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1 star is far too many

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Yarbles Dec 02, 2019
...If you have an automobile claim be prepared for Aviva to offer you 50% of the value of comparable vehicles. I thought that the idea of having an insurance policy was so that you would be put back into the position you were in at the time of the loss. This is not so in the case with Aviva who offered me far less for my written-off vehicle (100% not my fault) than I could actually replace it for. The net result being I am now without a vehicle and I'm in a dispute with Aviva which I'm certain will not be resolved any time soon. I would not recommend Aviva to anybody, in fact, I've warned many people about my thoroughly unpleasant experience with Aviva...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by waltontg Nov 16, 2019
...I was a client of RBC insurance for 18 years, then Aviva bought them or into them. Back in 2016 in bad weather, I had the misfortune of sliding on pure ice on the roads and bumping into the car ahead of me when they bumped into the car ahead of them. They had a crack in their plastic bumper, I needed a new grille and front bumper. RBC told me not to worry go get it fixed, nothing will show on your record. 1 FREE CLAIM AWARD. RBC was great alone in 2017 I had a young lady with a G2 for only a week ran into the side of my truck on her way to work at an intersection, as she stated she was speeding and was late for work. After calling Aviva I was told to get a police report and I did, police deemed it no-fault. Aviva told me to take my truck to their shop, I did and was told 4300.00 in repairs, and 500 deductible... I decided to shop around. I got 4 quotes from quality shops, not one single quote was over 3100.00, the cheapest was 2800. When I called the Aviva adjuster I was assigned to she told me they would not cover the repairs unless I went to their shop. So, after telling her it should be my choice where I take my truck, not theirs. She informed me that after reviewing my file they are only going to cover 2600 in repairs unless I go to there shop. This same adjuster told me my premium would not be going up it would stay the same, until I took my truck to my choice of repair shop, soon as she found this out 2 weeks after the fact, all of a sudden she calls me to tell me she has determined this accident was my fault and my Premium would be going up, I was paying 1100.00 a year, with her determination my new premium would be 4856.00 a year! I followed up with many emails and calls, she would ignore me until the day I left her a VM saying I was going above her paygrade. A manager called me a week later, after discussing the facts, he told me there was not much he could do about the adjuster decision. I argued with him until he put a quote specialist on the call, once we had a below paygrade of everyone else on the phone this adjuster/customer service agent asked how I had gone from a 6 star client to a 1 star for a minor accident claim, he told me usually only see that if someone was drinking /driving, speed causing an accident . After this gentleman looked into my file (remember a customer service advisor) he changed my status to a 4 star, with a premium of 2300 a year. But I did not get the last laugh, just recently (guessing I was flagged) my monthly payment kept getting returned happened 4 times in the last year, but each time I would call and ask why they were returning my payment, some sort of PC glitch. Well, this past week I received a registered letter saying my insurance was cancelled due to late payments. I decided to shop around and get away from these crooks! Everywhere I call I'm told I have 2 accidents (one was a gimmie by RBC over 3 yrs ago) plus I have 4 late payments ( not my fault), so now no one will touch me for insurance. Found one company that wants almost 5000 a year and a half upfront. Thank you Aviva...
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Worse service ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by JS Oct 08, 2019
...I deleted one of my cars by mistake, the engine was broken got it fixed decided to keep the car. The car was uninsured for 3 weeks, called to get it insured again and here is where the problems started. 1. They couldn't offer me full coverage even tho the vehicle was fully cover less than 3 weeks prior. 2. I had to provide personal information DL for my wife and me even tho I have police with Aviva for over 10 years. 3. Double the premiums even tho the car was insured 3 weeks ago. 4. Customer service does NOT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH! 5. Worse company ever! 6.The agent with the heavy Indian accent. 7. Keep trying to sell me add on after repeatedly and angry telling them that I just want everything the same as my existing policy. 8. I really think these people work on commissions because the lady with a heavy Indian accent asked me in a matter of 30 minutes at least 10 times for my Credit card information. Worse service! Canada should really stop outsourcing customer service overseas. It took me 15 min to explain that I have a car that I only use on the weekends. I am sorry but RBC or Aviva whatever you are you need a lot of work to keep my business...
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Get them out of business

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Fedup Sep 06, 2019
...A careless driver rammed my car from behind in January 2019. Both cars have deemed a write-off. Because I was driving 50 km away from my home, Aviva has me under investigation. The person who was on their cell phone who rear-ended me has been rewarded with a new car and is back on the road. Its been 9 months and I am still making a monthly payment to the company that I financed my car from and I still have no word from Aviva...
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A Shameful Company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Unhappy52 Sep 04, 2019
...After years of being a customer of RBC insurance and then Aviva, I have left because of the shameful treatment I have received. On the Friday of the holiday weekend, I received a letter from Aviva saying that my auto insurance was cancelled because I had not filled out an application for insurance form. Why did I need to fill in this form that apparently was sent to me but admittedly on their part was returned in the mail? Because that was there "new" policy. Never mind that I was left with no auto insurance over the long weekend, nor let's not consider the fact that all the information they requested they already had. This was clearly an effort to raise rates. Then to add insult to injury when I phoned them after the long weekend, they said that now I would have to play by a new set of rules which would take another two weeks to put in place. When I mentioned I've just spoken to their representative three days before the long weekend on another matter and there was no mention of this, they said perhaps I should contact an insurance broker.....and I did. Thank you for the advice, now I have the same coverage for much less money. Shame on you, AVIVA...
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