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Worse company ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Lorie Jun 20, 2020
...I was not impressed with this company at all, every time I would ask them something they would have an excuse and not give a straight answer. Also, they are money grabbers! I got an accident last year with one vehicle and female driver just under 25 and for no reason at all my premium went up to 400 dollars which is insane I have had other companies offer way lower, even with the COVID discount they didn’t offer it to me I had to ask and still waiting didn’t get even though told them I’m not working. Not a company I would recommend at all...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by bag May 26, 2020
...I asked them for a COVID discount today (for my mother) and they will only base it on starting moving forward. Nobody knows how long this will last... And who knew from the beginning how long it will last? No one from Belair ever reached out to her. She drives 2,500 km's per year. At the same time, they are trying to upsell her on the very same call: Car accident forgiveness Roadside Assistance Car rental if not her fault???? Calling for COVID discount and they are trying to get more money from a senior citizen during this epidemic?!? Real sad and desperate on their part. They are offering an $18 per month discount. My insurance company sent me a cheque for 25% of my monthly policy and not 1 call was made. Just a letter in the mail with a cheque. I hope Belair is one of those companies that will need a trustee due to this pandemic...all to do with greed. Tomorrow we start looking for a new home and car insurance The best part...they keep $300 for a cancellation fee. STAY AWAY from Belair...
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Accident Forgiveness is a SCAM

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by PC Apr 13, 2020
...I joined Belair during 2016 when they had their big “Accident Forgiveness” campaign. Now, four years later, after my first collision, I find out that accident forgiveness was not added to my policy and no one at any point told me it needed to be added. Then the person on the phone said I could add it with my next car, forgetting that I JUST HAD A COLLISION and am no longer eligible. She made sure to highlight they’re the only Canadian Company offering accident forgiveness, but that doesn’t matter if it can’t actually get it. Once they pay me out for my car I am likely never dealing with them again...
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