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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by M.Q Sep 10, 2018
...I have had full insurance with them the whole time. And when my car was hit and run, they didn't even give me a rental car. They refused to cover me and constantly tried to find ways to not cover me. They kept saying we need a full report. I'm still confused because my car is fully insured, so why do they need any report because if I'm at fault or not, they are still supposed to cover me and yet they didn't. This should be a WARNING to EVERYONE not to insure anything with WAWANESA because they are FRAUD and they will do you no good. They are crooks who will screw you over when the time comes to pay you. If you don't believe me, then read all the other comments. BE SMART PPL...
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No equal rights

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Ken Dec 31, 2017
...On Friday 29th December 2017, at 12: 30, I discovered that the front bumper of my Mercedes Benz ml500 vehicle was badly damaged and the radiator antifreeze fluid was leaking, while it was safely parked on the roadway on West Broadway, H4V,2Z5, Montreal, Q.C. Immediately I was told by a neighbour who witnessed the accident/hit and go, that it was done by a Canada Poste van. On my windscreen, I saw a Canada poste business card with information and contact numbers. I immediately called and contacted my insurance Wawanesa for advice on my next step. I then contacted Canada Poste and the Supervisor acknowledged the report of the accident, and she asked me to come at the poste for all the information, including the driver, pertaining to the accident, which I did. At about 15:05 hrs I went to the Wawanesa office at 8585 bouls Decarie, Montreal. Q.C to file a claim. The person opening the claim did not even told me her name, but started. When she was finished taking down all the information she needed, I asked her if I am entitled to a replacement/rental since I have to go get my kids from daycare and do my other personal stuff using a vehicle since that I am not responsible, nor liable for the accident, and he replied, NO, 1. BECAUSE THE POLICY IS CHANGED. I disputed it because over a year ago, I had a similar accident when I was not responsible and under the same policy, within less than an hour, I was provided with a rental. I then requested to speak to a supervisor, at this time I called Wawanesa, and I was advised that I was entitled since the car is not operable and I am not responsible.She came back and told me that the supervisor said 2. IF I NEED A RENTAL I MUST GO GET A CREDIT CARD AND RENT THE VEHICLE MYSELF. I request again to speak to the supervisor. Minutes later a lady came and said: "Can I help u?" She continued to say, 3. WHATEVER THE CLAIMS AGENT SAID TO ME BEFORE IT IS THE SAME THING SHE WILL SAY TO ME. She did not even told me her name too but added that 4. the accident is not investigated as yet 'cause the inspector has to come on next Tuesday or Wednesday 2nd or 3rd, January 2018 to inspect and evaluate the damages. So I asked her who is really lying, and what will happen to my kids and myself from doing my daily stuff without the usage of my car. She now told me that 5. ALL THE CAR RENTALS ARE CLOSED. She then told me 6. TO LEAVE THE BUILDING, SINCE OUR BUSINESS WITH ME IS DONE, WHILE STANDING NEXT TO A MUSCULAR WHITE MALE. So, to avoid any further physical action being forced on me I pick up my documents to leave. The supervisor said to me 7.TO TAKE A TAXI OR A CAB. I said to myself that I was treated like this just because I was a Black man.I will take this matter as far as it can go, for the world to know that Racism is at every level and the sickness of it needs to be rotted out...
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Horrible Customer Service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Disappointing customer Jul 21, 2017
...We had the worst experience with Wawanesa due to the agent who was handling the claim. Her name is Sue and she should not be in customer service. The claim was not at fault, the other party's insurance should cover all the costs so we would expect that for the services we are paying, the agent would get on the job and make the arrangements. Sue failed to do so, my husband missed work because the rental wasn't arranged, we ended up taking the car into the nearest shop and ended up paying for HST. No one explained how this works, what happens if...we felt like hiring a lawyer to have him/her work for the other party using our money. We are looking for another company. The company should provide customer service courses for agents like Sue...but from what I am reading about the company...I don't think anyone cares...
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