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RBC/Aviva terrible service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Upset Apr 14, 2019
...I received the 5-page form by registered mail to renew my auto insurance with Aviva. I’ve been with RBC insurance for 19 years. I have one month to return the form. After reading comments on this forum, I called RBC and spent over an hour filling form, so as to avoid problems. Who knows what algorithm triggered this? This is an awful way to do business. I called a broker and provided them with the same information for a quote. I’ve had it with dealing with an insurance company that treats me so shabbily. I called them last fall to get a quote on a new trailer. I wanted to sell my existing one and buy a new one. In mid-policy, they cancelled my trailer insurance while I was on the phone. I got it back, but it took hours on the phone. I promptly sold my trailer and did not replace it. I find that Aviva is very fickle and unpredictable. I’m hoping that the broker comes up with something reasonable. I would like to never need to deal directly with insurance companies again...
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Not renewing my car policy

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Dadara Apr 03, 2019
...Stay away from Aviva. Terrible experience. Been insured with RBC for 10+ years never had any problems. Since they merged with Aviva been horrible. This year got 5 pages long application to fill out by certain date and been told if they don't receive by the due date my insurance wouldn't be renewed. Sent all the documents on time and still got mail back telling that they won't renew my policy because I didn't send documents on time. Called them and when they realized it wasn't my mistake they were trying to find another excuse not to renew and they said to me even if you send all the documents on time we can't renew because some info is missing. The real reason for not renewing our policy is the at fault accident that I had in November 2018 and as soon as you make a claim they are trying to get rid of you. We do have accidents forgiveness for the first time as they said but that is a real lie. Never heard from anyone that insurance won't renew your policy because not filling the application properly. This is just a stupid excuse that they use. First of all, I have never done this before usually, broker fill all the necessary info so if I didn't do it properly they should offer some help because I'm not the broker and this shouldn't be the reason for not renewing my policy. Please do not go with them if you need any kind of insurance they are horrible awful customer care, not getting anything for being a loyal customer it is disaster. So rude, instead of trying to keep you as a customer they are telling me to look elsewhere for insurance. Rbc you made the biggest mistake for selling your company to Aviva. They are not professional insurance company. Terrible I will advise anyone that I know to stay away from them and hopefully, they will be out of business soon. I would rate them 0 stars. They shouldn't exist at all...
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Worst insurance ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Bmac Mar 13, 2019
...Have a claim open now, about a stolen car... They treat you as a criminal, it’s already been 6 months and it is still under investigation... The adjuster, investigator, and claims department are very rude and awful. I really like my broker, but as for Aviva insurance, it’s crap and not worth the extra money for full coverage if your car's used... Would not recommend to anyone... I wouldn’t even give one star if there was an option...
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