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Worse service ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by JS Oct 08, 2019
...I deleted one of my cars by mistake, the engine was broken got it fixed decided to keep the car. The car was uninsured for 3 weeks, called to get it insured again and here is where the problems started. 1. They couldn't offer me full coverage even tho the vehicle was fully cover less than 3 weeks prior. 2. I had to provide personal information DL for my wife and me even tho I have police with Aviva for over 10 years. 3. Double the premiums even tho the car was insured 3 weeks ago. 4. Customer service does NOT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH! 5. Worse company ever! 6.The agent with the heavy Indian accent. 7. Keep trying to sell me add on after repeatedly and angry telling them that I just want everything the same as my existing policy. 8. I really think these people work on commissions because the lady with a heavy Indian accent asked me in a matter of 30 minutes at least 10 times for my Credit card information. Worse service! Canada should really stop outsourcing customer service overseas. It took me 15 min to explain that I have a car that I only use on the weekends. I am sorry but RBC or Aviva whatever you are you need a lot of work to keep my business...
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Get them out of business

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Fedup Sep 06, 2019
...A careless driver rammed my car from behind in January 2019. Both cars have deemed a write-off. Because I was driving 50 km away from my home, Aviva has me under investigation. The person who was on their cell phone who rear-ended me has been rewarded with a new car and is back on the road. Its been 9 months and I am still making a monthly payment to the company that I financed my car from and I still have no word from Aviva...
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A Shameful Company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Unhappy52 Sep 04, 2019
...After years of being a customer of RBC insurance and then Aviva, I have left because of the shameful treatment I have received. On the Friday of the holiday weekend, I received a letter from Aviva saying that my auto insurance was cancelled because I had not filled out an application for insurance form. Why did I need to fill in this form that apparently was sent to me but admittedly on their part was returned in the mail? Because that was there "new" policy. Never mind that I was left with no auto insurance over the long weekend, nor let's not consider the fact that all the information they requested they already had. This was clearly an effort to raise rates. Then to add insult to injury when I phoned them after the long weekend, they said that now I would have to play by a new set of rules which would take another two weeks to put in place. When I mentioned I've just spoken to their representative three days before the long weekend on another matter and there was no mention of this, they said perhaps I should contact an insurance broker.....and I did. Thank you for the advice, now I have the same coverage for much less money. Shame on you, AVIVA...
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Nightmare Claim Experience

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Fruitbats2018 Aug 09, 2019
...Rear-ended December 2018. Opened claim, car towed from the driveway and provided with rental. Made several attempts to contact the insurer, eight days after opening the claim was told via email the car was a write-off and offered a ridiculously low settlement and that we needed to release the car, collect plates, and return rental within three days. Emailed our adjustor over the next few days, to arrange a phone call. Finally, scheduled time, he failed to call us. Call finally happened, we got nowhere. The adjustor was only interested in selling us insurance for our next car. Refused to budge on the return date for our rental, even after we pleaded, as it was the holidays and we didn't have the cash flow to go out and buy a new car. Cancelled weekend plans and went car shopping. The new car would be ready in five days, rental car was due back in three. We had to extend rental at our own cost. Researched comparable cars for sale, to negotiate a fairer settlement. Immediately found three comparables with higher selling prices, and sent those through. Two of the three were rejected as they were located out of province, we had never been told that would be a qualifying factor. Also, then told we needed to find at least TEN comparables. We found nine more and sent them through, eight of which were rejected due to "special features". We were told that our settlement would remain the same, even though it very well should have gone down. A cheap scare tactic. We took a closer look at the initial valuation report that had been sent through that calculated the initial settlement offer, and we found that many of the so-called comparables that they had used included the very same "special features", with a $25 deduction applied. We sent the same set of cars we'd found back, with the same $25 adjustment, and asked for our settlement to be reconsidered. Discovered snow tires hadn't been included in the valuation. Calculated a depreciated value of $600. We pointed this out to the adjuster, to which he replied that no value would be added. The only way we could get value out of the tires would be if we switched them out ourselves before releasing the car to the insurance company. Contacted the auto body shop that was holding our car. Advised us they did not have the equipment to switch out tires. Suggested we have the car towed to a mechanic, switch the tires then tow the car back to them, at our own cost. This would negate making the switch in the first place. We tried one more time with the adjuster for the value of our snow tires to be reconsidered, along with the ten cars we had sent. Furthermore, we also noticed they had failed to calculate mileage adjustments for their ten cars, so they were comparing our car with below-average mileage to much lower-priced cars with higher mileages. After days of waiting, we finally got an increased offer. It still wasn't enough, but it was an improvement. Based on the comparables we sent through and all the discrepancies we pointed out in their valuation, we got the value of the car increased by about $750, and they also added in $225 for the snow tires "as a goodwill gesture." We calculated the offer and hoped for a little bit more of an increase, but were stonewalled with a dispute letter. We contacted GIO to see if we had a case, but we were pretty much at a dead end. We sent the Proof of Loss form to our adjustor, finalizing our settlement. We didn't hear anything from the adjustor, followed up a few more times. He said we were "welcome" to collect our personal effects and plates whenever we felt like it. A week after we finalized the settlement, we asked our adjustor for an update on the delivery of our cheque, ONLY THEN he told us that we HAD to go and release the car in person before he would release our cheque! Received a letter from RBC Insurance detailing that our policies had been cancelled at our request, but we owed them money. Our policy had always been on a pre-payment plan, so it would only make sense that they would owe us a refund for the unused portion of the month. A "final notice" arrived only TWO days later advising if we didn't pay up, a collection agency would come after us. I paid the $100 balance owing, but only in protest. It then took over a month to get our correct refunds. They owed us around $300 now - even after acknowledgment of our cancellation, RBC continued to deduct our monthly payments. The cheque arrived at the end of January but we were told by our adjustor that we would be liable for a $500 deductible if we could not provide the police report with the other party's insurance details. We protested this sudden deductible appearing out of nowhere, as our paperwork indicated that we had a $0 deductible. The adjustor apologized and claimed he'd been "looking at the wrong file." In mid-February, another cheque arrived for the $500 deductible, which had been factored out of our initial settlement and was owed to us. Also received a $300 cheque from our cancelled policies. Still outstanding at this point is the liability of our case. We emailed the adjustor the week after receiving our settlement outlining what had clearly happened in the collision once again and with the police report attached. Months later, we still haven't received any confirmation on how our case was ruled, but we assume the case is now closed and that we would have heard something by now. It certainly would have been nice for our adjustor to let us know...
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