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No follow up. Empty promises

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Frustrated Jun 12, 2019
...Spoke with 2 agents. Spent 2 hours with 1st agent setting up the new purchase, and the agent confirmed policy was in place, and provide temporary card through email. Then the agent said she was having some computer trouble and would have to call me back the same day. Never heard from her!! After 1 week, I logged into my account, and to my horror, all the addition that happened ago was all deleted. i.e. no more coverage for my new vehicle. Called 2nd agent after 1 week, and was told that she was not sure why everything was deleted. Then, went through all the questions etc. again. Waste of time. After my vehicle was done, I wanted to update my property insurance but was told by the 2nd agent they are closed, and she PROMISED she would call me back the next day around noon. Next day, I did not get a call from her until almost 5:30 pm, which I was not able to take the call due to the evening commitment. Her reason was she was tied up the whole day. All agents are irresponsible and unreliable! Looking to change insurance company now. Their staff needs proper training...
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Disappointing policy

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Karen W Jun 07, 2019
...We have had our auto and home insurance with this company for 25 years. I just called to add our teenage son (new driver) to our plan. I was expecting our premium to go up but was surprised to learn that they will not insure new drivers under any circumstances. I will be cancelling our policies immediately, due to this elitist and discriminatory policy...
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TD tells lies

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Peter May 24, 2019
...I’ve been with TD Meloche Monnex for almost twenty years and I’ve never made a claim or had a claim against me. Recently, my parked car was hit by a drunken driver; thankfully, two local people dragged him out of the truck and held him until the police arrived. I had a letter from TD saying that I had zero deductible and so they’d be happy to pay for the repairs. They were super friendly in the beginning but then I was told my 1998 car wasn’t worth fixing and they’d give me $1000. I reminded them of the letter and I was told “that was then, this is now” and that it was a matter of wording. I’m still in the process of talking to other people but I’m told they will say the same thing - even before I’ve had a chance to talk to them. Earlier, I left for the winter and on my return, I replaced my insurance. “Do you want the windshield coverage to continue?” I’ve never had this coverage. I was told the agent must have hit the wrong key; there was no mention of a refund. Like others, I’ve also been told I can get much cheaper coverage elsewhere, even though I’m supposed to have a cheaper rate because of being in a group. My advice is to go elsewhere...
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Avoids paying claims

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Alisha Feb 27, 2019
...First of all...stay far away from this company! We had a small accident a few weeks ago that caused minor surface damage to the rear of our vehicle. We got our own repair estimate for $2500. We took it to their guys so that we could file our claim. We waited over THREE WEEKS for them to get back to us after numerous follow-ups, only to find out work hadn't even started on our vehicle. The repair shop blamed the insurance company for not sending paperwork, and TD Meloche blamed the repair shop for being backed-up with work. We, finally, escalated it to a manager. Got a call back the next day to tell us that the vehicle was considered a write-off. We're still waiting to find out our settlement offer, apparently, there is no one we can speak to on it, and we just have to keep waiting for some indefinite time. We bought our vehicle just three years ago for $11K. And they're writing it off for approx. $3k of damage? Why even have insurance if they can just choose to write it off for whatever they want and not repair it when you file a claim. This has been a complete nightmare I wouldn't wish to anyone. Oh...and we had no rental vehicle coverage on our policy, so all this time have been down a vehicle which I understand was our choice not to take it. But you also don't expect an insurance company to take three weeks just to START processing your claim. I tried to ask for a rental vehicle at this point but of course, the answer was no...
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