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Worst company ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by ginat Oct 19, 2018
...Worst company I ever dealt with in my life. I had 3 vehicles insured. In July, I asked to have one removed. August came, still not removed, September came, still not removed. Broker started ignoring my emails. Had to finally call a manager to get it taken care of. Got an email stating my new payment would be $235, coming out of my acc on Oct 5th, then a letter in the mail a week later saying $144 would come out Oct 21st. Assuming they refunded me for their mistake of not removing the vehicle since July. Payment tried to come out Oct 5th from an account I no longer use, so it went back NSF. Had no clue til following week, I got a cancellation letter. Called and lost my temper on them, asked for a manager. Conveniently, they're all in a meeting!!! Not willing to own up to their own mistakes, so I ended up having to pay off my policy in full and they will no longer do monthly payment at all because they screwed up sending me wrong information. None of this would have happened if they would have removed the vehicle in July like they were supposed to. Bunch of crooks. Needless to say, once my policy is done in 2 months, I'll be done with their crap!!!...
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SGI insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Yvette G Feb 27, 2018
...SGI insurance is the worst insurance on the planet. They won’t pay out for any type of injury even when you have full coverage. They have a hard time even when paying for the damage done to your car. You have to fight with them when you are in an accident that is the other driver's fault. Take my advice and don’t get any type of insurance with SGI. Get a real insurance policy from a real insurance company...
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Stolen Truck - written off

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by LDB Sep 06, 2017
...My ex-wife and I jointly owned a 2003 Ford F250 4x4 diesel with about 167,000km that got stolen from outside the mechanic's shop at the end of July 2017. It was recovered August 2. The damage consisted of a punched-in key hole on the passenger side door, and the cover/lock on the ignition had been removed. We were a bit surprised when SGI almost immediately told us it was being written off. We figured the truck was worth at least $12,000, maybe up to $15,000 with the recent engine rebuild. Our SGI adjuster, Chelsea Leonew, gave us an initial offer of $6355 on August 10. We told her that was unacceptable and it was worth twice that amount. We submitted the recent bill for an engine rebuild (about $5800), but that only increased SGI's offer to $7660. We submitted ads for similar trucks from Kijiji for SK, AB, and MB, but SGI didn't budge. We hired an independent appraiser and went to arbitration. That cost us about $350, but we ended up settling for $11,500, which we thought was fair. Why did we have to spend $350 and a month in negotiation to arrive at a fair settlement? I had used the VMR Canada online calculator early in the process to see if we were off-base in thinking it was worth at least $12,000. The VMR Canada result confirmed we were being reasonable. However, I noticed that if you failed to check off the "HD Diesel V8" box, the value was pretty close to what SGI initially offered. I've got a gut feeling that someone at SGI made a keying error on the initial valuation. I've got no issue with someone making a mistake. It happens all the time. However, I've got plenty of issue with someone failing to recognize a mistake or trying to cover it up. We ended up with a final settlement that was 81% higher than the initial offer. Something was definitely wrong with the initial offers from SGI, beyond the expected low-ball. Why didn't someone at SGI go back and take a look at their calculations instead of wasting time and money going to arbitration? Something really stinks at SGI when it comes to write-offs. I still don't think the vehicle should have been written off in the first place. As well, when the final settlement after arbitration is 81% higher than SGI's initial offer, and 50% higher than SGI's final offer, shouldn't SGI have to reimburse the cost of arbitration? It was pretty clear that one side wasn't coming to the table with clean hands...
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Adjuster Not Helpful

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Charlotte S. Jul 25, 2017
...My auto adjuster was good in giving me necessary documents I needed for my car (tires were stolen and sgi was able to cover some of it after my deductible). However, she was reluctant to answer any questions I had. I do not have a lot of knowledge on these things or what SGI helps with and if each dealership differs. My boyfriend came into an SGI centre in asking about the papers and quote SGI gave me concerning replacing my stolen tires (I was out of province). They told him either way he will need me to give him official authnrorization to deal with this so they themselves said I need to call my adjuster (Debbie) in regards to it. So I did, and she was short tempered with me saying she has nothing to do with this, just send the bill (even though I was TOLD to call her) and wondered why I was asking her a question she cannot answer. She also claimed my boyfriend went into this SGI location with his own quote for the tires, when in reality he went in with the documents and quote she herself had provided to me. I think this customer service is poor for this reason. I really wish for SGI to hire better adjusters with good service skills and patience...
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Hit a Deer

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Hi Deer Jul 18, 2017
...I have nothing than good things to say about SGI, right after we hit a deer I immediately called and they were very helpful getting me a rental car as fast as they could since I was a long way from home. I had to go see a chiropractic for some minor injuries - so helpful with the steps I needed to take. It took a total of 2 weeks to find out and sign all the paper work needed to get the insurance $ for my car. I am now on the hunt for a new car. Thanks SGI for such great service...
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Stolen to be recovered

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jonny52386 Feb 08, 2017
...SGI sask was the worst ever to deal with. I fought hard with SGI as originally they said if the car wasn't found, I wasn't covered. Why to pay for insurance then? My car that had been stolen, luckily week later was recovered, where SGI again claimed that I'd be responsible as there was damage to the car. I talked to my lawyer and as soon as mentioned that, they said we will cover it but you are liable for the deductible. I was so angry with SGI... I agreed on that...
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Terrible company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Dave Feb 02, 2017
...I was driving at dusk in the foothills with my daughter and a group of elk came out of the ditch, ran across the road and one ran into the side of my new truck. Banged up the drivers side doors pretty badly. I filed a claim and my daughter provided a witness statement. SGI refused the claim, saying they would only pay for a deer strike if there was an independent witness who was not in the truck. Not sure how many people wander around in the foothills at night watching for deer strikes, apparently the strikes accepted by SGI only happen in Calgary where there are no deer. I called my their ombudsman and was told to go away. Worlds worst insurance company...
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