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Terrible Customer Service

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by JS Jan 24, 2019
...I submitted a claim that night when I was involved in a collision. It was the other's party mistake. He admitted it but he just gave me his business card and asked me to call him. So I called the 24/7 claim line and everything went fine, she asked me to call the next day to notify them if I am able to drive to an auto body shop. So I called the local Edmonton phone line for claims and then the lady answered the call, I just called to notify them that I am ready to go for a free estimate but this lady was very RUDE very very RUDE. Instead of asking me how am I, after saying that I went to a hospital because of a stiffed neck and my back hurts, she just kept asking me what is my speed at that time? Seriously? I already submitted a claim and already told them what happened and she is keeping asking me about what happened and my speed? THIS IS A VERY BIG MISTAKE PAYING THIS COMPANY. I wish them removed from this industry. Very rude people and the only thing they know is to collect money from you. If I can give a negative star, I will!...
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