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don't pay a claim

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by MF Apr 06, 2020
...I had two experiences with State Farm, in the first, when I purchased a new auto (same make and model as previous), they failed to update my policy, even after calling and billed me for 2 years, and then refused to pay a claim for a small crash stating that the wrong VIN was on the policy and then refused to pay the monthly fees they were charging me. Then we had stolen jewelry and found out that they let our policy lapse. Two emails with an agent, where he confirmed he put it in place, all documentation sent, etc. Then when we went to make a claim, he said - you never had a policy, I forwarded emails where he stated it was active and then he stopped responding...
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State Farm Client for 40 years

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by d young Apr 11, 2018
...Over the past few years, as they have transitioned to Desjardin, State Farm has become the absolute worst provider of insurance. I have never had a claim, both auto and home insurance - does not matter to them, they just want your premium and will not answer a question. I dread if I should ever have to make a claim. Stay away from State Farm...
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Bad Custoner Service

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by George S Jan 04, 2018
...This review is based on my experience dealing with this State Farm agency for my home and auto insurance. The people working for this agency are nice but they have no clue about customer service. They quoted me one price for both my home and auto insurance and when it was time to sign, both prices went up by about 10% from what I was originally quoted. They were slow to get back to me. They are not knowledgeable of their own system. I was told by an agent that my home insurance was stopped (even though I had just renewed it) and later she told me that it was not true and that she was looking at the wrong info! I had such a bad experience buying an auto and home insurance that I am now worried what would happen if I have a claim. I will try to cancel my policies with this company if I can...
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