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Nightmare Claim Experience

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Fruitbats2018 Aug 09, 2019
...Rear-ended December 2018. Opened claim, car towed from the driveway and provided with rental. Made several attempts to contact the insurer, eight days after opening the claim was told via email the car was a write-off and offered a ridiculously low settlement and that we needed to release the car, collect plates, and return rental within three days. Emailed our adjustor over the next few days, to arrange a phone call. Finally, scheduled time, he failed to call us. Call finally happened, we got nowhere. The adjustor was only interested in selling us insurance for our next car. Refused to budge on the return date for our rental, even after we pleaded, as it was the holidays and we didn't have the cash flow to go out and buy a new car. Cancelled weekend plans and went car shopping. The new car would be ready in five days, rental car was due back in three. We had to extend rental at our own cost. Researched comparable cars for sale, to negotiate a fairer settlement. Immediately found three comparables with higher selling prices, and sent those through. Two of the three were rejected as they were located out of province, we had never been told that would be a qualifying factor. Also, then told we needed to find at least TEN comparables. We found nine more and sent them through, eight of which were rejected due to "special features". We were told that our settlement would remain the same, even though it very well should have gone down. A cheap scare tactic. We took a closer look at the initial valuation report that had been sent through that calculated the initial settlement offer, and we found that many of the so-called comparables that they had used included the very same "special features", with a $25 deduction applied. We sent the same set of cars we'd found back, with the same $25 adjustment, and asked for our settlement to be reconsidered. Discovered snow tires hadn't been included in the valuation. Calculated a depreciated value of $600. We pointed this out to the adjuster, to which he replied that no value would be added. The only way we could get value out of the tires would be if we switched them out ourselves before releasing the car to the insurance company. Contacted the auto body shop that was holding our car. Advised us they did not have the equipment to switch out tires. Suggested we have the car towed to a mechanic, switch the tires then tow the car back to them, at our own cost. This would negate making the switch in the first place. We tried one more time with the adjuster for the value of our snow tires to be reconsidered, along with the ten cars we had sent. Furthermore, we also noticed they had failed to calculate mileage adjustments for their ten cars, so they were comparing our car with below-average mileage to much lower-priced cars with higher mileages. After days of waiting, we finally got an increased offer. It still wasn't enough, but it was an improvement. Based on the comparables we sent through and all the discrepancies we pointed out in their valuation, we got the value of the car increased by about $750, and they also added in $225 for the snow tires "as a goodwill gesture." We calculated the offer and hoped for a little bit more of an increase, but were stonewalled with a dispute letter. We contacted GIO to see if we had a case, but we were pretty much at a dead end. We sent the Proof of Loss form to our adjustor, finalizing our settlement. We didn't hear anything from the adjustor, followed up a few more times. He said we were "welcome" to collect our personal effects and plates whenever we felt like it. A week after we finalized the settlement, we asked our adjustor for an update on the delivery of our cheque, ONLY THEN he told us that we HAD to go and release the car in person before he would release our cheque! Received a letter from RBC Insurance detailing that our policies had been cancelled at our request, but we owed them money. Our policy had always been on a pre-payment plan, so it would only make sense that they would owe us a refund for the unused portion of the month. A "final notice" arrived only TWO days later advising if we didn't pay up, a collection agency would come after us. I paid the $100 balance owing, but only in protest. It then took over a month to get our correct refunds. They owed us around $300 now - even after acknowledgment of our cancellation, RBC continued to deduct our monthly payments. The cheque arrived at the end of January but we were told by our adjustor that we would be liable for a $500 deductible if we could not provide the police report with the other party's insurance details. We protested this sudden deductible appearing out of nowhere, as our paperwork indicated that we had a $0 deductible. The adjustor apologized and claimed he'd been "looking at the wrong file." In mid-February, another cheque arrived for the $500 deductible, which had been factored out of our initial settlement and was owed to us. Also received a $300 cheque from our cancelled policies. Still outstanding at this point is the liability of our case. We emailed the adjustor the week after receiving our settlement outlining what had clearly happened in the collision once again and with the police report attached. Months later, we still haven't received any confirmation on how our case was ruled, but we assume the case is now closed and that we would have heard something by now. It certainly would have been nice for our adjustor to let us know...
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Auto Insurance

(3.5 out of 5 stars)
by EugeneAM Aug 02, 2019
...I had Aviva as an auto insurer for close to two years. I was able to change my insurance policy twice, easily, with prompt help from Aviva. First time I was to add my husband as a second driver, meaning I had to cancel the earlier agreement which was done fast and smooth without any complications. I later moved from Ontario to Quebec, and I let Aviva know of the change in residence. They were fully supportive in helping me end their insurance and refunded the pre-paid cash without any fuss. Although some of the emails went unanswered, a follow-up call would always get the issue fixed, and a confirmation email sent. I would recommend you to sign up with Aviva without any worries...
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Aviva is the WRONG choice

