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by pablo Jan 26, 2017
... had my insurance with La Capitale when someone did a hit and run with my car. I called them explaining it wasn't a big damage, so I was told they will fill only the information not as a claim and send me someone to review and estimate the damage before claim it. As per the price to repair that it wasn't that big, about 300$, I repaired myself. I called them to let them know I won't claim that hit and run and they said OK it won't be as a claim on your file. After 2 years I moved to another company because they offered me better price and I found La Capitale put in my file the hit and run as a claim and even saying they paid for the repair...1500$. More over they had the garage invoice where supposedly repaired my car. After called them for months I had to do all the paper work to get this fix, which was too much to do. I had to wait couple of year more to have a clean file. Thanks La Capitale !!!
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