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An experience from hell

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Bkhidhir Mar 29, 2019
...Nothing was harder in life than getting a hold of my adjuster. Resolving my fairly simple claim took 3 months. Not only did she never pick up, reply to her voicemails and read her emails, but she would also take weeks at a time to follow up. And, when she would be completely oblivious to how much I've been struggling to try to get her attention and taking Ubers every day from work. When she went on vacation and there was no replacement for her to take care of my claim. Her manager never ever picks up or replies to his voicemails either. Before she left for vacation she didn't tell me that I had the option of not writing off my car which is not fair and pressured me to sign a write off form in 3 hours as she's on vacation the next day for a month. I could have lost a brand new car because of an unfair estimate and she acted completely non-challenge about that. Whenever I'd call other adjusters, while she's away, they give me completely different answers to the same questions. When I called Service they forgot to tell me I'd lose collision coverage even though I asked and asked. This resulted in my having to pay off my loan after I've also had to pay out of pocket to fix the car as a result of them not explaining to me that I wouldn't be getting the cheque and instead the cheque goes directly to my lienholder. Took me maybe 5 phone calls to change my address on file. After, they finally started giving me answers they had the audacity to ask for a letter from my bank, that the bank said was highly unusual. This is also after they already confirmed, they were mailing out the cheque ... This experience was so horribly inexplicably bad that it could drive someone to insanity and alcoholism. Stay away from these people...
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Stay away from them

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by unhappy Mar 18, 2019
...Worst customer service ever, no one on his desk and always leaving useless voicemails, by the end, nobody will call you back. Three adjustors were working on the same claim at the same time, which makes it confusing who to deal with. They are just bad and have internal communication issues with their managers, so they will let you waiting for long till they will reach their supervisors to resolve claim's issues. They asked to return the rental car before closing the claim and before getting the car refund, I did so because I wanted to get rid of them and the claim asap but it still not fair...
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Excellent service

(4.8 out of 5 stars)
by Pleased Jan 25, 2019
...I was rear-ended on a Friday in November. It was my first accident, so I was nervous about reporting and insurance procedure. The process that TD Insurance has in place cradled me from my first report to them to completion of repairs. I was guided along and felt well looked after throughout. When I reported to the police collision centre, I was given a TD Meloche Monnex Insurance instruction sheet. I called the TD Insurance number on the sheet and a pleasant professional took down my details. It did take 50 minutes on hold waiting to get a rep; that was the only negative though. On Monday a personable and highly competent claims adjuster called me and fully explained the course of action as well as patiently answered all of my questions about repairs, a rental car and possible effects on my policy (none). Her kind attitude and words reassured and comforted me during this stressful time. During the repair process, the adjuster stayed in touch with me by email; I was kept in the loop. I chose to go to one of the repair facilities that was accredited by TD Insurance, so all paperwork and expenses were handled directly between TD Insurance and the repair facility. In a week I had my car back; it looked as good as new. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and smooth the process was, a sign of excellent organization and coordination behind the scenes. Kudos to TD Insurance for their staff and also for their excellent process. The proof of an insurance company’s quality and value is in their service. TD Insurance deserves a rating of 10 out of 10. I recommend TD Insurance to everyone for their Insurance needs...
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Une très mauvaise expérience

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Expérience au Québec Jan 21, 2019
...Je suis désolée, mais je ne parle que le français. Cependant, j'espère que mon message sera lu et compras. Faites jamais affaires avec TD Assurance Meloche Monnex!!! Tout est beau jusqu'au moment où vous avez un dommage réclamé. Surtout lorsque vous êtes un nouveau client et surtout lorsque votre voiture est un peu vieille. Depuis deux semaines, je me bats à sauver notre voiture de ces fripons. C'est l'enfer! J'ai osé de demander le rapport de l'estimateur sur lequel ils avez basé leur décision de jeter notre voiture. Il était plain de niaiseries, de fausses informations et de manque de détails. De plus, ils aiment faire des offres au téléphone qui diffèrent significativement de ce qui est envoyé par écrit après. Avant d'accepter m'importe quoi d'eaux, il faut bien lire. Ils sont capable de s'obstiner même pour des montants qui ne sont pas significatifs pour la poche de la classe moyenne! Canada est plaine de bonnes compagnies d'assurance. Si j'avais lu vos commentaires avant d'embarquer avec cette compagnie, j'aurais sauvé beacoups de temps, de l'argent et surtout notre voiture. Elle aurait était réparée, si j'avais choisi une autre compagnie d'assurance. Avec ce commentaire, j'espère fortement d'avoir aidé au moins à une personne de choisir sa compagnie d'assurance...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Ali Dec 09, 2018
...The same thing happened with me. I can't remember her last name, she offered me Ryerson rates..what is the deal with this's like they have some string operation going on under their group rates. I bet even the CEO is in on it. I would say cut your losses, I gave up on getting my money back months ago...
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Would recommend to anyone

(4.5 out of 5 stars)
by ms.elle.b Dec 05, 2018
...I've been with TD insurance for about 10 years in two different provinces and have had to call often for policy changes, address changes, adding and removing vehicles etc. I have never had a bad experience with their employees, they're always professional and knowledgeable both on the phone and via e-mail. I have also had to claim three different vehicle incidents - two not at fault, one at fault and one being a total write-off. While never pleasant, the experiences were about as smooth and hassle-free as they can be...
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Very easy to deal with

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Kev Oct 03, 2018
...Totalled my leased 2015 Corvette Z51, it was almost a 6 figure car and only took about a month and a bit to receive my claim. Didn't even realized the coverage I had (full replacement cost value and grand touring package), they could've lied and told me I didn't have either of those and could've gotten away with it. They set me up right away with a rental vehicle because of the grand touring package and guided me through the whole situation. They were very good at keeping me up to date with emails and occasional phone calls. The only problem was if I missed any of their calls or needed to ask a question, the wait time was over an hour hold over the phone... When I first crashed my vehicle, I was for sure expecting to pay the rest of the vehicle out of my pocket, but in the end, the vehicle always paid off and I received close to $40,000!! I was so worried too when I read the reviews dealing with TD, because of such negative reviews and low ratings. I realized realistically people that had good experiences don't post good reviews because they already got what they want, it's only the people that had a bad experience and want to bash on the company that will take the time to rant about it...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Edmonton gal Jul 06, 2018
...Was in a no-fault claim. Car wrote off because they valued car incorrectly comparing to the wrong vehicle. After three days told to return rental per 'my' policy, even though other insurance covered it. No car for months, as a result, lost a job, missed mortgage payment, no access to the grocery store as live 35 minutes from town. 2 months isolated without transportation. TD would not advocate for me or cover me and this was after 30 years of paying into car insurance with no claims...
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(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Worstinsuranceever May 18, 2018
...I will NEVER get insurance from them again!! Every time I call, I’m waiting minimum an hour. I’ve had to call MANY times for a rental car that I was told “will be covered until the claim is done”, the rental company was calling every day asking if I was bringing it back. I was charged for another month of insurance and I don’t even have a vehicle anymore due to the accident. Not at all organized and very unprofessional. They need to get their act together...
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