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Way overpriced

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by TT from Ottawa Mar 05, 2020
...I've made three claims with this company, once for my home, which was NOT paid, and twice for my vehicle, one of which was an at-fault accident. We paid for accident forgiveness, and then we had an at-fault accident and my insurance spiked by about $450 per year. Why am I paying for something and not receiving it? I am sure if I followed up with them, I would get a bunch of excuses about industry standards, blah, blah... but considering for that first claim, I had to shell out an extra $1200 for OM parts when my vehicle was brand new, that blather isn't going to be well-received. The insurance adjuster for that at-fault claim was an absolute incompetent on a power trip. I would be changing insurance companies if I could. But of course, without already having accident forgiveness with another company, we're pretty much screwed for a couple of years...
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