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Don't get this insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Kungpao Aug 05, 2020
...Terrible company after being with this insurance for 3 years they increase my insurance by 100%. I cancelled my policy and then two weeks after, they were still deducting from my account...
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Accident forgiveness “NOT”

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Chow M Apr 26, 2020
...I am a female 61 years old never had an accident in my life haven’t had a ticket in more than 25 years. Two years ago on an icy rainy night, I literally hit a wall my car just slid! No damage to the wall no other cars involved but 10 thousand dollars to my car... I had accident forgiveness so one year after the accident my insurance went up Approximately 300 dollars? Year 2 after the accident my insurance has gone up an additional 600 dollars so in 2 years $9 hundred dollars? Where is the accident forgiveness? This is totally unacceptable and my agent keeps saying “well you had an accident” yes BUT I had accident forgiveness so how does that work? I work from home therefore it’s pleasure driving only. I park it in a garage it has onstar onboard snow tires in the winter BUT years of being a loyal customer I dinged $600 this 2020 renewal...
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Check your yearly increases

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by John Apr 08, 2020
...My insurance went from $1100 to $1600 (approx.) in one year, no accidents, no tickets. I continue to be retired. The only difference was I am now a year older 67 and now 68. My wife has a similar story to tell $1000 to $1300 (approx.). Didn't notice until it was too late, I am angry with myself and OTIP. The Government's expectation is that the insurance rate should increase between 0 to 4% for the 2019-2020 season...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Kaitlyn Jan 15, 2020
...Was in a not at fault accident and had to send them the highway traffic act and dashcam video and was still called at fault until the other party's insurance saw the video and took full fault. The woman dealing with my case was so rude. When I had issues with how it was all being handled and the rental car I was told by their manager that "if I didn't like the rental car a bus pass could always be supplied." I have never had such a horrible experience with a company, let alone one I'm spending $4000+ at a year. When my year is up (which can't come fast enough) I'm getting away from this corrupted company forever...
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Awful company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Don't use Aviva Dec 20, 2019
...Been a customer for over 3 years, spent almost $5000 with them to insure my truck. No accidents, no claims, always paid monthly on time, 9-star driver rating. Receive letter (which is registered for some reason) without thanking me for being a customer saying your renewal will expire, you will have to fill out a form otherwise we will not renew you, and you will have to pay an annual lump sum. The quote was an extra $600/year. No thank you - will not use again and would urge others not to either...
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Crazy price increase

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Markian Dec 16, 2019
...How Aviva (RBC) stays in business I have no idea? They jacked up my rates 67% for my house and 47% for my cars. I have had no claims ever. Very polite service representatives who could not explain the price increase nor would they offer anyone more senior who could. I quickly changed companies after years with RBC...
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Capitalism at it's finest

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Nognlite Dec 11, 2019
...This company is the most disgusting, money-grabbing, a capitalistic company I have ever dealt with. My daughter gets in a multi-vehicle accident where the vehicle behind her was smashed into by a distracted driver and forced into her but is found 50% at fault for hitting the vehicle in front because they were moving and she was too close. How do I know this? She was told this 30 seconds into the claim call. Nice way to start the call. Your rates are going to go up. In the next 5 min of the call, they have already written the car off and were ready to send her a cheque. All she had to do was accept their finalization of the claim. The car still sitting in a heap outside the ambulance. No police report and the adjuster not even looking at the car. That's dodgy to start with. We are now in week three. They offered half the deductible and $300 for tires of a $1200 winter tire package. $300 dollars for rubber. That's $66 per tire before tax. LOL, not in Canada! They want my daughter to provide a breakdown of the cost of tires or 2-3 quotes from online. Uh, no. That's your job. Oh wait, you didn't even look at the car, so you wouldn't know. That is sheer laziness and incompetent. At this point, we are waiting for the Claims Manager to explain to me the fault in accidents. This should be interesting. My mortgage is coming due in the next month! Stay away from Aviva, especially as a new driver. Cheap insurance means a cheaper service...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by waltontg Nov 16, 2019
...I was a client of RBC insurance for 18 years, then Aviva bought them or into them. Back in 2016 in bad weather, I had the misfortune of sliding on pure ice on the roads and bumping into the car ahead of me when they bumped into the car ahead of them. They had a crack in their plastic bumper, I needed a new grille and front bumper. RBC told me not to worry go get it fixed, nothing will show on your record. 1 FREE CLAIM AWARD. RBC was great alone in 2017 I had a young lady with a G2 for only a week ran into the side of my truck on her way to work at an intersection, as she stated she was speeding and was late for work. After calling Aviva I was told to get a police report and I did, police deemed it no-fault. Aviva told me to take my truck to their shop, I did and was told 4300.00 in repairs, and 500 deductible... I decided to shop around. I got 4 quotes from quality shops, not one single quote was over 3100.00, the cheapest was 2800. When I called the Aviva adjuster I was assigned to she told me they would not cover the repairs unless I went to their shop. So, after telling her it should be my choice where I take my truck, not theirs. She informed me that after reviewing my file they are only going to cover 2600 in repairs unless I go to there shop. This same adjuster told me my premium would not be going up it would stay the same, until I took my truck to my choice of repair shop, soon as she found this out 2 weeks after the fact, all of a sudden she calls me to tell me she has determined this accident was my fault and my Premium would be going up, I was paying 1100.00 a year, with her determination my new premium would be 4856.00 a year! I followed up with many emails and calls, she would ignore me until the day I left her a VM saying I was going above her paygrade. A manager called me a week later, after discussing the facts, he told me there was not much he could do about the adjuster decision. I argued with him until he put a quote specialist on the call, once we had a below paygrade of everyone else on the phone this adjuster/customer service agent asked how I had gone from a 6 star client to a 1 star for a minor accident claim, he told me usually only see that if someone was drinking /driving, speed causing an accident . After this gentleman looked into my file (remember a customer service advisor) he changed my status to a 4 star, with a premium of 2300 a year. But I did not get the last laugh, just recently (guessing I was flagged) my monthly payment kept getting returned happened 4 times in the last year, but each time I would call and ask why they were returning my payment, some sort of PC glitch. Well, this past week I received a registered letter saying my insurance was cancelled due to late payments. I decided to shop around and get away from these crooks! Everywhere I call I'm told I have 2 accidents (one was a gimmie by RBC over 3 yrs ago) plus I have 4 late payments ( not my fault), so now no one will touch me for insurance. Found one company that wants almost 5000 a year and a half upfront. Thank you Aviva...
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