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by Nic11 Dec 19, 2018
...I filed a claim a month ago after getting in an accident. I only had my new car for 15 days and have full coverage on my policy. Apparently, that doesn’t include a rental car and I still have not heard back from my claim advisor on what I’m getting for the car or if it’s even a write-off or not. I made an in-person statement 2 weeks ago and my advisor has been out of the office all week. I’ve lost a job because I have no way to get there as busses don’t go out that way. I’m 20 years old. I don’t make anywhere near 30,000 a year, so I’m frustrated I’m paying to get to and from places. Still paying my insurance with no car in the driveway and am struggling to find another job with next to no money. Awful customer service...
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