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Client's nightmare came true

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Frosty Jun 29, 2019
...I had a car accident, (not at fault) on near end of April 2019. I called for a claim which took about 30mins, filling up all the information. My car had 4 panels and some parts inside the engine bay to repair. I had a talk with claim advisor saying that I was 100% not at fault because I had a dashcam which saved me a lot of trouble. Also, I was informed that my insurance rate should not go up after this. Some of the coworkers were friendly but somewhat confusing... My personal claim advisor who was named on my file wasn't available because he was on vacation. So, I asked if another one could work with me through this file and they literally said: "you have to ask this person that's in charge of your file". Sadly, they took literally almost 2 months to process on the insurance stuff such as "photos for confirmation", and additional photos before confirming the estimate... I had to chase them down every week and my patience ran so thin. After almost a month and a half of chasing them, the autobody shop decided to preorder the parts without insurance company giving them go-go because they were simply taking forever. It literally took less than a week for bodyshop to repair and after the car was fully repaired, the insurance gave bodyshop "good to go". I got my car back on June 21th 2019. But the nightmare doesn't end there. A month later, I looked over the policy papers from the insurance. To my surprise, the rate did go up by $100. (Monthly rate). I simply don't understand anymore about this insurance company. This insurance company is literally a massive money grab. They will literally "take your $$" by wasting your time 1-2 months before you get your car back. And then raise your rate up afterwards...
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Great till you need em

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by Vandalized&donated Dec 14, 2017
...Low monthly payments, very manageable, they're accommodating with your billing cycle - all of that part is great. But as soon as you have a problem or file a claim or something else happens to your car, when you call State Farm and let them know, guarantee your monthly payment will shoot WAY up and they may or may not help you with repairs...
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