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My Ride

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Deasmumhan Jun 09, 2020
...My Vehicle was hit 3 times in 4 years. The first time the driver stayed and all information were exchanged, he admitted FULL fault to me and the police. The second time the driver took off, the third time AVIVA refused to cover it (surprise) I had to pay for it. I was not in my vehicle any of the times it was hit by another driver making it NO FAULT of mine. Then a rock hit my windscreen and I had to have it replaced. This year in 2020 AVIVA sent me a letter cancelling my insurance due to "4 events in 4 years" now remember event one the driver stayed, event two the driver ran, event three AVIVA refused to pay, and event four was a rock. I have never had a ticket and have been driving for 20 years, also have NEVER had an AT FAULT accident. Also during event number two the hit and run where the driver fled, the garage that AVIVA insisted that I go to cause an additional 1400.00 in damages to my vehicle. I called their Ombudsperson who naturally sided with AVIVA and I had to pay to repair the 1400.00 in damages out of my own pocket. We had (I say "had" as I am in the process of cancelling) my vehicle, my wife's vehicle and my house insurance with AVIVA - Count yourself very lucky AVIVA that lawyers are so expensive and that you are simply not worth the headache because if I had the time and the energy I would sue them. You treat your customers like garbage. But boy do you guys like to make sure to collect your premiums. Sure like to break your contracts though. Dishonest, lying company...
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Bad Faith Company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Outrage Apr 06, 2020
...My husband was in an accident with an illegally parked vehicle with no markings and it totalled our vehicle and my husband is the superman so he crawled away and Aviva said he was at fault under the FDR sec170.1 but I did more research and found sec170.2 and he is not at fault but they wouldn’t budge so took it to the ombudsman and he pretty much said prove it... So we got the officer to write something and he did kinda (joke) that wasn’t good enough so we posted online and a witness came forward and that wasn’t good enough then we found out there is a second page to the accident report that shows the t/p over the white line parked and that still wasn’t good enough. I wish I could find a lawyer to make an example out of Aviva, RBC and the OPP!!! I would give them all the money they got and only take enough to buy another vehicle that’s how much I hate them! If my son and I were in the vehicle we would be dead! Ongoing since December 17-2019 and they are the most expensive! I would not recommend ever...
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