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(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by MissKay Jan 09, 2020
...I have been with Bellair for 4 months now and have had issues with every single billing cycle so far. My insurance was signed at $335 monthly, and every month I have been charged a higher fee for a reason that cannot be explained apparently! This month they tried to charge me twice! I always pay my bills on time so there is no reason for this or any confusion. Another thing was this month I was billed on the 8th when every other month I’ve been billed on the 19th. I do not like that they have access to my account like so to just charge to my card without my permission...
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NSF policy is ridiculous

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Aswan Dec 13, 2019
...I've been with Belair for a few years. No accidents no claims and I at first loved the customer service. Twice I accidentally went NSF. Completely my fault. Last month I noticed my insurance wasn't taken out the date it normally is, but being a weekend I wasn't too worried. I called to make sure everything was good. The agent said oh no your payments come out two days after the date you think it is supposed to ( they said the 12th, I thought the 10th as my policy stated) so here I think, this month is fine! I had unexpected expenses and my pay was going in on the 12th. I thought, no big deal they just confirmed last month my payments come out on the 12th! On the 11th, yesterday they tried to take money out and went NSF. So I call this morning and told one, the last agent I spoke to was wrong. It was the 10th, two this is my fourth non-payment ( which if it was consistent back to back, I get it, but over the span of several years you are still counting?) and they will not reinstate my period. No option to pay a reinstate and NSF fee on top of my monthly payment. My payment wouldn't have gone NSF if i wasn't told incorrect information by their staff! The response was the non-payment is not seen in their system yet and to call back next week so they can “ look into it” and see if they can make an exception. Belair won't take money out from a credit card, won't confirm the correct dates payments are taken out. Your strike count gets added no matter how long you are in standing. And now I'm penalized for the employee's error? Reading the other comments I'm now worried i won't even be able to afford the cancellation fee! Talk about merry Christmas...
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Avoid at all costs- Scammed

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Scammed Customer Oct 08, 2019
...This insurance company is almost criminal in nature. Wrote off a 4-month-old Mazda 3 with 8000kms on the odometer. Personally paid $34,000 for it from the dealer in May 2019 for the car brand new. Belair wrote a cheque for $27,500 claiming that's the best they can offer since the car is now considered pre-owned. This company does nothing but beat around the bush and take advantage of their customers. Their level of customer service is absolutely pathetic. They're scammers point-blank. Spend your money on a reputable insurance company instead of these jokers...
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Glad I cancelled!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Cody Sep 17, 2019
...My experience has been awful since the renewal of my insurance. After being a customer of 5 years my insurance was put back to what I was originally paying my 1st year as a customer. After finding cheaper insurance I decided to cancel with BellAir. When I cancelled on Sept 3rd I had a payment going out that night. I was told they are going to still take it but I will receive it back within 5 business days. After not receiving my payment back within 5 days I called again and was told they have a date and it will be back in my account by the 17th. Again after not receiving it by the 17th, I called again 1st time had a rude representative and was hung up. And 2nd time was told again that my money is going to be in my account by Sep 19th. Overall I hate that I wasted 5 years with this company...
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Took my money twice

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Mtngal23 Sep 17, 2019
...First time in 2018 the girl who charged my premium called and said she never authorized the charge so Belair reversed the money to her without contacting me even though they have the audio recording of her authorizing it they reversed my money to her and my yearly rate. So I repaid my yearly rate and then the following year I went monthly as I knew I would be leaving them. Now at the end of my term, I gave notice and they still pulled out the new higher amount and I have waited over 2 weeks now for my money to be given back to me. No one from the privacy department will own up to what they did stating they would refund anyone calling saying they want the money back even if that party was paid leaving the one like me to chase people in court for the money they took from me. If I could give them a zero star I would. I have never had a late payment and no claims ever with the 8 years or more with them. Beware...
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