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by Frustrated Jul 01, 2014
...I went with them because they were the cheapest, but not by much. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. I got auto insurance from them a year ago, and made the unfortunate decision to pay by credit card. Apparently, if you elect to do this they will not renew your policy automatically the next year, even though the credit card is still good. I was unaware of this factoid, but more importantly I was not told this, and I know I wasn't because when I do renegotiate insurance of any kind I keep detailed notes in a word document. To be fair, I did receive an e-mail 2 days before my insurance was due to expire, but I didn't read it carefully assuming that it was the typical friendly notice that it's coming due, and that if I did nothing it would it has for the past 28 years I've been driving! I ignored it, which was my fault but...they CANCELLED my insurance without telling me! I was eventually informed 2 weeks later via a snail-mail letter that I've been without insurance for the entire time. No phone call, no further e-mail, and if I had been in an accident or even pulled over it would have been at least a 10K fine! Some of the above is attributable to me in part, though I think it should be illegal to cancel auto insurance without telling a customer, given the legal ramifications in Alberta. However, trying to regain the insurance was a nightmare. I called 7 times, was place on hold repeatedly for unreasonably long periods of time, tried to use their callback feature twice and actually spoke to no less than 4 people, of which only one was helpful (he was awesome). All others passed the buck and stated that it wasn't their department, and couldn't (wouldn't) help. The bottom line is this: customer service is absolutely horrible for the most part. I feel they are understaffed and undertrained. God help you if you actually need some help with something more pressing, like an accident claim. After two days of trying, I gave up and went with a competing insurance wait time and much, much easier...
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