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Worst customer service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jtan87 Oct 30, 2019
...I’ve had RBC auto insurance (underwritten by Aviva) for at least 6 years now. I chose this because I banked with RBC. Figured there would be some loyalty rewards. Fast forward 6 years to today. I’ve never claimed an accident or anything at all. Not for auto. For home. For life. For anything. I’ve just systematically been paying my premiums. Out of the blue, they tell me my policy will be cancelled 10/01/19 because I never filled out an application that was never received. They let me worry about coverage for days before confirm that I was still covered until they had reviewed my application. Almost a month later, 10/30/19, I get another letter saying I had $1890 past due. This coincidentally is my annual premium amount. I called customer service to inquire what this is about, as for my tenure as a client, I’ve always paid monthly. Auto withdrawals never skipped a beat. Now the guy who takes my call informs me that this is a new law. Everyone in AB must pay annually. I asked, can I maybe pay half now. And half in two weeks when I get paid? Nope. No way around it. Must pay in full by 11/04/19 or my policy is cancelled. Asked if this was regarding some new legislation being passed (given we just had a provincial election not too long ago, and a federal one a few weeks ago). Guy then fesses up, says it’s a new policy Aviva under RBC is enforcing. I ask him then, to see what other policies I have active. And word for word he tells me, “ there are over 25 pages with people with the same last name as yours. And you want me to find you?” At this point, I was shocked. 1. Have you not already pulled my account? 2. If so, do it again. Use my first and last name.DOB, address, number etc. He then repeated himself. And I replied with “so you’re saying that it is beyond you and your scope of work to search for any policies I am currently still paying for? Answer carefully because I know this is recorded”. He then quickly finds the knowledge to search. And abruptly tries to transfer me to someone else. I told him never mind. As he’s been enough help for me today. I end the call and call another insurance. They’re more than happy to help me. They’re more than happy to get my business. All that, and guess what, even saves me $200 annually. I call RBC back to cancel. And this new representative tells me there is a cancellation fee for cancelling midterm. I argue and say, I would love to have had continued my policy. But you’re asking for a large amount of money, and the time frame of less than two weeks is ridiculous. Not to mention, the audacity of strong-arming me do this without any warning or notice. They told me I had to pay for the one month over coverage for the month of October. I was covered it never got width drawn. So I agreed to this payment. But then they tried to tack on a random $283 charge on top of the $167 premium for the month. I asked for a cost break down. On where they’re pulling this cancellation fee. And she told me it’s because I’m cancelling. Ironically, I’m only cancelling because they backed me into a corner. Either I had to fork up over almost $2000 and if I didn’t want to oh that right away then my conciliation prize was the cancellation fee? Not today RBC. I argued a bit more. And they decided to waive the cancellation fee. Long story short, RBC insurance. And Aviva, the underwriter, are crooks through and through. I warn anyone reading this. Beware...
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Premium Theft by Aviva

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by mcadef Sep 25, 2019
...I have, soon to be 'had' home and auto insurance with RBC - Aviva Insurance for well over 15 years. In order to jack up their rates, they'll terminate your policy for a made up reason and then re-quote you as a new customer without the long-standing good credit customer 'discounts'. To terminate my existing insurance they sent a letter with a blank form via regular mail to be completed with all my personal information with instructions to send it back by regular mail no later than September 15th. The letter is dated August 13th during prime vacation season when people are away. I received it and called them immediately the next day on September 5th to confirm if this was not a fraudulent request, they validated that it was true. During that same call, I asked if I could complete it online or email it because it contains a lot of personal information. They said no, only new customers can use the online service that I just need to complete it and mail it. I completed the form and put it in the mail that same day, September 5th. With 10 days to go, I didn't think much of it. Today, I received a registered letter that because the form was received by them September 18 they will cancel my insurance when this current policy expires. I can't speak to or guarantee Canada Post and their timelines of delivery. But this is how Aviva chooses to operate in order to terminate your insurance. There is nothing incomplete in the form... it is just 3 days late. And my policy expires in over a month, so there really is no issue. In the same breath they then offer to sign you up as a new customer ...over the phone/online with all that same personal information with a much higher premium. What's most frustrating is that customer service will admit that they see on my file that I called on September 5th and confirm that the context of my call was to validate the form and if I could email or complete it on line. I'm sure all carriers have their issues, but this is simply pure fraud to jack up their premiums/income. The service representatives on the line were sympathetic, they know they can't do anything about it... they're just doing their job...
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Terrible Terrible Company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by peter Sep 25, 2019
...I have the same experience as most other people. After paying premiums for 15 years, my car insurance was cancelled after a no-fault accident and now my house is in cancelled because of a $10,000 flood claim. They downgraded my driving rating to a new driver for a no-fault accident. This company is not accredited by the better business bureau and I'm surprised that RBC associates themselves with such unscrupulous business practices...
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Another victim.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Bertie Sep 04, 2019
...Aviva raised my rates for 3 cars and home from $2100/year to $3360/year and demanded full payment upfront. I have a driving and credit rating that would make a veteran police officer look like a punk kid. Some of us didn't deserve this, life is hard enough...
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Stay Away from this company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by mark Sep 03, 2019
...Would give less than 1 if possible. Must be said that AVIVA/RBC are the same. Have had nothing but nightmares dealing with adjusters (Never call back or answer emails, send incorrect info, etc). We lost our cars due to a tornado and took 4 months to get things resolved. But the latest just kicks the bucket. My daughters insurance (perfect driving record, no claims) went up 48% because they decided to remove the typical discounts that are available everywhere else such as Student discount, multi-vehicle discount, web quote discount, winter tire discount. We have been with them for almost 12 years. Will be moving to another company (4 cars, 3 houses). Unbelievable how this company does not care about its clients...
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62% increase Car rates 2019

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Daveb Aug 31, 2019
...As a family we have two vehicles with Aviva and we have no claims, no tickets ( perfect driving records), are both over 64 years old and out of the blue our new insurance rates have gone up 62% year over year with ‘no’ explanation and less than one month to explore all options. Customer service has no explanations except to blame all other drivers for this increase and no empathy or care for their clients. We have been with RBC for over 15 years and will now explore how to explore the appropriate changes in advance of the 2020 renewals as we look to change. Too late for this year but rest assured our house, cottage and vehicles will no longer be with Aviva next year. Please check carefully your policy renewals and start the process of finding the right rate in a very confusing industry with only corporate profits as the motive for change...
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