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by jessy Jan 28, 2020
...I was told that using my truck in any way makes my insurance null and void as that means that I need commercial insurance. So, when I had an accident and I was NOT AT work or doing any work at all then I was told that they found out I use my truck to move furniture for my business back and forth from my storage. When the accident happened they DID NOT PAY OUT ANYTHING and told the other person to SUE ME! Most terrible company ever! After they cancelled me they told me to get insurance elsewhere and then still continued to take money out of my account!!! What kind of scam is this... I paid collision insurance for years and they don't want to pay... Then they told me if I want to stop the 150 dollars coming out of my account then I have to send an email with my new insurance pink slips and then when I did they told me I had to cancel it by sending the pink slips as this disorganized group don't know how to open an email. Do not insure a truck with this company...
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