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RBC/Aviva terrible service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Upset Apr 14, 2019
...I received the 5-page form by registered mail to renew my auto insurance with Aviva. I’ve been with RBC insurance for 19 years. I have one month to return the form. After reading comments on this forum, I called RBC and spent over an hour filling form, so as to avoid problems. Who knows what algorithm triggered this? This is an awful way to do business. I called a broker and provided them with the same information for a quote. I’ve had it with dealing with an insurance company that treats me so shabbily. I called them last fall to get a quote on a new trailer. I wanted to sell my existing one and buy a new one. In mid-policy, they cancelled my trailer insurance while I was on the phone. I got it back, but it took hours on the phone. I promptly sold my trailer and did not replace it. I find that Aviva is very fickle and unpredictable. I’m hoping that the broker comes up with something reasonable. I would like to never need to deal directly with insurance companies again...
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Run run run

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Ohcananada Feb 27, 2019
...Their premiums might seem more affordable but do yourself a favour and pay the extra $100+ if you must. Aviva has to be the worst insurance company in the world. First, they do not like paying out for damages, blame you for an accident that is no fault of yours, even if you have a solid proof. Their lawyers are scammers, who make up stories to get you thrown off during interviews. They undervalue your property threatened you to comply with their policy though you are in the right. I had an accident where I suffered a concussion, physical injuries, developed anxiety & depression but they are claiming my injuries are from other sources though there is nothing in my medical file stating I had these issues prior. I wasn't at fault for the accident yet they blame it all on me. This company is a crook company that should not be in operation. I have a 1 star to Aviva because I cannot go any lower...
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AVIVA is the worst

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Chippy Feb 26, 2019
...I had both Auto and House policy with AVIVA for over 15 years. My rates increased last year. This year I got the notice that I was selected randomly to reapply for my policy renewal via email from my broker? I asked my broker why and they said AVIVA are randomly reevaluating auto policies in Alberta. You have to reapply and AVIVA will decide if you will even get a policy or not, plus you have to pay entire years policy, no monthly plan. I got the six-page form by registered mail today, just like starting from scratch, they already have all this information. I am a -15 grid rating driver, which is the best rating. I am the type of driver that AVIVA should be providing policies for since I am the lowest risk. Being treated like crap doesn't work for me, bye bye AVIVA. I also have a home policy which is getting switched to another insurance provider. AVIVA is the only company I know that doesn't want your business. Avoid them like the plague! I would rate AVIVA lower than one if I could...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Shocked Feb 22, 2019
...I just got a registered letter from Aviva stating I had to submit a "WRITTEN APPLICATION FOR REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE". Without this form, my policy would not be renewed. Also, FULL PAYMENT must be made if accepted. I spoke to an agent 2 weeks prior to receiving this notice and there was no mention of this ridiculousness. He updated my existing insurance with my new details and I got my pink slip in the mail. Today, I called them again to find out why I was getting such a letter and the rep. indicated that I was picked randomly and this is a NEW LAW in ALBERTA - which I think he said to get me off the phone #fakenews. I will be filing a complaint and will start looking elsewhere for auto insurance. I have a clean driving recording & have been driving for 15 years. This does not add up - they are up to something...
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