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Car Insurance Increased by 9%

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by Paul B Sep 13, 2020
...My Albertan Car Insurance renewal premium increased by 9% for 2020-2021 - this when I had no claims in 2019 (minor one in 2018), plus I recently retired (so no driving to work), plus my wife (retired nurse) and I are now on a fixed pensionable income), plus I changed from high risk, downtown condo address with monthly break-ins to a garaged, suburban residential address - and all this when Alberta has suffered severe economic downturn due to collapse in oil price, plus COVID/pandemic economic hardship and massive job losses across Canada... So despite this, my car insurance premium INCREASED by 9%. I phoned to query and wasn't given a satisfactory explanation or justification. I will definitely move insurance companies. Price gouging for seniors nor appreciated...
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