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jim Aug 01, 2019
...I returned from vacation to find a notice in the mail that Aviva wants a full year worth of payment's all at once or they'll cancel my policy. NO prior warnings, NO e-mails, NO texts yes folks, snail mail 3-4 days lost already. Even if I was home to view the notice two weeks ago, isn't enough time to come up with thousands of dollars. I tried to call but the call center is closed at 7 pm. When I finally got a hold of someone, they said they have all my contact info but didn't use it. Even if I could hand over $5000.00 immediately they would take 2 weeks to review a new policy and I would be without insurance until then. I had no choice and signed with another company and when I told them, after 9 years, I had to move on they said "No Problem" "Its cancelled goodbye"...
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Cancellation notice

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Scollier Jul 30, 2019
...Thank you RBC and Aviva Insurance... after 28 years with RBC Insurance and now Aviva they cancel our insurance because my 24-year-old son was driving 140 in a 100 zone on a 400 series highway....yup, going way too fast for sure. He is 24 and his only ticket, no tickets or accidents for my wife and me or accidents. I estimate over 28 years we have paid over $236,000 in premiums for our life insurance, home, rental properties and auto without a single claim....currently we pay a tad over $1,000 per month in premiums with Aviva for all of our business....absolutely blown away that for one mistake over 28 years, we are dropped at renewal date. Isn't insurance for when you make a mistake or have a claim? After speaking with RBC, the operator said " thank you for calling RBC and we value your business " lol, they simply do not care about relationships...oh well, I am sure another provider will value having our auto, life, home and rental property policies...
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Renewal form nightmare

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by IS Jun 13, 2019
...Aviva sends out confusing renewal forms to current customers and if you make one mistake or mail it late they cancel your insurance. These forms are confusing and you are too include information that you might not know is pertinent. I had one late payment with CAA and that black mark has followed me. DO NOT do business with them! I have no accidents and no claims yet they cancelled my coverage. If your first language is not English then you are in a paperwork nightmare that could land you in hot water...
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WORST Service ever.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by DISGUSTED Jun 11, 2019
...After receiving the most insulting letter to see if I "qualify" for my Auto Insurance after years and years of being a client, Home, Auto Mortgages, Investments, RSP's etc. Not a single late or missed payment. One hail damage claim only in ALL the years my family and I have been with Royal Bank, I along with many others get this extremely unprofessional and impersonal letter. I started March 1st trying to cancel my insurances, I have spent 5 phone calls for a total of over 4 hours on hold, I have gone to the Royal bank branch to try and get assistance spent 35 min in the branch, was given a 1800 phone number to the Insurance office, which we called from within the Royal Bank branch, we received a voice mail and was promised a phone call return within 45 min. It's now 7 days later! Then I was given a phone number to Royal Bank Insurance office on Jasper Ave Edmonton, which when called stated the number was "Out of Service" So once again I phone Royal Bank insurance, Back to sitting on hold. I FINALLY got through to a person! I asked to cancel my insurance, to be told there will be a cancellation fee since I did not do it prior to renewal even though they could see that I had started this process March 1st, it's now June! So I request a cancellation today I am told there will be a cancellation fee even though it was out of my control because I could not get through to cancel prior to renewal. I am so unbelievably disgusted at this point I don't care I will pay the 47.00 cancellation fee only to be told I have to go to a Royal bank Insurance" office" in order to pay it. The Royal Bank can not collect the fee unless I pay it by Visa. The Royal Bank cannot take it out of my Royal Bank account. I have to go to an insurance office on the other side of the city... If I don't pay it either on my visa or go to the Insurance office, then it goes to the collection, that's what I am told... After 40years with the Royal Bank, this is the service they provide! I am, however, benefiting in the end because I saved $1305.00 per year on my home and Auto Insurance. My Business accounts, my personal accounts, my family's accounts and investments will all be moving from this Financial Institution. My advice is to seek Your Insurance business elsewhere you will save a great deal of money and receive respectful customer service...
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Do Not Use this Company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by KamyRR Jun 08, 2019
...I have been with them for ten years and the reason why I left was they would sometimes take out two payments for one month and skip a month. When I called them to ask why they changed the payment days around, their answer to me was - "That's how the calculations work." With that change, it was very hard for me to keep up. I am disabled and working part-time. My payments went from $140.00 a month to $160.00 sometimes twice a month. That was very hard. Last year I had missed a payment and I received a registered letter from the company. As soon as I got the letter I called them. The guy on the phone told me that they had already cancelled my tenant insurance and I can not get it back, even if I paid. So my husband paid everything in full and I made sure to ask the guy on the phone if there was any outstanding balance and he said "NO". The company sent me a letter letting me know that I have no outstanding balance. It is a good thing that I kept the letter because now they sent me two more letters saying that I owe them an outstanding balance of over $300.00. I was so mad that I called them and asked them what are they doing. One lady said it was for leaving the company and it is the total of two policies plus interest. I told her that they cancelled from their end and she could not give me a good answer. I called them back a few days later and spoke to another lady. I had all my letters those they sent me and read them to her because I was so mad. She told me that the company was charging me 16% interest on late payment and leaving the company. I have received two calls from the billing department. I did not take the first call but I took the second call and the guy was trying to be nice but I was still mad...
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Such a shame...

