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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Silah Nov 16, 2019
...Their Auto Merit Program is another way of taking money from you!!! I got my final quote without the auto merit program because I told them I can't download the app. After 2 months they increased my premium by 15%, saying because I didn't enroll on their auto merit. That was not even mentioned in the policy. I called their office and obviously, they will not change it because they have to be consistent on taking money from customers apart from the premium which is just the legal part of the contract, and they get used to that and having more is not enough for them, so, they find ways to rob you. Had I known how bad they make business, I would haven't even click their website...
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classic bait and switch!!!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by vijay Nov 09, 2019
...I contacted Belair direct for a new auto insurance quote. They quoted me an incredible price, and after 10 minutes with the agent, I was transferred to another agent to close the deal. I have been continuously licensed for 24 years (1995 until now), and have had no claims or tickets. I was pleased with the price which was significantly cheaper than other insurance companies. I gave them my driver's license number and my wife's and then after 40 mins on the phone with them, he informs me the quote has gone up 25% because their database only goes back to 2000, and I don't get credit for my driving from 1995-2000 (ages 16-21). They suggested I get a driver's abstract from Alberta which of course is almost impossible to do from Ontario, and would require me to travel there (which they know beforehand). This was clearly made up to increase my premium. Don't waste your time contacting them, it is all too good to be true!!! Classic bait and switch. You'll waste an hour and they will try to fleece you...
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Beware of Getting Quotes

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Melissa D Oct 22, 2019
...I've been a Bellair Direct client for 2 years. I called in to get a quote on an additional vehicle for insurance. I spoke about using the new car for business. The representative wrote down all my quote information and sent it to an underwriter who declined the coverage for commercial use. They told me I could call in to cancel coverage if I go with another company. A few days later I call in to ask for a quote on personal use of the additional vehicle instead of business use. They told me they can't cover the new one, and my coverage on the OLD car is set to be automatically cancelled within one week because I am "using my vehicle for business". Quotes are not just quotes at Bellair. If you inquire, they can and will cancel you on the spot. I now have to find regular insurance elsewhere...
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not as advertised

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by marko p. Oct 05, 2019
...I went online to get a quote, the price seemed good, so I called the next evening to finalize, was shocked to find my quote had changed by over 800.00 dollars! Asked representative why the difference in 24 hours, he replied that the price that I had from their web site included a discount if I bundled my house insurance with them. I explained to the representative that I did not ask for home insurance as I already have a good rate, and they should honour their quote, I asked the representative that I want to talk to his supervisor, he replied that there is no supervisor, but they have a customer experience team. I said: let me talk to them. You can't they will call you! Well, a week has gone by and no call or email. Very unprofessional and disappointed in the way this matter was handled...
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