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Cancellation notice

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Scollier Jul 30, 2019
...Thank you RBC and Aviva Insurance... after 28 years with RBC Insurance and now Aviva they cancel our insurance because my 24-year-old son was driving 140 in a 100 zone on a 400 series highway....yup, going way too fast for sure. He is 24 and his only ticket, no tickets or accidents for my wife and me or accidents. I estimate over 28 years we have paid over $236,000 in premiums for our life insurance, home, rental properties and auto without a single claim....currently we pay a tad over $1,000 per month in premiums with Aviva for all of our business....absolutely blown away that for one mistake over 28 years, we are dropped at renewal date. Isn't insurance for when you make a mistake or have a claim? After speaking with RBC, the operator said " thank you for calling RBC and we value your business " lol, they simply do not care about relationships...oh well, I am sure another provider will value having our auto, life, home and rental property policies...
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WORST Service ever.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by DISGUSTED Jun 11, 2019
...After receiving the most insulting letter to see if I "qualify" for my Auto Insurance after years and years of being a client, Home, Auto Mortgages, Investments, RSP's etc. Not a single late or missed payment. One hail damage claim only in ALL the years my family and I have been with Royal Bank, I along with many others get this extremely unprofessional and impersonal letter. I started March 1st trying to cancel my insurances, I have spent 5 phone calls for a total of over 4 hours on hold, I have gone to the Royal bank branch to try and get assistance spent 35 min in the branch, was given a 1800 phone number to the Insurance office, which we called from within the Royal Bank branch, we received a voice mail and was promised a phone call return within 45 min. It's now 7 days later! Then I was given a phone number to Royal Bank Insurance office on Jasper Ave Edmonton, which when called stated the number was "Out of Service" So once again I phone Royal Bank insurance, Back to sitting on hold. I FINALLY got through to a person! I asked to cancel my insurance, to be told there will be a cancellation fee since I did not do it prior to renewal even though they could see that I had started this process March 1st, it's now June! So I request a cancellation today I am told there will be a cancellation fee even though it was out of my control because I could not get through to cancel prior to renewal. I am so unbelievably disgusted at this point I don't care I will pay the 47.00 cancellation fee only to be told I have to go to a Royal bank Insurance" office" in order to pay it. The Royal Bank can not collect the fee unless I pay it by Visa. The Royal Bank cannot take it out of my Royal Bank account. I have to go to an insurance office on the other side of the city... If I don't pay it either on my visa or go to the Insurance office, then it goes to the collection, that's what I am told... After 40years with the Royal Bank, this is the service they provide! I am, however, benefiting in the end because I saved $1305.00 per year on my home and Auto Insurance. My Business accounts, my personal accounts, my family's accounts and investments will all be moving from this Financial Institution. My advice is to seek Your Insurance business elsewhere you will save a great deal of money and receive respectful customer service...
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Worst Insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by ananda May 06, 2019
...My auto and home insurance were with RBC for 18 years and they changed it to AVIVA. AVIVA ask me to fill a form and keep rejecting to renew if I don't fill it right and also demand to pay a full annual premium up front. Being with RBC for that long, I didn't like their attitude and changed my insurance to another company for a better premium. They charged a monthly premium. I do not recommend Aviva insurance...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Laura H Apr 25, 2019
...Could not be more upset with Aviva Insurance, I had 2 policies with them; 1 policy which had a vehicle and another policy which has a vehicle and a house. Aviva automatically renewed my insurance policy for the house and 1 vehicle in November for another year and then when my second policy came up for renewal in December they made me fill out a bunch of bogus paperwork to renew that separate policy. I have friends that work in the insurance industry and said that Aviva was re-evaluating me as a customer because my premiums were not high enough (this would have been ok if they just raised it but the fact they made me reapply for one policy and not the other with the most non-user friendly paperwork to fill out ...) we all know how the economy works..... I ended having to get different insurance for my one vehicle and they were going to charge over $500 to cancel my home and auto with them because they just renewed it automatically the month before. My recommendation is to get a broker and tell them to not even look twice at AVIVA. The worse kind of customer service experience I have ever encountered. DO NOT CHOOSE AVIVA...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Alli P Apr 10, 2019
...Absolute garbage company. Got my notification in the mail for my renewal. Come to find out they increased my premiums for home and auto insurance. After 6 years with them, this is how they treat my husband and I. He had 1 minor traffic ticket and they tried to blame it on that. Normal insurance companies decrease your rates over time. Not RBC Aviva... Not a chance. The representative then informs me that they applied to whomever to be able to increase everyone's premiums... they increased it alright... They got approved to increase their premiums by 20%!! This is absolutely absurd. My car insurance increased by almost $100 and my tenant insurance increased by $20! Unreal. It's almost criminal how they're allowed to get away with this. Ever since they partnered up with Aviva everything has gone to crap. Stay away from them. Save your money and go elsewhere...
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