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My accident experience

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Gail Dec 12, 2019
...So pleased with recent MVA claim experience and overall dealings with company. I have used this company since I was eligible when it was Grey Power. Rates excellent. Service during resolution of my recent claim was outstanding as was the repair facility that was recommended...
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Belair Automerit Discount

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by D_Winds Nov 23, 2019
...Unhappy with the news today. Got an email this morning about an "updated policy". Because my app on the phone to monitor my driving habits was not used in over 30 days, my account was cancelled, and all the discount associated with it. 6 months of good driving data, disappeared. Had a discount of $~45 per month after I've been using this Automerit App, and now the monthly has increased by $90. Talking to them over the phone, they say that the premium is something about making up the difference since I have pre-payments going on for the term. I thought this discount would be permanent, but no luck. Now I have to be monitored for another 6 months...
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0 Star Rating!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Silah Nov 16, 2019
...Their Auto Merit Program is another way of taking money from you!!! I got my final quote without the auto merit program because I told them I can't download the app. After 2 months they increased my premium by 15%, saying because I didn't enroll on their auto merit. That was not even mentioned in the policy. I called their office and obviously, they will not change it because they have to be consistent on taking money from customers apart from the premium which is just the legal part of the contract, and they get used to that and having more is not enough for them, so, they find ways to rob you. Had I known how bad they make business, I would haven't even click their website...
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More money

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jay Nov 13, 2019
...Been with Belairdirect for over 7 years and they want a cancellation fee. Every year my insurance goes up. Never down. I have never been in an accident. I am a professional driver with a Dz license but they don’t even consider that. They should lower the insurance for the people who actually know how to drive and don’t get tickets or claims. I will never use this company again and I will be telling everyone I know not to use this company...
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Worst Insurance Company Ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by BS Nov 12, 2019
...Was a loyal Belair customer for 10 years. When I split up with my spouse I called them to remove him from my insurance policy and a month later they informed me that my upcoming renewal would actually be more money than when we had two cars and 2 drivers. They also informed me that my personal 10-star rating would be dropped to a four-star to "accommodate the change". This made no sense so, I spoke to two different representatives who could not get any logical explanation of what they were talking about and ended up just cancelling going elsewhere and saving over half. I don't recommend this company! They are unethical and they will jack your rates with absolutely no explanation or reason. I also cancelled well within my policy guidelines and they are trying to take a cancellation fee from me...
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Is there a 0 Star Rating?

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Nurse W Oct 28, 2019
...My family has been with BelairDirect, also under Intact Insurance for many years. I was involved in a hit and run accident in 2018 at 0645 am and filed a collision report and report it to insurance. Because there were no witnesses or dash cams, the company was unable to determine which driver was at fault even if the person who caused the crash failed to stop after an accident. With the license plate number and the description of the car in hand, I was still unable to prove that I was not at fault. The police investigation was poorly done where a call was made to the driver's company (the vehicle was part of a company fleet insurance policy) and the driver had denied the hit, claimed that I had hit him. Intact was only able to offer me a 50/50 claim, my car wasn't worth fixing as it is an older model, it would not have benefitted me to claim anything to fix the vehicle at that point. The rep who handled my claim was unwilling to help me investigate further and come to terms with the other party's insurance policy. Simply told me there is no way around it. The claims representative failed to document the many phone calls exchanged between the times I had called in to inquire, and also left me voicemails to say that I had not been able to be reached within 2 months when I have called to their company during working hours to no response. Then the case was closed because "they were unable to contact me". Fast forward 1 year later, I had switched insurance companies and am with a new policy. The new company was able to offer me a competitive rate since the claim on my file was at 0% fault. I was just notified by my new company that BelairDirect had gone back, a year later and made changes to my claim, making it my fault for what had previously happened. Now the new company needs to increase my rate to +$130 a month because of this. I had called back to Belair to inquire about this new "change" and they claimed nothing was changed. Beware of this company, they are not looking to help you with your claim. The reps are misleading and want you to take the route that will benefit the company. On top of that, after I had sent my vehicle to Assured Collision for a quote on the repair, the rep had gone MIA and pretended that she has not received the report...
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arbitrary deductible increase

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by malbu Oct 22, 2019
...I received two letters dated the same day from Belairdirect. One letter informed me that "given the age of the vehicle, we would like".. "you send us photos of your vehicle, taken from all sides, within 30 days." The other letter informed me that "after careful review of the policy", which I have been holding for more than 20 years, "and based on new information"..." your collision and comprehensive deductibles have been increased to $1000". That means more than double. The agent on the phone was not able to clarify what "new information" it was referring to. Is it common to have the deductible raised abruptly once the car is 20 years old? There was no inquiry about any technical or mechanical data or maintenance etc. It seems to me that this company is making decisions arbitrarily trying to appear as objective and reasonable as possible. As numerous posts mentioned already, this is not a reliable alternative to the only (mandatory) ICBC. Drivers in BC have little freedom of choice...
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Lied about cancellation fees

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by BlondieSL Oct 21, 2019
...I was tired of Belair's constantly rising rates, so I started shopping around. I found insurance with a well-known company, that was almost $600 a year less expensive as well as FULL COVERAGE and 1/2 the rate for deductible as Belair. Before jumping, I called Belair to confirm how much the cancellation fees are going to be. I was told a certain price if I did so before a specific date in Oct. If I waited until after that date, the rate would be almost 3 TIMES AS MUCH! So I cancelled immediately and signed up for the other company right away. I discovered that Belair still took out the fee for Oct/Nov! I called them and had to speak to 2 different people. Both people insisted that the cancellation fee was now the price, 3 times as much as I was quoted. Not only did they ILLEGALLY take out more money than agreed, but STILL EXPECT more! Supposedly a manager will call tomorrow, but I've dealt with the same companies before, so I know how that will go. I am investigating the steps I need to do to lodge an official complaint with IBC, Insurance Bureau of Canada as well as FSCO, Financial Services Commission of Ontario. I'm also going to investigate just how many complaints are lodged about Belair. While they are ripping me off, it will be the last and I'm so glad to get away from this corrupt company!!!
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Glad I cancelled!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Cody Sep 17, 2019
...My experience has been awful since the renewal of my insurance. After being a customer of 5 years my insurance was put back to what I was originally paying my 1st year as a customer. After finding cheaper insurance I decided to cancel with BellAir. When I cancelled on Sept 3rd I had a payment going out that night. I was told they are going to still take it but I will receive it back within 5 business days. After not receiving my payment back within 5 days I called again and was told they have a date and it will be back in my account by the 17th. Again after not receiving it by the 17th, I called again 1st time had a rude representative and was hung up. And 2nd time was told again that my money is going to be in my account by Sep 19th. Overall I hate that I wasted 5 years with this company...
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Increase deductible

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Gman Sep 13, 2019
...I have several cars insured with Belairdirect. I just received an email from them stating "After careful review of the policy mentioned above and based on new information, the following modifications will be made to the policy as of the effective date indicated above: Increasing your comprehensive deductible from $200 to $1000. Your revised policy will follow shortly." I've never had an issue Canadian Direct (their predecessor) for approx 30 years. With this particular vehicle we've had two claims in 10 years. The claims were 1 windshield replacement and last year the back window blew out when I was replacing a hatch strut. Needless to say with this type of customer service attitude they will be losing my business on all my vehicles. I'll also share this on social media...
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