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Greedy insurance.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Kate Aug 30, 2019
...I was in an accident other drivers fault. They offered me the money, but not because they were "good" insurance but because they would raise my monthly payment meaning I would pay more (going up by 50%). I had to use my money to pay for my car so they would not raise my monthly payment. Conclusion this insurance dose not care about what happens to your car they just want more money. Horrible insurance...
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Why even pay for insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Pissedoff Jun 04, 2019
...I was backed into while I was in a meeting. My shop kept my car for three whole months and when I finally got it back half the ordered parts weren’t even on my car, barely any of the damage was actually fixed and they refuse to do anything. They paid the shop a month and a half before I even got my car back and now they’re telling me to take it up with the shop. No one I call from there will budge to figure out a fair solution all because someone backed into me while I was in a meeting...
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Terrible Avoid like the plague

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Clint Feb 13, 2019
Had my Truck Stolen recently. The claims process was an absolute nightmare, the adjuster felt her only role was to watch from the sidelines and deny expenses, not helping me through the process, no consultation, no helping deal with the Autobody shop, could not even reach her by phone. Always had to e-mail. My truck was gone for 3 months for repair and came back with a list of issues that I needed to "deal with through the Autobody shop" or fix myself. I was paying insurance for 2 specific reasons 1)to get me back to the place I was before the event 2)to have a helping hand when I did have an issue Instead I got a distant accountant. When I asked to dispute claims items that decided by her with no agreement or consultation with me, I was told here's our dispute mechanism- hire your own appraiser and they can fight it out with ours. Good luck making that work for you. By the way the Appraiser was also terrible, the shop evaluated that my truck needed a batch of Front end work that it did not need (have pics to prove), instead of maybe actually taking a look he just reported to the adjuster only and they agreed to disallow the work meaning no mechanical work was done at all. I got back a truck with a large list of repairs and less functionality. On top of that, I have to deal with the shop warranty process with no help. Stay away from this company!
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Horrible Customer Service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Disappointing customer Jul 21, 2017
...We had the worst experience with Wawanesa due to the agent who was handling the claim. Her name is Sue and she should not be in customer service. The claim was not at fault, the other party's insurance should cover all the costs so we would expect that for the services we are paying, the agent would get on the job and make the arrangements. Sue failed to do so, my husband missed work because the rental wasn't arranged, we ended up taking the car into the nearest shop and ended up paying for HST. No one explained how this works, what happens if...we felt like hiring a lawyer to have him/her work for the other party using our money. We are looking for another company. The company should provide customer service courses for agents like Sue...but from what I am reading about the company...I don't think anyone cares...
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