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by M. Z Mar 01, 2016
...I called for a quote and I felt I got treated as a second-class citizen because I newly obtained my driver license. The woman who answered the phone had a cold attitude, you can tell she wants to hang up the phone if she is not obliged to finish the quote. They mock your credit rating and force you to make a one time payment of $1700/ year, while no other insurance company does so, La Personnelle, Wawanesa and many more are at least $400 cheaper than La Capitale. After firmly said I'm not interested and do not call back ever again, they have the cheek to call me back on Saturday to harass me. You get a garbage service for a quote, imagine how you will be treated when you ask for a claim...
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by Eugenius Mar 19, 2015
...Hello, called to get a quote but was refused because have 3 claims in 5 years. Agent did not want even listen that they were non-fault with 0 liability from my side. Worst customer service...
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