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by fern8 May 29, 2019
...I have been with AVIVA for almost 2 years. It is my first time having auto insurance as I have been on my parents' plan while in university. I was really happy at first. The monthly prices were fair, and they were responsive to my needs when I moved and needed to change my address on file. All was well with my first renewal, it was processed automatically. I have no accidents, tickets, and a pristine driving record. I thought it was a blissful union (lol)... On the last 3 months, I had one claim and I thought it was handled well. It was a not-at-fault accident. The adjustor at AVIVA was on my side, communication was great, and he made sure the other party's insurance paid for the whole thing (repairs, rental), including making sure my deductible was waived. Anyway, I was happy! Then I got the package of renewal information. Another reviewer called it the Aviva Alberta Exodus and I think it's a great title...I'm in Alberta. I was shocked they asked me to re-apply and was told by a friend who works in insurance that Aviva is firing clients in Alberta because they have lost money in the past few years. I's not my fault! I never missed a payment. Then, the adjustor working on my claim goes MIA. I finally call and am told that he is no longer working there...communication has taken a bad turn. It's sad because things were good at first. I am switching insurance providers for my upcoming renewal...not worth the hassle. Good luck finding something better, everyone...
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Worst Insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by ananda May 06, 2019
...My auto and home insurance were with RBC for 18 years and they changed it to AVIVA. AVIVA ask me to fill a form and keep rejecting to renew if I don't fill it right and also demand to pay a full annual premium up front. Being with RBC for that long, I didn't like their attitude and changed my insurance to another company for a better premium. They charged a monthly premium. I do not recommend Aviva insurance...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Laura H Apr 25, 2019
...Could not be more upset with Aviva Insurance, I had 2 policies with them; 1 policy which had a vehicle and another policy which has a vehicle and a house. Aviva automatically renewed my insurance policy for the house and 1 vehicle in November for another year and then when my second policy came up for renewal in December they made me fill out a bunch of bogus paperwork to renew that separate policy. I have friends that work in the insurance industry and said that Aviva was re-evaluating me as a customer because my premiums were not high enough (this would have been ok if they just raised it but the fact they made me reapply for one policy and not the other with the most non-user friendly paperwork to fill out ...) we all know how the economy works..... I ended having to get different insurance for my one vehicle and they were going to charge over $500 to cancel my home and auto with them because they just renewed it automatically the month before. My recommendation is to get a broker and tell them to not even look twice at AVIVA. The worse kind of customer service experience I have ever encountered. DO NOT CHOOSE AVIVA...
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Aviva/ RBC awful companies

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Lina Apr 24, 2019
...I would rate them a 0 if I could. I was sent a registered letter stating that my car insurance would not be renewed because I didn’t send some forms in. I had no idea what they were talking about as I did not get any forms. I called RBC/ Aviva and I explained to them I did not get any forms. Basically, they didn’t seem to care at all and stated if I did not receive them, then they would have had returned mail. Wow, that’s not necessarily true. I have been a customer for 7 years and I get treated like this. Awful, just awful! Today I cancelled my property insurance with them as I do not want to give these companies a penny more as they obviously do not care about their customers. They proceed to charge me $176 to cancel the insurance- are you kidding me??? Pure thieves!!! Do not go with RBC/AVIVA insurance - they don’t care about their customers, they are not trustworthy and they are thieves - overcharging. My new insurance company is much better, better rates and coverage and guess what they value their customers...
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Just Don't Trust

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Rono Apr 16, 2019
...I'm a 50-year male that has been driving for 35 years and never had one claim...and never so much have got a speeding ticket. I was with Dalton Timmis insurance happily, until they got purchase by Aviva. First I was sent the ridiculous 5 pages of forms to be completed and sent back...despite them already have all the information already. Fine...whatever...I complete it and send it back, only to be informed that my rates have gone up and they want the entire year paid in advance, instead of month to month. Again...I have never even got a speeding ticket in my accidents or claims. top it off...after I informed them, that I will be taking my business elsewhere, they sent me an email saying I needed to complete the attached cancellation form. Begrudgingly I opened the attachment and instead of a cancellation form, they had sent me someone else's insurance forms. I'm sure that person would love to know that his personal information is being sent out to strangers. I'm not sure if they are just trying to run their company into the ground or drive business elsewhere...but in either's working...
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