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Stay Away from La Capitale

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by La Capitale S*ucks Mar 02, 2018
...Worst insurance company ever! Worst experience ever with an automobile insurance company after a claim, they don’t like to pay out, only good to take your money. Even their complaint department is useless! Stay away from this company...
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Worst Experience I've had...

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by CAtoMTL Sep 09, 2014
... I had La Capitale insurance, and decided to change for a provider that had a better rate and coverage. They learned of my cancellation, and tried to charge me a cancellation fee that was nowhere to be found in any portion of my contract with them (contract being the documents we received from La Capitale outlining the complete policy). I was told a variety of reasons why the fee was indisputable, (ranging from “this is just how it is in Quebec” to the their final reason – “it’s what we normally do with everyone, and could not have possibly made a mistake”). I asked for a couple things after the first two highly frustrating phone calls. The first was that a paper invoice be sent at the conclusion of this matter, if that is in fact what they find in their internal investigation. The second is that my case be elevated to a supervisor to review the previous calls to show the obvious discrepancy with their customer service practices, and the wide variety of conflicting information that I was given over multiple calls. The supervisor did no such review, and claimed to not be able to find records of the phone calls. On my conversations with him, he simply acted the part of the other agents I had dealt with, essentially reenacting the previous calls. I reminded him that the individual under his supervision told me was the purpose of the elevation was not to review my case, but to review the customer service records to look for the discrepancies in information that was provided to me that were in conflict with one another. He did no such thing, and was completely unwilling to make any effort. After more than a month of zero communication (no invoice, no result of the La Capitale internal review into my case), I received a letter from the attorney’s of La Capitale (or the legal group hired to ensure that all closed accounts are at zero balance). Upon my call to the collections department at La Capitale, I was told exactly when my phone calls were (information previously “unavailable” to the supervisor that was supposed to conduct the case review). I was also told the account was considered closed, and that documents were sent asking for payment. Again, documents were supposingly sent, but I had never received them. There is obviously a pattern emerging here about La Capitale falsely claiming to send vital mail communications and information. Moving on, when I questioned them about the availability of the information, I was told that the individual I talked to was not a supervisor, but only an insurance agent that was not in the same department, that may not have access to the information on the computer screen. Apparently, rather than being transferred to a supervisor to look into the matter, I was transferred to someone completely in another department. Sort of. Then the said “supervisor” suddenly became part of the department, but not the immediate supervisor of the agent I was speaking with. When I questioned her “facts,” she said again that he was in a different department. Obviously, this did nothing to quell my frustration. This is really the tip of the iceberg about my dealings with this company. Speculatively, I was run around in circle after circle of irrelevant information without my true concern and purpose ever being of true importance...
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