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Wawanesa refuses to help me

(1.2 out of 5 stars)
by Abandoned by wawanesa Jul 04, 2019
...I am a US citizen, female travelling alone on a road trip in Canada. My car was broken into, windows broken, and all my belongings and passport and money was stolen. I called Wawanesa immediately to report it. They said it was a glass only claim because they don’t cover anything but just the glass. I have been on the phone with Wawanesa every day since then, for 5 days. I call the US Wawanesa to help me and they say they can’t help me because I am in Canada (they cover Canada), so they give me the Canadian Wawanesa number to call (Wawanesa is a Canadian company), I call them and the representative actually angrily hung up on me after telling me that I was not his problem because I have a US policy. I call the US side back and they also say they cannot help me. And this has been happening for 5 days while I am SLEEPING IN A CAR WITH NO WINDOWS, while it rains and I am open to being physically assaulted. If anything happens to me, it is WAWANESA FAULT. There have been some kind and understanding phone representatives, but still after 5 days NOTHING has been done. I keep continually being volleyball’d back and forth between the Canadian and US Wawanesa claims Departments and no one will help me at all...
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Terrible Avoid like the plague

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Clint Feb 13, 2019
Had my Truck Stolen recently. The claims process was an absolute nightmare, the adjuster felt her only role was to watch from the sidelines and deny expenses, not helping me through the process, no consultation, no helping deal with the Autobody shop, could not even reach her by phone. Always had to e-mail. My truck was gone for 3 months for repair and came back with a list of issues that I needed to "deal with through the Autobody shop" or fix myself. I was paying insurance for 2 specific reasons 1)to get me back to the place I was before the event 2)to have a helping hand when I did have an issue Instead I got a distant accountant. When I asked to dispute claims items that decided by her with no agreement or consultation with me, I was told here's our dispute mechanism- hire your own appraiser and they can fight it out with ours. Good luck making that work for you. By the way the Appraiser was also terrible, the shop evaluated that my truck needed a batch of Front end work that it did not need (have pics to prove), instead of maybe actually taking a look he just reported to the adjuster only and they agreed to disallow the work meaning no mechanical work was done at all. I got back a truck with a large list of repairs and less functionality. On top of that, I have to deal with the shop warranty process with no help. Stay away from this company!
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Downhill Slide

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Fed up in Gatineau Feb 04, 2019
...I have been with Wawanesa for years. On the recommendation of their agents, I filed 3 claims and asked them about one incident where I did not make a claim. Last year they sent a letter telling me they didn't want me as a client for Auto anymore! So in future do not speak to an agent unless you really want to file a claim. Then this year they have gone to a broker system. I called to get a reason for my premium jump. After being transferred 3 times I was told and I quote "to save money" but I am the one who got charged a 35$ broker fee and they raised my monthly premium by 35$ - why? "Well, Wawanesa decided that that was the rate they wanted to charge" - no real explanation. So needless to say I will be looking for a new insurance company this year...
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I was a loyal customer

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by theresa Aug 20, 2018
...For 14 years we were loyal customers. We had our home and vehicles insured through Wawanesa. This year I received my renewal to discover our car insurance for a 2008 and 2009 was going UP $50.00 per month. That's $600.00 a year. We have had no claims and no tickets. In fact, we both have perfect driving records. I was in shock. Now at the same time, we decided to trade in our 2009 Dodge Journey for a 2017 Dodge Durango Citadel. When I called for a quote, they wanted an additional $25.00 per month on top of the $50.00 a month it was already going up. Our fantastic broker said he thought this was atrocious and began shopping us around. Not only did he find a better rate through another company but the new rate is $3.00 a month less than the original rate (before renewal) with the new car. So instead of an extra $900.00 a year (higher renewal and new car), we are now paying $36.00 per year less with our new company. Cleary with Wawanesa customer loyalty means absolutely nothing...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by abell453 Jun 27, 2018
...Terrible Claim Service!!! NOTHING has happened with our not-at-fault vehicle accident claim from 4 MONTHS AGO!! They sent an "adjuster" to take pictures of our vehicle, and they never even opened our hood to look at the most important components of our vehicle! The adjuster seems to know more about the damage to our vehicle than our mechanic who has thoroughly inspected our vehicle and found extensive damage. This is by far the WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH altogether. I cannot stand anyone that contacts us. Literally, have nothing good to say about this insurance company...
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Bad adjuster

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by ABCD Apr 05, 2018
...The insurance is not fair.Her name is Angela B and she should not be in adjuster claim. She did not protect customer (maybe both of us have same insurance company) and did not listen or follow the report. My story - I check my back up camera and begin to reverse slowly. At the point, I notice my neighbour reverse coming outside her garage. My vehicle half of my driveway and on the street. I continue to look at my camera, I stop as she's getting closer. I hear a beep from my cars safety system. She did not slow down reversing, I honk my horn. She did not stop and processed to hit my vehicle. I get out to the car, this lady said she did not see my vehicle, she was late for school and gave me her number and said: "call later". I talk to her and she admits her fault in front of my dad. But she can afford my damage cost, she said she would like to pay me half a damage. I said no and want to let the insurance decide. After 2 weeks, insurance respond to me 50/50 fault, which makes me upset. If someone is looking for the vehicle insurance, please keep away from this company/or don't use this adjuster...
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Withheld policy 3 weeks later

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by One unhappy lady Mar 08, 2018
...3 weeks ago we went to the local all set up, even was given our temporary slip. We then went and had our car plated (we just moved from another province) which we could not do until we had Alberta insurance. THREE WEEKS later we get a phone call telling us our policy is being withheld due to an outstanding balance owing to another insurance company until it is paid (we were not aware of this owing but neither here nor there in this matter... so long story shortened... we got insured (or so we thought), they allowed us to drive around not knowing that they had put our policy on hold for 3 weeks! What if we had an accident or just got pulled over??? We would be in big trouble and it would be their fault! Not impressed at all. This should have been told to us way sooner than 3 weeks. At this point, I don't understand how they can legally even do this...
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Horrible Customer Service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Disappointing customer Jul 21, 2017
...We had the worst experience with Wawanesa due to the agent who was handling the claim. Her name is Sue and she should not be in customer service. The claim was not at fault, the other party's insurance should cover all the costs so we would expect that for the services we are paying, the agent would get on the job and make the arrangements. Sue failed to do so, my husband missed work because the rental wasn't arranged, we ended up taking the car into the nearest shop and ended up paying for HST. No one explained how this works, what happens if...we felt like hiring a lawyer to have him/her work for the other party using our money. We are looking for another company. The company should provide customer service courses for agents like Sue...but from what I am reading about the company...I don't think anyone cares...
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