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SGI - Westland Insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Metaller99 Apr 05, 2019
...Got an online quote from SGI. Phoned Westland Insurance in Calgary who told me SGI did not offer monthly payment plan. Phoned SGI and they said yes, they do and that I should have been given the plan. Stay far far away from Westland Insurance brokers, and stay even further away from SGI Canada. I was insured through a broker with SGI a few years back and blew the engine in my truck leaving me with my other vehicle to drive. I faxed them and cancelled my insurance on the truck because I couldn't drive it. Westland refused to rebate me for 9 months of insurance for the cancellation. I got a hold of SGI and was finally paid my rebate after 10 months from the time of the cancellation. SGI is the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. Please for your sake stay away from them...
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Horrible adjuster and Scammers

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by AACarandang Jun 14, 2018
...I was hit by a deer. I was denied for coverage even though I got an active Auto Pak on top of my regular auto insurance to cover any wild wide collision and rental car coverage. The out-of-province adjuster avoided me and refused to phone me back for any updates. I was told to have any car fixed at my own expense. Beware for out-of-province trips...
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