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(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Too talL May 10, 2019
...I believe Belair should be more informed of what the facilities they send clients to are capable of and what care these facilities take with vehicles. My truck went in for a front bumper and came out with a scratch across the tailgate. A better screening process of these facilities would be more beneficial for Belair and it's clients...
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Car Insurance experience

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Grateful Senior Apr 18, 2019
...Belair's adjustor handled my claim in a clear, calm, reassuring manner, reducing the stress I felt after 'hit and run' damage to my new Lexus. Coverage included a rental car which was most helpful given the time it took to repair the car...
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Great communication

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Cherry 7 Jazz Apr 05, 2019
...I was originally concerned because they were one of the better-priced insurance companies we found, so my concern is that I would potentially experience poor customer service - but not at all. We have had to do a window chip claim which was quick and easy. Then when someone else dented the side of our car, we had to go into a body shop. Even though I had to deal with a claims agent, repair shop, and a car rental company, it felt like dealing with just one company. Everyone I interacted with was friendly, respectful, and effective at their job. Expectations were clearly communicated so I knew what I had to pay for (or not pay for), what information they required from me, how much time it would take to complete repairs, and how the drop off/pick up would occur. The coordination of the insurance company with their partnered businesses is amazing and left me stress-free through the process. We also had an instance where we wanted to understand the transfer of insurance to a rental car when we were going on vacation. The rep we spoke with was extremely helpful and clear. They were able to process our request and update the information for us promptly so we had what we needed in time for our trip. Glad we checked and glad we added the extra $ for the added driver on our rental insurance...
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Worst insurance ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Aaron Mar 13, 2019
...Someone hit my brother's car, Belairdirect wanted him to fix at their recommended body shop. The body shop has taken almost 5 months to fix it. Still not done yet. First, the insurance said they will cover the car rental whatever time that body shop take to repair if my brother agrees to fix the car there, now they take their words back and want my brother to pay for the car rental because the $limit ran out...
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Excellent Insurer but read on.

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Stewie Feb 15, 2019
...Experience with Belair has been excellent. I've been with them for about 10 years and had three not-at-faults during that time. In each case, they have been great. They need to tighten up on their approved body shops, however. My last experience was rather negative compared to the first two. The body shop took an immediate appraisal then delayed taking the car in for 3 weeks. It then took more than 4 weeks to repair the car while they "waited for parts to arrive" - they had three weeks to pre-order and didn't. The repair shop was also a bit shy in updating me. Only when I gave them an ultimatum that I couldn't pick up the car for another week if they delayed again because I would be overseas, did they finally get their act together and deliver. The final job appears to have been done to a good standard, from outer inspection. The car was cleaned inside and out nicely. The itemized bill had a few head-scratchers on it that Belair should look more closely at as they review the suitability of their repair partners. Bottom line: Belair is very good as an insurer but if you're unlucky enough to need their services, choose your repair shop wisely because it makes the difference between a good experience and a bad one...
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Read this and think twice

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by James T K Jan 21, 2019
...Been with Belair for 5 years. This past summer 2018 I had a comprehensive claim as I was hit by a flying tire from another driver, who got charged $5000 in damage to my new 2017 Ram truck. The insurance was handled by Intact, who is the underwriter for Belairdirect. Firstly, they tried delaying the process because of a $5 per day difference in towing company charges for storage. Finally, I intervened and got that settled because they wanted to sue the towing company while my truck was in their compound and not at the dealer getting fixed, which could take weeks in the court system. After that, they were great (Intact Adjuster) and fixed my vehicle, no problems. Come Renewal of all things, they hiked my rates up by 30% and even though I still had a 22% discount using their automerit program, it was a huge increase. I called with my concerns of the rate hike even though I wasn't at fault but still had a claim. They offered a further 5% for my wife if she used automerit. I said ok, no problem. The guy on the phone was courteous and helpful and said he would get that done. A week later I get a letter telling me my wife doesn't qualify for the automerit program and rates won't change. I then called Cooperators Group and was offered a rate 35% less than Belair, and I told them I had the claim etc, they did a background check to verify and still honoured the rate $600 less than Belairdirect. Suffice to say, I cancelled my renewal with Belairdirect. Any claim and they hike the rates up on you. And I should say they didn't hike the rate up on my Ram truck that had the claim, they just applied it to my older 2012 Camry! Trying to say the claim wasn't due to the truck...
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