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Too slow to answer calls.

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by TDinsuranceEXclient Apr 02, 2019
...I wanted my name off my ex-husband's insurance (yes I wanted independence) and was placed on hold for 47mins the first time I called. They told me I was not a named insured and was not listed as a driver. My ex-husband was mad because he told me that he tried to take my name off but they wouldn't because we both had to sign papers stating the vehicle isn't mine and yet I'm the one using it. Doesn't make sense! My ex-husband still tells me I'm in the policy so I call again and here I am on hold for another 46mins and counting. Why is it so hard to get a hold of a customer service rep or an advisor for TD Meloche? As a single new mom to an infant, and breastfeeding, you'd all know my time is so limited that to just get my name off, one would think this should be so easy!...
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