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Car Insurance Increased by 9%

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Paul B Sep 13, 2020
...My Albertan Car Insurance renewal premium increased by 9% for 2020-2021 - this when I had no claims in 2019 (minor one in 2018), plus I recently retired (so no driving to work), plus my wife (retired nurse) and I are now on a fixed pensionable income), plus I changed from high risk, downtown condo address with monthly break-ins to a garaged, suburban residential address - and all this when Alberta has suffered severe economic downturn due to collapse in oil price, plus COVID/pandemic economic hardship and massive job losses across Canada... So despite this, my car insurance premium INCREASED by 9%. I phoned to query and wasn't given a satisfactory explanation or justification. I will definitely move insurance companies. Price gouging for seniors nor appreciated...
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Steep premium increases

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Deniz S Aug 21, 2020
...Stayed 4 years for this insurance provider, I chose because they gave me the best price but after 4 years without any accident, claim or any ticket it went to a 70% increase and could take it anymore and I cancelled even though renewal already in place so I have to pay them 186$ admin fee. But still happy see get out of them. My yearly total cost was 1024 / year (2016,) İncreased 1270 a year later, 1460 another year and now asked 1780! Then it was enough for us and we cancelled...
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Worse company ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Lorie Jun 20, 2020
...I was not impressed with this company at all, every time I would ask them something they would have an excuse and not give a straight answer. Also, they are money grabbers! I got an accident last year with one vehicle and female driver just under 25 and for no reason at all my premium went up to 400 dollars which is insane I have had other companies offer way lower, even with the COVID discount they didn’t offer it to me I had to ask and still waiting didn’t get even though told them I’m not working. Not a company I would recommend at all...
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Only Friendly Until Claim

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by DD May 21, 2020
...Rates were pretty competitive and customer service was good on the sales side but found very different treatment when I had to make a claim. Zero fault auto claim started with high pressure, low ball offer when they wrote off my truck. When I asked questions about the settlement amount, the adjuster started cancelling my extras, like no extension on my rental car. That was followed by threats of storage fees applied to my wrecked vehicle if I did not settle by a certain date. After being bullied into accepting their offer, they took two weeks to release my claim amount citing COVID delays. I certainly wasn't allowed the same courtesy...
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Huge cancellation fees

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Ravi.d Apr 15, 2020
...Worst customer service... These people either don't care what their customers happy or they just have really bad employees (most of them). I called in to cancel my auto insurance since they kept increasing by premium every month, and the agent asking me again and again "are you sure about it, what do you mean you are not using your car!!!". I mean seriously, what he wants from me, should I beg to cancel my policy, also he was acting like he was high or something... they charged me $185 to cancellation fees. Now if we searched on google, it says max. Up to 10% of the full-year payment. So I did the math, my full-year premium was $1700 and for even $1700, 10% is not $185. And I was in the middle of my year, so half of the premium I've already paid. This is the highest amount of cancellation fees I have ever seen...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by 5 hour customer. Mar 07, 2020
...Avoid at all costs if at all possible. I have been with them for 5 hours and they've already increased my agreed-upon rate by 1000$! You can cancel if you'd like for a fee of course. SCAM! DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH THIS COMPANY...
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Way overpriced

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by TT from Ottawa Mar 05, 2020
...I've made three claims with this company, once for my home, which was NOT paid, and twice for my vehicle, one of which was an at-fault accident. We paid for accident forgiveness, and then we had an at-fault accident and my insurance spiked by about $450 per year. Why am I paying for something and not receiving it? I am sure if I followed up with them, I would get a bunch of excuses about industry standards, blah, blah... but considering for that first claim, I had to shell out an extra $1200 for OM parts when my vehicle was brand new, that blather isn't going to be well-received. The insurance adjuster for that at-fault claim was an absolute incompetent on a power trip. I would be changing insurance companies if I could. But of course, without already having accident forgiveness with another company, we're pretty much screwed for a couple of years...
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Worst experience.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Josh Mar 05, 2020
...I’ve dealt with multiple insurance companies, Belairdirect is by far the worst. They will happily take your money but will do everything possible to get out of paying money or simply doing their job. I had an accident in November, got injured and my car was totalled. It’s now March, haven’t gotten a penny. And now they are trying to push off the injury payment to the insurance company I signed up for a month after the accident occurred. The whole time, I am still being told to pay insurance (for a car that isn’t on the road anymore) so that my account stays open in hopes of eventually getting coverage for the damage done to my car. If looking for insurance, Belairdirect is cheap, but don’t follow through with anything committed...
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