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Belair Automerit Discount

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by D_Winds Nov 23, 2019
...Unhappy with the news today. Got an email this morning about an "updated policy". Because my app on the phone to monitor my driving habits was not used in over 30 days, my account was cancelled, and all the discount associated with it. 6 months of good driving data, disappeared. Had a discount of $~45 per month after I've been using this Automerit App, and now the monthly has increased by $90. Talking to them over the phone, they say that the premium is something about making up the difference since I have pre-payments going on for the term. I thought this discount would be permanent, but no luck. Now I have to be monitored for another 6 months...
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not as advertised

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by marko p. Oct 05, 2019
...I went online to get a quote, the price seemed good, so I called the next evening to finalize, was shocked to find my quote had changed by over 800.00 dollars! Asked representative why the difference in 24 hours, he replied that the price that I had from their web site included a discount if I bundled my house insurance with them. I explained to the representative that I did not ask for home insurance as I already have a good rate, and they should honour their quote, I asked the representative that I want to talk to his supervisor, he replied that there is no supervisor, but they have a customer experience team. I said: let me talk to them. You can't they will call you! Well, a week has gone by and no call or email. Very unprofessional and disappointed in the way this matter was handled...
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