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Avoid at all costs- Scammed

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Scammed Customer Oct 08, 2019
...This insurance company is almost criminal in nature. Wrote off a 4-month-old Mazda 3 with 8000kms on the odometer. Personally paid $34,000 for it from the dealer in May 2019 for the car brand new. Belair wrote a cheque for $27,500 claiming that's the best they can offer since the car is now considered pre-owned. This company does nothing but beat around the bush and take advantage of their customers. Their level of customer service is absolutely pathetic. They're scammers point-blank. Spend your money on a reputable insurance company instead of these jokers...
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Glad I cancelled!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Cody Sep 17, 2019
...My experience has been awful since the renewal of my insurance. After being a customer of 5 years my insurance was put back to what I was originally paying my 1st year as a customer. After finding cheaper insurance I decided to cancel with BellAir. When I cancelled on Sept 3rd I had a payment going out that night. I was told they are going to still take it but I will receive it back within 5 business days. After not receiving my payment back within 5 days I called again and was told they have a date and it will be back in my account by the 17th. Again after not receiving it by the 17th, I called again 1st time had a rude representative and was hung up. And 2nd time was told again that my money is going to be in my account by Sep 19th. Overall I hate that I wasted 5 years with this company...
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Took my money twice

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Mtngal23 Sep 17, 2019
...First time in 2018 the girl who charged my premium called and said she never authorized the charge so Belair reversed the money to her without contacting me even though they have the audio recording of her authorizing it they reversed my money to her and my yearly rate. So I repaid my yearly rate and then the following year I went monthly as I knew I would be leaving them. Now at the end of my term, I gave notice and they still pulled out the new higher amount and I have waited over 2 weeks now for my money to be given back to me. No one from the privacy department will own up to what they did stating they would refund anyone calling saying they want the money back even if that party was paid leaving the one like me to chase people in court for the money they took from me. If I could give them a zero star I would. I have never had a late payment and no claims ever with the 8 years or more with them. Beware...
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Worst Company ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by amohummed Aug 22, 2019
...Belair Direct raised my car insurance by 30% because I moved next door... Literally moved from apt 103 to apt 102 in the same building and I have the same parking spot and driving habits. Worst company ever... I would never buy insurance from them ever. This company is designed to steal your money and provide you with little to no service. Avoid at all costs...
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Stay Away at All Costs

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by chelseaod Aug 09, 2019
...We have been a Belair client for years and have never been in an accident. Unfortunately, about 6 weeks ago, we got into our first accident and have had the displeasure of having to go through the Belair claims process. The initial intake process was smooth and relatively painless and the customer service was friendly. That is when things took a terrible turn. After a week and a half, it was determined that the vehicle was a “total loss” meaning it was being written-off and it was determined (wrongfully) by our adjuster that we were “at-fault”, despite the police report stating the opposite (there was an officer on-scene who happened to witness the accident). This is when the nightmare began. First, they rushed to send us an email settlement offer (which we did not receive as it ended up in the junk folder) and terminated our rental vehicle coverage on the same day the settlement was “presented” without notifying us. We learned that the rental car coverage had been terminated 3 days afterwards, only because we called to follow-up on the status of our claim. It was on this call that we were advised that a settlement offer had been made, and had to search through our junk mail to find it. After reviewing the offer it took three emails and three phone calls to our adjuster to FINALLY get a call back on the issue of ‘fault’. Both the police that attended on the scene and at the collision reporting centre agreed that it was the other driver’s fault. However, Belair, when prompted for an explanation, simply said the other driver’s statement was the reason for their determination. Rather than choosing to follow the police report and represent our best interests as their client, they decided to take the other insurance company’s position. We have escalated this to a ‘manager’ and were supposed to get a call back in 24 to 48 hours. We are going on three days now and have yet to receive a call back on this point. With respect to the settlement, the offer was woefully below ‘fair market value’. We have been back and forth over twenty emails now, providing them with comparables for sale in addition to values calculated through both Kelley Blue Book and Canadian Black Book's total loss evaluation tool and have only managed to get them to go from about $2,600 to $3,600 (all comparables are in the $4800-5800 range). We are only asking for $4,600, but they are deciding to dig in their heels over less than $1,000. Finally, I asked them to provide their valuation methodology and comparables. They provided me with a list of 5 "comparables" all of which have between 55,000-65,000 kms more than my vehicle (not to mention one of the vehicles has a manual transmission where ours was an automatic). The moral of this story is that if you are looking for an insurance company that, in the rare instance of an accident which is an understandably very stressful time, will support you and help alleviate some of the stress, do NOT consider Belair as an option. They will add ten times more stress than the initial incident itself and drag out the process and do whatever it takes to pay out as little as possible, hoping that you just give up and accept their low-ball offer out of frustration. Save yourself the stress and aggravation and run as far away from this company as possible. The online reviews do not lie. You are better off paying higher premiums and actually having an insurance company that looks after you and offers superior customer service and a proper payout in the unlikely event of an accident...
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Terrible Insurance Company

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by 1 pissed off customer Aug 09, 2019
...The customer service is terrible the people are so disrespectful, I get asked if they can help me with anything else when they never answered the question, and when I told them they weren't listening. And they had to say, "is there anything else I can help you with". Yes, you could listen to me and answer my questions. Also, I called to confirm payment for 7 days straight and was told everytime that the payment went through and I wouldn't be charged any charges then a week later I get a letter in the mail saying I haven't paid and that I owe them $80 in charges. So don't believe a word they say. Don't waste your time on them at all, just so you know Belair this is literally the first review I've ever written, so you should feel special that you've annoyed me so much that I decided to type all this out to you and your further clients...
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