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5 page form

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Ross Feb 03, 2019
...Our daughter received the five-page form. Then we just received our form this week. Wow, will not spend my time filling that out. Screw them...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Darren Feb 03, 2019
...Same as everybody else, these forms are nonsense! If you pose a question that says “if so”, a blank response means NO! I just resent my forms back in! Apparently, they cancelled my insurance on Jan.24th, the same day as they mailed the letter! But they did take my monthly payment out, oh and the auto reply says that they will respond in 2-4 weeks! RBC needs to find a new insurer!...
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I too got "the letter"

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Richard Jan 15, 2019
...I, along with thousands of other Ontarians, have been sent the "5-page demand letter" from Aviva. They requested that I re-apply for exact same coverage I've had for 24 years without issue. I've never had an accident claim, nor a ticket. I've read the hundreds of comments from others in the same scenario. Aviva is sending out overly complicated forms that regular consumers would not know how to complete. They are asking for information that they have had for years. They give an arbitrary deadline to complete and mail back. After reading the reviews online, I decided not to take the chance and spent hours with my broker filing these out in every single detail possible. My broker sent them directly, and I also sent a hard copy via registered mail to the address provided in their letter. Aviva rejected my broker's application 3 TIMES! They also redirected the registered letter. On my brokers 4th attempt Aviva demanded a detailed explanation of why I owned 2 vehicles, demanded I put my nephew on my insurance (16 yr old that is only a G1 driver in driving school) and demanded a copy of friend's license that I lent my vehicle to ONE TIME (she even lives in a different town). They also had entered a claim on my vehicle as Third Party Liable - no claim on my record without my knowledge, with no communication with me. This should be illegal. This is a predatory practice by Aviva to all good drivers in Ontario. Everyone is saying the same story. If you qualified for accident forgiveness, expect the same letter. Not a single person I know has been able to successfully renew their policy. It's a clear "bait and switch". Aviva has refused to respond to me, or to anyone else in the same situation. Aviva must honour their "accident forgiveness" advertisement that they used to sign up their clients. They must reimburse those who they've cancelled with this fraudulent tactic...
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Registered Letter in Dec?

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by StayAwayFromAviva Dec 18, 2018
...As others have stated, I also got a registered letter in the mail explaining I had to fill out a 5-page document in order to renew my insurance. It also states my premium must be paid in full once approved and I am no longer able to do monthly instalments. What!? I have never been in an accident or made any type of claim; I have a clean driving record for 10+ years. Horrible. Been trying to reach them all day but have been put on hold for literally hours at a time. The WORST...
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Cancel Policies Best Customers

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by greffd Dec 18, 2018
...I recently received a registered letter that was very adversarial in tone. After 20 years of being with RBC, Aviva has sent out a 5-page form that I must complete or my insurance will be terminated. This form is not intended for consumers to fill out; it is very complicated. I have 3 vehicles worth over $80,000 with no debt, an excellent driving record with 1 speeding ticket... I've spoken to the Government Agency here in Alberta and they asked me to send all documentation to them, including the letter. I've since learned that Aviva is intentionally trying to dispose of all the customers who have 1. Free Accident coverage 2. Lower deductible for loyalty 3. Lowest rates for good driving. They are compelling these customers to leave by threatening them. Please contact Alberta Superintendent of Insurance to complain. They informed me that they can only legally ask 13 questions, and if answered cannot legally cancel your policy for Liability, but they can cancel my comprehensive. After reading how they have dealt with claims from other customers, I am likely going to change anyways...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by globru Dec 15, 2018
...We have been with RBC for over ten years. Now we get a letter from Aviva indicating we have to fill out a 5-page document for insurance renewal. Why? We have clean records and no claims, and forms were filled out when it was RBC insurance. Aviva states if they do not receive the documents by Jan-7-2019, they will cancel our policy. GOOD! Because we will not be renewing with this pathetic company...
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Worst experience ever!!!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Kay Dec 07, 2018
...So I have been with Aviva thru RBC for almost 4 years and it has been the worst experience ever. I rolled my truck over on icy roads but didn't hit anybody. I didn't file a claim, I wasn't insured for that. She made me remove my insurance and said to call back when I get another car. Got another car, call them and now 'cause she removed my insurance, I'm like a new customer, so I had to do the whole process again and will have to wait 3 or 4 weeks to get the paperwork process. Also, I did monthly payments before my accident and she told me the guidelines had changed and I will have to make a full payment of $1000. This is craziness!!! Ya right, I have been with no car for a month and they want me to wait another month and pay a full year, no way!! I'm with a different company now and glad to be done with them. I wish they shut down and usually it happen when I do. I do believe in karma and karma will be back on them. If I could, I would not get any star at all but I can't, I'm just saying...
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