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Worst company ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by ginat Oct 19, 2018
...Worst company I ever dealt with in my life. I had 3 vehicles insured. In July, I asked to have one removed. August came, still not removed, September came, still not removed. Broker started ignoring my emails. Had to finally call a manager to get it taken care of. Got an email stating my new payment would be $235, coming out of my acc on Oct 5th, then a letter in the mail a week later saying $144 would come out Oct 21st. Assuming they refunded me for their mistake of not removing the vehicle since July. Payment tried to come out Oct 5th from an account I no longer use, so it went back NSF. Had no clue til following week, I got a cancellation letter. Called and lost my temper on them, asked for a manager. Conveniently, they're all in a meeting!!! Not willing to own up to their own mistakes, so I ended up having to pay off my policy in full and they will no longer do monthly payment at all because they screwed up sending me wrong information. None of this would have happened if they would have removed the vehicle in July like they were supposed to. Bunch of crooks. Needless to say, once my policy is done in 2 months, I'll be done with their crap!!!...
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Rates increase 4x in 4 weeks

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Patrick Jun 26, 2018
...Received an auto insurance quote for just over $200 a month and was accepted by both parties. Received the temporary permit through email. After 5 days, the rates went to over $800 a month. SGI stated it had an MTO (Ministry Transport Ontario) report of an accident. SGI would not provide a copy of the MTO report after multiple requests, so we went to the police and found out that there was no MTO report. We then tried to cancel the policy, which SGI denied, as SGI then said that there was a conflict with the non-existent report and their policies, so SGI cancelled the policy. This all took place within 4 weeks. SGI still continued to take the $800 a month, on top of the original $200 initial for the policy, yes, that was over $1000 for 4 weeks of insurance! We have yet to receive anything in the mail about the policy. SGI now refuse to contact us, and no longer answer any text, emails or phone calls...
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Read this !!!!!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Boomerpup123 May 07, 2018
...If you have ever had your vehicle impounded and you could not afford to pick it up and they said it went to auction as a salvage with no keys which was a total lie, we need to talk. My vehicle didn't even make it to the auction and sold to the towing company for 350.00. The vehicle, if at the auction, would have sold for between 4 and 5000.00. But now I have to pay 1226.00 before I get my drivers licence back and the towing company has my car and is trying to sell it for 1500.00. Complete fraud...
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Unprofessional / Disorganized

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Goldie Dec 09, 2017
...No returned calls, fluctuating premiums and a double bank withdrawal. My policy was switched to SGI by their parent company and I was informed that my rates would be lower due to my clean driving record. I was initially told, after calling to inquire what my premium was, that they were backlogged due to changes within their office and waited well over a month for any paperwork from them. My broker advised that I needed to ensure 2.5 payments be available in my account 'just in case'. These payments he advised were only ballpark amounts as SGI hadn't processed my policy yet. 2 months after supposedly being insured by them, I finally received my policy in the mail - 2 different versions and premiums that were mailed out by them on the same day. In the 3rd month, they withdrew 3 payments and my rate increased for the 2nd time in 3 months. I called to cancel my policy today and will monitor my bank account for theft of future premiums...
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only out for your money

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by hannah c. Aug 01, 2017
...Received zero communication through SGI for the duration of our policy. Our premium was high for no reason ($200 per month for 2 females >30 w/ no claims). We were provided with a payment schedule for our policy, showing the last date a payment would be taken. We never received a renewal notice, however, they continued taking monthly payments after the 'final' payment, yet before our policy had expired. This company comes off as a bunch of crooks. Glad we never had to make a claim. Avoid...
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