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Wawanesa refuses to help me

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by Abandoned by wawanesa Jul 04, 2019
...I am a US citizen, female travelling alone on a road trip in Canada. My car was broken into, windows broken, and all my belongings and passport and money was stolen. I called Wawanesa immediately to report it. They said it was a glass only claim because they don’t cover anything but just the glass. I have been on the phone with Wawanesa every day since then, for 5 days. I call the US Wawanesa to help me and they say they can’t help me because I am in Canada (they cover Canada), so they give me the Canadian Wawanesa number to call (Wawanesa is a Canadian company), I call them and the representative actually angrily hung up on me after telling me that I was not his problem because I have a US policy. I call the US side back and they also say they cannot help me. And this has been happening for 5 days while I am SLEEPING IN A CAR WITH NO WINDOWS, while it rains and I am open to being physically assaulted. If anything happens to me, it is WAWANESA FAULT. There have been some kind and understanding phone representatives, but still after 5 days NOTHING has been done. I keep continually being volleyball’d back and forth between the Canadian and US Wawanesa claims Departments and no one will help me at all...
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