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Stay away from them

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by unhappy Mar 18, 2019
...Worst customer service ever, no one on his desk and always leaving useless voicemails, by the end, nobody will call you back. Three adjustors were working on the same claim at the same time, which makes it confusing who to deal with. They are just bad and have internal communication issues with their managers, so they will let you waiting for long till they will reach their supervisors to resolve claim's issues. They asked to return the rental car before closing the claim and before getting the car refund, I did so because I wanted to get rid of them and the claim asap but it still not fair...
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Very easy to deal with

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Kev Oct 03, 2018
...Totalled my leased 2015 Corvette Z51, it was almost a 6 figure car and only took about a month and a bit to receive my claim. Didn't even realized the coverage I had (full replacement cost value and grand touring package), they could've lied and told me I didn't have either of those and could've gotten away with it. They set me up right away with a rental vehicle because of the grand touring package and guided me through the whole situation. They were very good at keeping me up to date with emails and occasional phone calls. The only problem was if I missed any of their calls or needed to ask a question, the wait time was over an hour hold over the phone... When I first crashed my vehicle, I was for sure expecting to pay the rest of the vehicle out of my pocket, but in the end, the vehicle always paid off and I received close to $40,000!! I was so worried too when I read the reviews dealing with TD, because of such negative reviews and low ratings. I realized realistically people that had good experiences don't post good reviews because they already got what they want, it's only the people that had a bad experience and want to bash on the company that will take the time to rant about it...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Edmonton gal Jul 06, 2018
...Was in a no-fault claim. Car wrote off because they valued car incorrectly comparing to the wrong vehicle. After three days told to return rental per 'my' policy, even though other insurance covered it. No car for months, as a result, lost a job, missed mortgage payment, no access to the grocery store as live 35 minutes from town. 2 months isolated without transportation. TD would not advocate for me or cover me and this was after 30 years of paying into car insurance with no claims...
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(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Worstinsuranceever May 18, 2018
...I will NEVER get insurance from them again!! Every time I call, I’m waiting minimum an hour. I’ve had to call MANY times for a rental car that I was told “will be covered until the claim is done”, the rental company was calling every day asking if I was bringing it back. I was charged for another month of insurance and I don’t even have a vehicle anymore due to the accident. Not at all organized and very unprofessional. They need to get their act together...
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