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New driver again, and I'm 51

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Mike Jun 27, 2020
...May 2019, they said my insurance would be 675 a year, I didn't have insurance the year before cause I had to sell my car so I could survive die to disabilities. Insurance was over 1100 which I paid, they said it would be 675 for this year. I got an invoice, it was over 1400. I'm 51, no accidents, been driving 36 years. This is the 4th time in my life I'm a "new' driver again, this is wrong...
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Not bad, but too expensive..

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Wawaclaimed Mar 15, 2020
...I was paying 250 a month originally, someone cut me off on the road and I had ended up rear-ending them. The claim was okay, I reported it to their after-hours staff I believe, immediately and someone got back to me in a few days. My car was a write off (old 2006 vehicle). I had to reach out to them a few times and hassle them and eventually it was settled on a fair offering based on MSRP of the vehicle, and even told me they'd change it if I could find a better price (which I couldn't due to not many vehicles of the same km and features). My monthly went up to 355 thereafter. Now it has been a year and has gone up again to 418 a month. After I consult them on the changes, they give me it's-just-how-it-is explanation due to my past claim. But overall, they provided me with a rental for work, everything was pretty decent. Now I am searching for a new company that aligns with my old rate. But all the companies have similar negative reviews and people telling me to stay away...
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The worst of the worst

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Starbear Feb 04, 2020
...Don’t go near this company. Cost us thousands. They’re lower rates will cost you when you claim...
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Absolute Joke

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jason Nov 29, 2019
...I got insurance from them middle August & decided cancelled at the end of October. Their rates are ridiculous they try to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. Despite my policy being cancelled in October. They've taken money from my bank account 3 times this month alone over 3 insurance monthly payments as well as me paying for August, September, & October. Totalling 6 payments in 3 months absolutely ridiculous. On top of their greedy scam schemes, their staff is completely clueless about what is going on. Extremely unprofessional & cannot even communicate in a proper matter. I've exchanged over 50+ emails with them & am still currently in the works of getting my money back. The literal worst experience with something that is so straightforward. It is disgusting & pathetic. This is the first review I've made for anything. No joke. I went out of my way to make an account to tell you whatever you do. Do not get insurance from Wawanesa. I repeat do not...
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Stay away from wawanesa in NB

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by WawanesaScamerAlert Aug 06, 2019
...If you are with or thinking about getting insurance through Wawanesa in Moncton NB (New Brunswick) or near me then think again. My insurance went from $60 to $111 to $125 a month for a 10-year-old car. TD Canada stole $100 from me and I called Wawanesa in Moncton NB and I experienced the worst customer service EVER! The lady on the phone told me they will cancel my insurance if I don't come up with the money TD bank stole from me. All I asked was to pay it in 3 days from now. She threatened to cancel my insurance if I couldn't provide proof from my bank TD that it was their fault. However, TD doesn't think it's their fault which it is 100%! So, today I look for a new insurance company. This hasn't been my only experience with Wawanesa either. I've dealt with them since 2007 and I have 2 other similar experiences with ignorant representatives. If I could rate Wawsnesa in Moncton NB a big fat 0 I would. They don't deserve 1 star...
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Downhill Slide

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Fed up in Gatineau Feb 04, 2019
...I have been with Wawanesa for years. On the recommendation of their agents, I filed 3 claims and asked them about one incident where I did not make a claim. Last year they sent a letter telling me they didn't want me as a client for Auto anymore! So in future do not speak to an agent unless you really want to file a claim. Then this year they have gone to a broker system. I called to get a reason for my premium jump. After being transferred 3 times I was told and I quote "to save money" but I am the one who got charged a 35$ broker fee and they raised my monthly premium by 35$ - why? "Well, Wawanesa decided that that was the rate they wanted to charge" - no real explanation. So needless to say I will be looking for a new insurance company this year...
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0 star

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by mathewo Nov 25, 2018
...Please avoid this scam company at any cost. I am a driver with 24 years without any claim and was with Wawanesa for last seven years. I had a minor issue at a parking lot 2 years before with no claim. I opened the door and just touched the car next to me. The other car driver was inside and she was an insurance broker. She reported that to my insurance company and they recorded as at fault no claim and reduced my star rating to 1. The next year renewal time my rate jumped to 45 dollars per month and 50 dollars this year. What a SCAM...
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Horrible insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Chantale Aug 31, 2018
...Horrible service. Horrible prices. All in all...horrible insurance company who does not care about their clients...
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I was a loyal customer

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by theresa Aug 20, 2018
...For 14 years we were loyal customers. We had our home and vehicles insured through Wawanesa. This year I received my renewal to discover our car insurance for a 2008 and 2009 was going UP $50.00 per month. That's $600.00 a year. We have had no claims and no tickets. In fact, we both have perfect driving records. I was in shock. Now at the same time, we decided to trade in our 2009 Dodge Journey for a 2017 Dodge Durango Citadel. When I called for a quote, they wanted an additional $25.00 per month on top of the $50.00 a month it was already going up. Our fantastic broker said he thought this was atrocious and began shopping us around. Not only did he find a better rate through another company but the new rate is $3.00 a month less than the original rate (before renewal) with the new car. So instead of an extra $900.00 a year (higher renewal and new car), we are now paying $36.00 per year less with our new company. Cleary with Wawanesa customer loyalty means absolutely nothing...
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Not user friendly.

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by writeray Jul 14, 2018
...I signed a contract with them and had to wait over 2 months for the bill to get to me. When it did, they increased the rate by 14%. Also, payment was due the day before they sent the bill...
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