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Do not get this insurance.

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by Belairdirect Jul 07, 2020
...Do not get this insurance! In the recent hailstorm that hit Calgary this June 2020, I was if not first one from the first people that started the claim, the rain was still falling, all the neighbors couldn't believe what was going on and I did my claim right away. Well, today July 7th my car is just going to start getting fix, all my neighbors cars are fixed or claims settled. We have the worst adjuster we had ever dealt with. She never called us, we had to do the entire process by ourselves, she is useless, to the full extent of the word!!! We had to follow up with the entire process, she never called weeks pass and we never hear from her. Every time I had to call the tow company, to get a rental, to tow it to the other repair facility, and so for. Having this adjuster and nothing is the same! In July 2nd we called the call-center to ask about what was going to happen to our rental (because the adjuster didn't do her job at all and nothing was getting done! We did all the calls and followed up, thanks to us the car is getting fix, not the useless adjuster) that 10,000 claims were made is not an excuse, other insurers did by far a better job than this 3 people together. Worst customer service ever. SO in the call center, the lady said "Don't worry honey, I have been doing this for 25 years, I will extend your rental 1 more week. Then the next day at about 4 pm someone called and left a message saying that our rental has to turn back, it was Friday 4 pm, after listening to this we tried to call back but all adjusters were gone. So Monday we called and spoke to our adjuster she was a useless sound like a broken record with no listening skills at all. So we asked to talk to the Manager, he listened and understood that they made a mistake but didn't want to take responsibility for it, what kind of manager do that. Zero management skills at all. So we did return the rental today Monday and had to pay for 2 days out of our pockets for a CALL CENTER REPRESENTATIVE MISTAKE and a useless adjuster and a manager that all she knows to say is "yes, they need some coaching" of course they do and in the meantime, it is costing me money and finally a rude, unprofessional, manager with zero skills! I Can't wait to switch insurance. Get a real insurance company, not this joke...
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