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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Kevin H Jun 18, 2019
...Aviva has been changing my insurance for a vehicle which has been a total loss for 2 weeks. When I called and complained they said I had to call a different department to cancel the policy. This is a scam. By the way, she hung up on me...
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Crooks ....buyer beware!!!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by TM Apr 03, 2019
...Beware, this is how they boost bottom line by denying legitimate claims...the extreme delays in hope that policyholder loses interest or gets frustrated and walks away. Quick to sign up and consistent with pulling monthly premiums however if you ever have a claim they will delay and delay and treat you like a criminal. Six (6) months after filing a claim (hit by a driver who ran a red light) and we are no closer to a resolve and they have not provided a cent towards the $1800 put out for rental (did I mention they continued to take out full premium although there was no car on the road due to their adjuster writing off). They are known for their delay tactics (first thing lawyer told us when we mentioned who the provider was). Make sure you tell all your friends and family to stay clear of this provider for both auto and home insurance based on all the really BAD reviews for both services. Not investing in proper due diligence prior to signing on was my first mistake with these crooks!! They don't even deserve a 1 star should be -5!...
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