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don't pay a claim

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by MF Apr 06, 2020
...I had two experiences with State Farm, in the first, when I purchased a new auto (same make and model as previous), they failed to update my policy, even after calling and billed me for 2 years, and then refused to pay a claim for a small crash stating that the wrong VIN was on the policy and then refused to pay the monthly fees they were charging me. Then we had stolen jewelry and found out that they let our policy lapse. Two emails with an agent, where he confirmed he put it in place, all documentation sent, etc. Then when we went to make a claim, he said - you never had a policy, I forwarded emails where he stated it was active and then he stopped responding...
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Client's nightmare came true

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Frosty Jun 29, 2019
...I had a car accident, (not at fault) on near end of April 2019. I called for a claim which took about 30mins, filling up all the information. My car had 4 panels and some parts inside the engine bay to repair. I had a talk with claim advisor saying that I was 100% not at fault because I had a dashcam which saved me a lot of trouble. Also, I was informed that my insurance rate should not go up after this. Some of the coworkers were friendly but somewhat confusing... My personal claim advisor who was named on my file wasn't available because he was on vacation. So, I asked if another one could work with me through this file and they literally said: "you have to ask this person that's in charge of your file". Sadly, they took literally almost 2 months to process on the insurance stuff such as "photos for confirmation", and additional photos before confirming the estimate... I had to chase them down every week and my patience ran so thin. After almost a month and a half of chasing them, the autobody shop decided to preorder the parts without insurance company giving them go-go because they were simply taking forever. It literally took less than a week for bodyshop to repair and after the car was fully repaired, the insurance gave bodyshop "good to go". I got my car back on June 21th 2019. But the nightmare doesn't end there. A month later, I looked over the policy papers from the insurance. To my surprise, the rate did go up by $100. (Monthly rate). I simply don't understand anymore about this insurance company. This insurance company is literally a massive money grab. They will literally "take your $$" by wasting your time 1-2 months before you get your car back. And then raise your rate up afterwards...
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Stay away at all costs

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Ariana Apr 19, 2019
...Please do yourself a favor and stay away from State Farm Auto Insurance at all costs. And, every day pray to God that someone who is covered by State Farm does not hit you! State Farm pulls out all types of magics and tricks to avoid paying when their clients are liable. Their adjusters vanish, they make up stories, they even let their clients get sued and lose in court...
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Buyer Be Aware

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by 2/3s of Car Mar 19, 2018
...Agents are great and pleasant but that is to lure you in. A person who has only been in Canada for 2 months with a very large Dodge Ram 1500 ran a red light at 60kms, hit my 2009 Escape and my vehicle was deemed a total loss. Since I had the new vehicle, I maintained it the highest level to last me till at least 2020 and have put fair amount of money in doing so. Desjardins General Insurance Group took my monthly premiums, Desjardins General Insurance Group are offering 2/3s of what it will take to get approximately the same vehicle and Desjardins General Insurance Group gets to keep my vehicle with all the upkeep I put into it before the accident so they can sell it in the auction and get more money. Nothing more than corporate greed. I have been with State Farm for 34 years. Desjardins General Insurance Group Auto Claims Advisors appear to be a bunch of androids reading from cue cards. Since Desjardins General Insurance Group took over State Farm Canada, it is nothing more than a get Rich Quick Scheme. Should have the option to rate of a negative star...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Taryel Nov 09, 2017
...I had a bad experience with that company. I used their car insurance for my car for less than 2 months. Then I sold my car, I called that company to cancel the policy. They cancelled the policy but charged me 38 dollars extra besides 2 months payment. When I started the policy, I asked the agent: “Is there any cancellation fee or any other extra fees if I decide to cancel my policy in the future? “. And the agent answered me: “No, only pay for the period that you use our service, no extra fees”. I checked the contract if there were mentioned any hidden fees. But found only monthly payments, nothing else. So I called the company and asked what is 38 dollars for. The representative couldn’t able to answer me. Representative nor the agent who did my car insurance had information about 38 dollars. The representative wrote to me “38 dollars is an endorsement fee” in a couple of days later. I asked them why they didn’t mention that fee to me at the beginning. He told me that neither he nor the agent who did my insurance policy had information about that and it was their mistake. I told them I don’t want to pay them because of their mistake. Nobody mentioned that fee at the beginning, there was nothing mentioned about that fee at our contract, also even representatives of the company had no information about that fee. That guy kept on telling me that he understands that it is their mistake, but their billing department doesn’t listen to them. He asked me to come to their office in the future and he is going to compensate for that mistake in other ways. For me, it doesn’t matter it is 38 dollars or 1000 dollars. I just don’t want to pay for other’s mistakes. I don’t want to visit their office in the future nor don’t recommend that company to anybody else...
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