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Claims Service

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by S.B. Mar 28, 2019
...When calling for updates any service agent that answers are able to call up my file and answer my questions immediately. No being put on hold and listening to annoying music...
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Juices customers on 2nd year

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Zack Mar 16, 2019
...I do NOT recommend Belair under any circumstances. No one wants to deal with insurance companies more than they need to. Wasting hours on the phone isn't fun. Belair sent me an email after one year of coverage, reasonably priced, saying that my new term would come up soon. I had to log into to see the changes. I logged in and rates were increasing 28% (in one year) for a 36-year-old married woman with a perfect driving record and no claims. (My car is a 2017 Chevy) This is bad business. I gave them a chance to explain and they put me on hold and wasted more of my time before giving me a response that had nothing to do with me. (Other people's claims caused my rate to go up.) Don't get involved with this company, it practices bad business...
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Claim Process

(4.5 out of 5 stars)
by pouyagh Mar 03, 2019
...It was my first experience having to deal with an insurance claim and the process was fairly convenient. However, since many people are like me, first-time accidents, it would be better to break things down further for the likes of us and assure we are given the information that reduces the stress of having to deal with this unwanted incident. The reason for mentioning this is because at first call, I was told I don't have a rental coverage for my car and I was panicking to get a car and get on with my life, and later when the claim was processed I was told that my rental has been arranged by my insurance because I wasn't at fault which was a big relief. In summary, I would have expected to have this information first hand...
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Read this and think twice

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by James T K Jan 21, 2019
...Been with Belair for 5 years. This past summer 2018 I had a comprehensive claim as I was hit by a flying tire from another driver, who got charged $5000 in damage to my new 2017 Ram truck. The insurance was handled by Intact, who is the underwriter for Belairdirect. Firstly, they tried delaying the process because of a $5 per day difference in towing company charges for storage. Finally, I intervened and got that settled because they wanted to sue the towing company while my truck was in their compound and not at the dealer getting fixed, which could take weeks in the court system. After that, they were great (Intact Adjuster) and fixed my vehicle, no problems. Come Renewal of all things, they hiked my rates up by 30% and even though I still had a 22% discount using their automerit program, it was a huge increase. I called with my concerns of the rate hike even though I wasn't at fault but still had a claim. They offered a further 5% for my wife if she used automerit. I said ok, no problem. The guy on the phone was courteous and helpful and said he would get that done. A week later I get a letter telling me my wife doesn't qualify for the automerit program and rates won't change. I then called Cooperators Group and was offered a rate 35% less than Belair, and I told them I had the claim etc, they did a background check to verify and still honoured the rate $600 less than Belairdirect. Suffice to say, I cancelled my renewal with Belairdirect. Any claim and they hike the rates up on you. And I should say they didn't hike the rate up on my Ram truck that had the claim, they just applied it to my older 2012 Camry! Trying to say the claim wasn't due to the truck...
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My Belair claim experience

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Scott Jan 19, 2019
...I had my 2007 Mazdaspeed 6 insured with Belair, I loved that car. A small parking lot fender bender and they decided it wasn't economical to repair. Ok, I can deal with that, I'm a grown man, time for a change! Just had to deal with the claim... Called and started it off fine, arranged to get it towed the next day but no one showed up... After I finally got in contact with the towing company, two weeks later, it came to light that Belair had given them the wrong phone number for me, but also the wrong address by about 500km! The people working the phones in about 6 how call centers were very helpful as they bounced my call to the closest one to me. They got my car towed away the same day. A month and a half after the accident I finally got paid off for the car and could start looking for something new to drive. I never knew that dealing with insurance would be such a stressor and pain. If I ever come back to Belair, it will have been my last choice...
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Belairdirect = mauvais service

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Christopher Jan 09, 2019
...Un service plutot ordinaire, la personne s'occupant de mon dossier ne ma jamais rappeler. J'ai du les appeler à chaque fois pour avoir la moindre avancement dans mon dossier. Cela a pris 2 mois pour negocier avec le Locateur, mais meme si 3 evaluateurs leur donnaient raison Belair a quant meme accepeter de me faire perdre plusieurs milliers de dollards qui iront a la méga compagnie et non leur client. Très deçu de leur actions et de la Directrice du Service Réclamation...
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