews about this App, I gave up on this App. I don't want to install it or have any issue with them. So be it...
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a little weird

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by fraudsters Jun 24, 2018
...I had a quote done by someone who was a new hire. The price was really high under Ryerson, so I decided not to go with it. Then the guy called me back from a blocked number and said the manager approved for lower rates if I answer some questions about McMaster. All I had to do was pay $500. This really weirded me out, so I decided not to trust it. TD to me is selling my information. Even the manager's name he gave me was weird, shady. I am like that is so shady I ain't getting myself into that...
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