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terrible service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by jkutev May 20, 2017
...Hi CDI, on Thursday I had a follow up call on my email below. The manager was really glad to advise me that CDI will make a “BIG EXCEPTION” for me and drop my currently increased premium back to 0%?? I thought that this is sort of joke, but she was serious!? When I asked her how is that possible since I just opened the claim, but CDI never paid a penny for my repair since it was all paid by Impark, the reply was that this is your typical CDI policy. Then I asked her why my claim was opened as me being in-fault? The reply was again: that this is your typical CDI policy. Finally, she disclosed that the claims rep who took my claim should have been advising me that if Impark accept the fault, I would be in no-fault. Obviously, the rep wasn’t trained properly or just didn’t care or probably again: that was your typical CDI policy. Because I could see it is much easier for CDI to just put me in fault and increase my policy – more $$ coming your way. So just to summarize: 1. I am with CDI for over than 15 years insuring house and several cars – to me this is a loyal customer 2. I never ever had a claim all those years 3. The first claim I had was my front bumper damaged on impark lot a month ago 4. I sent a full set up pictures showing what cause the damage 5. Your claims rep took all of the info, open the claim but never advised me that I shall contact impark and check if they will accept the fault. 6. Instated she just put me “in fault” regardless the pictures clearly indicating otherwise 7. I decided to check with impark myself and they surely accepted the fault – it was so obvious just looking at the pictures! 8. Impark pay the full repair and my car was fixed. 9. When I emailed the claim rep asking her why she put me in fault she replied quite arrogant and ignorant – see her email below 10. Finally, CDI didn’t pay a penny!! 11. Regardless CDI still increases my premium because CDI opened a claim. And all of your employee are hiding behind the words: that this is your typical CDI policy. Wow, it looks like CDI became worse than the government-owned ICBC. This is so SAD! No surprised your reviews are going drastically low at 2 stars currently but majority of your FORMER clients are giving you ONE star only !! Be sure that my other review is to follow, unfortunately my rating will be 0 (zero) stars And I am aware that CDI have been purchased by Belairdirect, but reading the vast majority of those 1 star reviews – your problems started long time ago. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware before last month of your so poor services and customer treatment. Now I know and will make sure everybody else is aware!...
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Like I had no insurance.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Retribution Dec 02, 2016
...For what i saved in money over a few years I lost 10 fold. They took my money easy enough to insure me. Everything was ok until I had an accident. Someone came out of a driveway right in in front of me in BC. They were 100% at fault. There was over 14,000.00 in damages to my at that time $15,000 car. Everyone said the car was a rightoff except Canadian Direct. I had 10 days use of a rental vehicle from Canadian Direct. Canadian Direct used that whole time trying to find parts to rebuild the front end of my car. They said it was not a right off and would have to be fixed. After 10 days they told me they would not pay for the rental car anymore. The autobody shop payed for the rental for the remainder of the time. It took almost a week to rebuild the car. I had problems with the front end after that. It was hard to sell the car after that with a $14,000 accident on file. I sold the car a year later for less than $5000. I think that says it all...
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POOR auto Insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Vlada Nov 18, 2016
...This is probably the ONLY Insurance company who pronounce guilty driver who is rear ended. I was the loyal customer to CDI for the last 7 years when my accident occur, I was rear ended and YES I was pronounce guilty (100 % at fault) my balance is 0 demerit, no ticket what so ever, no any kind of accident.....and this is how I was rewarded. Thanks to Rachelle V. - Claims Adjuster NO MORE CANADIAN DIRECT INSURANCE...
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A car backed into my vehicle

(1.8 out of 5 stars)
by Multiple zeros Sep 11, 2015
...The other insurance company said it was my fault, according to their client. An adjuster never looked at my car, my side of the event weren't taken seriously or checked in any way. The repair shop was given a very limited time and funds to make the repairs (both driver and passenger doors had to be replaced). Had a monumental struggle to get CDI to pay for a rental even though I had insurance to cover that. Now I'm stuck because the accident was settled at 50/50, and my rates have nearly doubled - if I go to another insurance co. CDI maintained my rate, but I can't get that anywhere else due to this accident -which occurred because the other driver didn't check rear view mirror or shoulder check...
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Not a good experience

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Frustrated Jul 01, 2014
...I went with them because they were the cheapest, but not by much. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. I got auto insurance from them a year ago, and made the unfortunate decision to pay by credit card. Apparently, if you elect to do this they will not renew your policy automatically the next year, even though the credit card is still good. I was unaware of this factoid, but more importantly I was not told this, and I know I wasn't because when I do renegotiate insurance of any kind I keep detailed notes in a word document. To be fair, I did receive an e-mail 2 days before my insurance was due to expire, but I didn't read it carefully assuming that it was the typical friendly notice that it's coming due, and that if I did nothing it would it has for the past 28 years I've been driving! I ignored it, which was my fault but...they CANCELLED my insurance without telling me! I was eventually informed 2 weeks later via a snail-mail letter that I've been without insurance for the entire time. No phone call, no further e-mail, and if I had been in an accident or even pulled over it would have been at least a 10K fine! Some of the above is attributable to me in part, though I think it should be illegal to cancel auto insurance without telling a customer, given the legal ramifications in Alberta. However, trying to regain the insurance was a nightmare. I called 7 times, was place on hold repeatedly for unreasonably long periods of time, tried to use their callback feature twice and actually spoke to no less than 4 people, of which only one was helpful (he was awesome). All others passed the buck and stated that it wasn't their department, and couldn't (wouldn't) help. The bottom line is this: customer service is absolutely horrible for the most part. I feel they are understaffed and undertrained. God help you if you actually need some help with something more pressing, like an accident claim. After two days of trying, I gave up and went with a competing insurance wait time and much, much easier...
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(3.5 out of 5 stars)
by Bookout May 01, 2012
...They reward good drivers with reduced rates and seem to care about my needs. I was disappointed when they dropped the free windshield chip repair...
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