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Terrible Customer Service

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by JS Jan 24, 2019
...I submitted a claim that night when I was involved in a collision. It was the other's party mistake. He admitted it but he just gave me his business card and asked me to call him. So I called the 24/7 claim line and everything went fine, she asked me to call the next day to notify them if I am able to drive to an auto body shop. So I called the local Edmonton phone line for claims and then the lady answered the call, I just called to notify them that I am ready to go for a free estimate but this lady was very RUDE very very RUDE. Instead of asking me how am I, after saying that I went to a hospital because of a stiffed neck and my back hurts, she just kept asking me what is my speed at that time? Seriously? I already submitted a claim and already told them what happened and she is keeping asking me about what happened and my speed? THIS IS A VERY BIG MISTAKE PAYING THIS COMPANY. I wish them removed from this industry. Very rude people and the only thing they know is to collect money from you. If I can give a negative star, I will!...
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What's wrong with you?

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by P. Lee Apr 20, 2017
...For over a month now, I have been trying to add my newly leased car onto my policy with First, my wife called and was on hold for over an hour and no one ever came to the phone. Then, when I did the policy change online by adding the new vehicle and deleting the old vehicle. A week later, I got a letter from Wawanesa which states I had tried to add a vehicle but it was removed because there is no policy for that vehicle. Duh!!! Why do I need to add it if the vehicle already has policy?! Last weekend (4/14/2017) tried to add online again and today on 4/20/2017 I am still seeing my old car on the policy with no new car added. What the heck is wrong with you people? You used to be a great company. Now I can't even get in touch with you...
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