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by waltontg Nov 16, 2019
...I was a client of RBC insurance for 18 years, then Aviva bought them or into them. Back in 2016 in bad weather, I had the misfortune of sliding on pure ice on the roads and bumping into the car ahead of me when they bumped into the car ahead of them. They had a crack in their plastic bumper, I needed a new grille and front bumper. RBC told me not to worry go get it fixed, nothing will show on your record. 1 FREE CLAIM AWARD. RBC was great alone in 2017 I had a young lady with a G2 for only a week ran into the side of my truck on her way to work at an intersection, as she stated she was speeding and was late for work. After calling Aviva I was told to get a police report and I did, police deemed it no-fault. Aviva told me to take my truck to their shop, I did and was told 4300.00 in repairs, and 500 deductible... I decided to shop around. I got 4 quotes from quality shops, not one single quote was over 3100.00, the cheapest was 2800. When I called the Aviva adjuster I was assigned to she told me they would not cover the repairs unless I went to their shop. So, after telling her it should be my choice where I take my truck, not theirs. She informed me that after reviewing my file they are only going to cover 2600 in repairs unless I go to there shop. This same adjuster told me my premium would not be going up it would stay the same, until I took my truck to my choice of repair shop, soon as she found this out 2 weeks after the fact, all of a sudden she calls me to tell me she has determined this accident was my fault and my Premium would be going up, I was paying 1100.00 a year, with her determination my new premium would be 4856.00 a year! I followed up with many emails and calls, she would ignore me until the day I left her a VM saying I was going above her paygrade. A manager called me a week later, after discussing the facts, he told me there was not much he could do about the adjuster decision. I argued with him until he put a quote specialist on the call, once we had a below paygrade of everyone else on the phone this adjuster/customer service agent asked how I had gone from a 6 star client to a 1 star for a minor accident claim, he told me usually only see that if someone was drinking /driving, speed causing an accident . After this gentleman looked into my file (remember a customer service advisor) he changed my status to a 4 star, with a premium of 2300 a year. But I did not get the last laugh, just recently (guessing I was flagged) my monthly payment kept getting returned happened 4 times in the last year, but each time I would call and ask why they were returning my payment, some sort of PC glitch. Well, this past week I received a registered letter saying my insurance was cancelled due to late payments. I decided to shop around and get away from these crooks! Everywhere I call I'm told I have 2 accidents (one was a gimmie by RBC over 3 yrs ago) plus I have 4 late payments ( not my fault), so now no one will touch me for insurance. Found one company that wants almost 5000 a year and a half upfront. Thank you Aviva...
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